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18 September, 2007 By Rev. Ted Pike

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, by professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, plows like a bulldozer through the underbrush of Zionist propaganda. Their book paves a road for others to seek and spread the whole truth about America 's Mideast commitments and the real reason we went to war in Iraq.

The Anti-Defamation League's Abe Foxman leads Jewish opposition to the professors' work. The release of Foxman's new book, The Deadliest Lies: The Israel Lobby and the Myth of Jewish Control, was timed to coincide with the Israel Lobby's release.

But like a Palestinian throwing stones at an Israeli tank, Foxman is out-muscled by Mearsheimer and Walt's powerfully reasoned, massively documented, and surprisingly easy-to-read work. The two authors are academic elites. Mearsheimer is a distinguished professor of political science at the University of Chicago, and Walt is the former dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. They challenge the presumptions of the fourth military superpower in the world, Israel, and its "amen chorus" in Congress.

Unfortunately, Mearsheimer and Walt discount as "anti-Semitic" the truth that Jews dominate American media, contributing to Zionist influence on US foreign policy. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish) They also reject the reality that much of Israel 's abominable behavior toward Palestinians is fueled by Talmudic racism. (See, The Talmud: Scalpel that Bleeds the Mideast)

They rightly contend, however, that U.S. support of Israel 's brutality against Palestinians is the seminal cause of Arab rage and international Muslim terrorism, including 9/11 (pp. 64-70). They affirm that Israel serves no vital U.S. strategic interest. Instead, the Israel lobby and neoconservatives (many of them Jewish) in the Bush administration have led America into mid-East disaster, primarily for the benefit of the Jewish state.

Foxman and the Zionist establishment can't destroy this book because the world is too suspicious of the Israel lobby's excessive power. The American people, especially, now deeply vested in the Middle East, want more searching explanations of how we have gone so wrong. They are finding answers in this book.

Taking the Offensive against ADL

There's another reason Foxman will be less successful in neutralizing this attack than at any other time in ADL's 94-year history: Its power and moral authority, as well as Israel 's, have been weakened. Polls reveal heightening worldwide criticism, not only of Israel, but of disproportionate Jewish control of the media and US war-making potential. According to ADL statistics, in Europe, roughly 1 out of 2 persons is to some degree critical of Jewish control.

The National Prayer Network, joined by an increasing number of critics, has played a significant part in undermining ADL's credibility with millions of Americans. In 2001, our 80-minute video, Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians, brought to video reality what The Spotlight newspaper (now American Free Press) and Michael Collins Piper have exposed since the late 1980s: ADL's massive spying on Christian/conservative Americans and Muslims.

ADL has amassed vast, secret, illegal lists of the names and personal information of those they consider a threat to their left-wing agenda. Our film also documents how ADL/B'nai B'rith has taken away free speech, especially in Canada, and wants to do the same through state and federal “anti-hate” laws in America.

With many thousands sold by NPN and with public access TV airings across America, viewings on Alex Jones' website ( and (before the purge), at least 100,000 people have watched this video. Considering how few people even recognize the ADL/hate laws threat, this is an impressive number of informed Americans. Many now realize that ADL/B'nai B'rith is unrivalled as the greatest global threat to free speech and Christian/conservative values.

In 2004, ADL's national executive board member Philadelphia DA Lynne Abraham had 11 Christians arrested and jailed for the “hate crime” of witnessing to homosexuals. (See, Philadelphia pursues "Hate Crimes" Charges Against Christians) I seized this rare opportunity to prove to millions of listeners, on more than 300 national radio and TV interviews, that ADL and its parent organization B'nai B'rith International are virulently anti-Christian. ADL is determined to persecute and destroy Christianity through “anti-hate” and workplace "bias crime" legislation.

Just this week on 13 national radio interviews and, I warned well over a half million Americans against ADL's two federal hate crimes bills now before Congress. I did not neglect to explain ADL's role in creating this Orwellian legislation. 1 The cumulative effect of such educational outreach by NPN has been to weaken ADL's image and credibility in the eyes of not only the American public but the world.

Because of huge public sympathy with the embattled Philadelphia Christians, it became possible for me to speak out against ADL to unprecedented numbers. Interviewed by such influential alternative talk radio hosts as John Stadtmiller, Daryl Bradford Smith, Rick Adams, Jack McLamb, and, later, Jeff Rense, we brought unheard-of candor to discussion of the previously unmentionable, darker side of Judaism. As a result of ADL's blunder in Philadelphia, the Genesis and Republic networks are now providing unrestrained free speech opportunities for many emerging first rate talk show hosts. At least a dozen will put me on at a moment's notice to warn against Zionism, Talmudism and ADL influence behind hate laws.

And not a moment too soon. If ADL enjoyed the level of confidence from the public and evangelical Christians that existed before the Philly 11 outrage, there is an excellent chance ADL, working in concert with the Jewish-dominated media, could have made presentation of the Mearsheimer-Walt thesis impossible. As has been the case for the last 75 years, no major publisher would have touched it; and even if they had, the same media powers of smear and intimidation that destroyed Sen. Joseph McCarthy, the John Birch Society, Barry Goldwater and George Wallace would have silenced these authors.

Yes the world is angry at Israel 's mistreatment of Palestinians as never before. Yet the phenomena of Mearsheimer and Walt did not spring full-flower from academia in response to popular demand. A market for this truth was only made possible by years of anti-Zionist education by groups such as American Free Press, alternative talk radio and other anti-Zionist, Christian-conservative activists, including the National Prayer Network. We have all played a vital role (some for decades) in preparing the grassroots level so that the Ivy League level and its large publishers can find a fertile base of economic support.

A restrained ADL means Americans can begin to think for themselves about Israel and the Middle East. Also, since many evangelicals and their leaders are waking to the fact that ADL promotion of hate laws worldwide is intended to persecute Christians, they are even less inclined to view ADL propaganda with sympathy.

Time of Enormous Opportunity

I recount how NPN and others helped erode ADL power to make a vital point. When we speak the whole truth, as God commanded the prophet Jeremiah, not sparing a word, it paves a road on which other bearers of the truth may travel. How sad it would be today if, three years ago, I had heeded the well-intentioned advice of a veteran Christian/conservative talk show host to never mention ADL. He told me I would be destroyed at the outset of my campaign to defeat hate laws. If ADL did not crucify me, pro-Zionist Christians and conservatives would dismiss me as “anti-Semitic.” America might come under control of hate laws, he suggested, because I insisted on speaking the whole truth! Better, he said, to tell half the truth, create a large non-controversial movement, and thus save freedom.
Exactly the opposite happened. I spoke the whole truth about ADL in virtually every interview. ADL still remains silent about my ministry. The nation and many Christians listened, unable to refute my documentation. Now men of academic prowess and respectability are freer to speak some of the most vital and redeeming truths our nation can hear.

God is truth, and His Holy Spirit has been given to believers to lead us into all truth. For this reason, God has a special interest in protecting and vindicating those who speak truth in its entirety, fearing Him rather than man.

If our grassroots efforts can seriously tarnish ADL, what could be done by national Christian/conservative organizations, who influence tens of millions? Because Jewish activists are losing their greatest advantage- their power to smear opponents as anti-Semitic- there has never been a better time to criticize, and thus destroy ADL- this monstrous fountain of anti-Christianity and freedom-stealing legislation!

For the first time in the last century, some Jewish leaders caution the Jewish community not to use the term “anti-Semitic” to destroy those who criticize Israel. The Jewish Week 2 quotes the Jewish Council for Public Affairs concerning Mearsheimer and Walt: "Whether they are or aren't anti-Semitic, tactically it's probably not a good idea to use the label because they just turn it around and say, 'We told you so, you can't criticize Israel without being labeled anti-Semitic.' [Martin] Raffel said, 'Instead, we are urging people to counter their arguments on the merits, calmly and rationally.'"

Although ADL continues to discredit Mearsheimer and Walt as anti-Semitic, their use of the term has also become much more restrained- perhaps because they recently had to pay $14 million to a Colorado filmmaker they falsely labeled anti-Semitic! Never have critics of ADL had less to fear. Increasingly, ADL has to deal with criticism of Israel on the level playing of factual, intellectual exchange. This is an enormous loss and a challenge they have never had.

God has given us an extraordinary opportunity. Not only Christian watchdog groups, but everyone must seize this chance to speak out and end the influence of ADL. If we don't, ADL will destroy Christian influence and the freedoms it has given to the nations.

ADL has sworn that if its hate bill is defeated in Congress, it will repeatedly reintroduce it until America becomes a hate crimes bureaucracy like Canada, ending free speech. How long do freedom-loving Americans have to endure such evil?

Destroy ADL – Or Be Destroyed!

In the book of Judges, Gideon, with his divinely aided, tiny force, routed Israel 's Midianite oppressors, but God required the whole nation to join the chase, driving them from the land. Some chose a “wait and see” policy, and God cursed and punished them.

Truly, to paraphrase Shakespeare, this is a crest in the tide of human affairs of which we must take greatest advantage. Conservative organizations must characterize ADL, as they have ACLU for decades, as an enemy of Christianity and freedom. In order to save Christian civilization, 70 million evangelical Christians must know ADL is their enemy and hold it in contempt. If a liar is exposed and shamed, he no longer is able to deceive; his influence is destroyed.

ADL's site gives evangelicals clear evidence that ADL is behind hate laws. My video Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians shows how ADL took away freedom in Canada and wants to do the same in America. (Watch: Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians) Christian/conservative organizations could make no greater contribution to freedom and the end of anti-Christian activism and legislation than by destroying ADL by a chorus of disapproval right now.

Christ said, “Work while it is yet day, for the night cometh when no man can work.” (John 9:4) With encroachment of hate crimes laws worldwide, and ADL/B'nai B'rith's threatened end of internet freedom, we do not know how long we will be able to speak the whole truth. (See, Global Hate Crimes Gestapo Being Created) From the highest place each of us can find - church, pulpit, talk radio, and Internet, etc., we must speak the truth— all of it—today!


1. Last week on Pat Kiley's "Follow the Money" radio program, (130 affiliates) I was given the microphone to explain to an estimated 600,000 listeners how ADL/B'nai B'rith have originated "hate" and workplace "bias" legislation, including Kennedy's Federal Hate Crimes Bill S.A. 2067 and "ENDA", "the Employment Non-Discrimination Act" H.R. 2015. Jeff Rense also posted my article "Hate Bills Top Democrat Agenda" at (500,000 visits daily) in which I also blame ADL with such freedom stealing legislation. (Rense article)

2. The Jewish Week 9/7/2007. “Walt, Mearsheimer and the Gibson Factor,” by James D. Besser.

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