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25 January, 2012 By Rev. Ted Pike

As part of the experience of losing my wife to murderous demonic attack, reasons have been suggested for why Alynn was demonically infested for six years (See Ted Pike: My Wife Died a Martyr to God and Freedom). These include claims that:

  • The demons were actually expressions of Alynn's own personality, especially with her use of psychiatric drugs after brain surgery. In particular, her behavior was that of a classic schizophrenic, with multiple personalities and dramatic delusions. Yet Alynn, although suffering the predominant lows and occasional highs of bipolar disorder, was never diagnosed by her psychiatrist as having any schizophrenic symptoms.

  • Alynn's demons were actually ghosts, i.e., departed souls, not fallen angels. This contradicts the Bible's position that upon death all souls go immediately to heaven or hell. Ghosts are portrayed by paranormal "experts" as spirits lingering indefinitely to interact with humans for good or bad. In contrast, I believe all "ghosts" are actually demons who want to cause mankind to believe they, too, will not face judgment after death.

  • What Alynn experienced were thought-control images emanating from the U.S. Government, "dark energy” in the universe, or evil collective thoughts from the Jewish supremacists we resist. All such energy coalesced into malevolent personalities. Yet unthinking energy, no matter how powerful or manipulated, cannot create intelligence or personality. What we encountered every day, particularly in the demon Pitcaw, was an incredibly intelligent and creative personality as interactive as any human being.
Yes, brute power can effect great physical change. Japan still reels from the destructive power of the recent tsunami. Yet such power does not think – creating in a qualitatively unique way. Despite its awesome power to destroy much of the coast of Japan, the tsunami was never able to utter a single sentence, even a word. Thought is the ability to make distinctions, to intelligently organize, to truly create. Thought can only be empowered through a mind, which has come into existence as a result of the thoughtfulness of a vastly more creative Mind.

Rather than simply accept the straightforward and logical explanation of the existence of demons that Scripture provides (that they are fallen angels), paranormal ghost watchers, new-agers, and sci-fi conspiracy theorists incline toward a basically pantheistic, eastern religious explanation: Demons are degraded forms of the cosmic “chi energy” or “god” that exists in all things, both good and evil. Eastern religions have an ethical and philosophical core of high-mindedness and contemplation, but they also fill their cosmology with millions of demons. They say these come into being (as the Jewish Kabbalah also says) as the high, pure energy of the transcendent divine essence degrades to the lower levels.

However, although wave lengths of light may descend to the level of matter, no one has ever observed intelligence and creativity result from such degradation. The second law of thermodynamics and entropy principle describe the decline of order and available energy as leading to disorder – the opposite of creative intelligence. The assertion that somehow energy is cognitively creative is not rational but an act of faith.

Superstition is belief that we live in a mysterious universe, and, as such, anything is possible. The ancient Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato, Aristotle began to call a halt to such confusion. They said: Not everything you want to believe about nymphs, satyrs, capricious, adulterous gods or malicious harpies is plausible. Instead, there is an underlying Reason beneath the operations of the world.

These thinkers did not exclude the prerogative of the gods to act in ways that are mysterious and above mortals. Yet they told humanity that in our workaday world we need not remain in superstitious dread of what might happen from malevolent forces. We can go ahead in the clear light of day to observe the world critically and learn the lessons life teaches to create a better life.

One of the greatest contributions of the Greeks was to free mankind from the superstitious notion that things may be spontaneously generated. They gave western civilization rational cause-and-effect explanations for most of the phenomena of life – an explanation, however, that always left open the possibility of the existence of an eternally preexistent, intelligent First Cause.

Unfortunately, the old superstitious primitivism thrives in our secular humanist age. Despite an aura of respectability, evolutionists are firm believers in the same spontaneous generation that exists in the magic of primitive peoples. Only several centuries ago, even in western nations, many believed that horse hairs dropped in a rain barrel would turn to worms. Evolutionary “science” is no less gullible. It says the universe and all the fantastically complex atoms, complete with their own little universes of subatomic particles, somehow magically came into existence. At this level, evolutionists are deprived of the comfort of the supposed mechanism of evolutionary change: “survival of the fittest” or “natural selection.” Barren of any methodology except their faith, secular scientists believe a primordial and mindless “big bang” was capable of creating matter from nothing. Where did such massive energy come from? They cannot answer. They only believe by faith. How great is their faith!

In the same way, otherwise intelligent people are incredibly willing to believe that if there is enough energy or enough time (6.5 billion years) somehow intelligence will emerge.

From my recent encounters with non-biblical explanations for the existence of demons, it is clear there is determination to cling to this very pagan scenario for the emergence of demonic intelligence. Man is much more influenced by what he wants to believe than by reason or any amount of data that surrounds him.

I believe that to be a righteous or fallen angel is to possess the most astonishing power to reorganize matter, penetrate it, and move through space at will. Alynn may now possess such powers of creativity and movement. As we contemplate what she and I have gone through, the challenge is not to merely speculate and be titillated before feats of demonic power. It is not to conceive theories about “dark energy” that creates demons like worms out of horse hairs. Rather, it is to accept the commonsense fact that all of God’s creation, whether good or evil, bears witness to an ancestral Source of not only transcendent power and intelligence but of goodness and truth.

This Source is not so hidden as to remain unknowable. Christ actually loved the world He created so much, and all the souls who walk upon it, that He condescended to mingle among us, explaining why we are here and how we can be God’s friends forever.

There is a common fallacy in pseudo-religion and philosophy that muddy waters are deep. I have encountered few places more flooded by muddy waters of speculative nonsense than are new age “explanations” for the origins of demons.

The truth concerning their beginnings and ours is as direct, simple and apparent as the sun on a clear day. The First Cause is Jesus. “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made” (John 1:3).

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