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25 August, 2008 By Rev. Ted Pike

The Anti-Defamation League is very worried about the explosion of legitimate criticism of liberal Jewish activism and Israel. Such criticism is spreading through the world, largely from the US. Across the internet, alternative talk radio, and by word of mouth, people are waking to reality: an elite cabal of liberal Jewish activists exert disproportionate power and influence over the U.S. media, government, Congress, finance, education, and U.S. Mideast foreign policy.

ADL can't stop this growing awareness. They can't banish it from the web. They have not shut down alternative talk radio. They have failed to criminalize such "hate speech" through a federal hate crimes bill in America. But the movement might sabotage itself!

If I were ADL's Abe Foxman, this would be my dream solution. Leaders of the anti-Zionist right would sabotage their own movement by publicly joining forces with Islamic organizations and ideology.

In the west, most people are taught to equate Islam with suicide bombings, rocket attacks on Israel, Sharia law, and repression of women. Anti-Zionist Americans might think there's advantage in allying with 56 Islamic nations and 1.3 billion Moslems. But uniting with a system of such negative and even terrorist connotations would powerfully assist ADL. It could convince the public that critics of Israel are, at heart, one with Muslim terrorists. America ’s burgeoning pro-freedom movement could be destroyed through guilt by association.

ADL's Dream Come True?

Well, Foxman's dream is in danger of being realized. On August 16, prominent leaders of the anti-Zionist right spoke at the American Islamic Conference in Baltimore. They included Dr. Hesham Tulawi, Moslem moderator of "Current Issues", a weekly TV/radio talk show; Mark Glenn, talk show host and writer for the American Free Press; C.E. "Chuck" Carlson, head of Arizona-based "We Hold These Truths"; and Mark Weber, head of the holocaust revisionist Institute for Historical Review. Also attending was former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, leader of the anti-Zionist, left-leaning International Action Center.

I recently spoke with Mark Glenn, a primary coordinator of the event. He confirmed that, for himself at least, the purpose was to promote solidarity and cooperation between Islam and the anti-Zionist right. He said we must unite with Islam in one great offensive against Zionism.

I replied that we are doing very well already (considering Jewish supremacism's staggeringly greater power) to broadcast the whole truth to millions worldwide. The main goal, I insisted, is to deny ADL any ideological ammunition powerful enough to blacken our reputation.

This conference gave such ammunition!

Glenn told me that American anti-Zionist speakers did not know the full roster of Muslims who would speak. But they must surely have known the ADL would be there to take in every word and do what the Anti-Defamation League does best: defame.

ADL Hits Back

That's exactly what happened. On August 21, ADL launched a masterly attack by press release and on its website called, "Far Right and Muslim Extremists Gather in Baltimore." It said this conference "demonstrates how promoters of anti-Semitic ideologies from different backgrounds find common cause in their hatred of Jews and Israel" and "signals a burgeoning relationship between far-right and Muslim extremists who are increasingly working together."

ADL said the Muslim conference leader, Dr. Kaukah Siddique, "has described the U.S. as a 'satanic' system arguing the 'American' power structure does not accept the SOVEREIGNTY of Allah." It describes one of the speakers:

Maulana Ehsanullah, is a Muslim cleric in Pakistan who has expressed support for terrorists, including Al Qaeda. In September 2001, after the September 11 terrorist attacks, he reportedly gave a speech at a mosque in Pakistan in which he hailed Osama bin Laden as 'Allah's gift to Muslims'. He further predicted: 'The day is coming when America will cower at the feet of Muslims... What happened at the World Trade Center was step one. Stick around, step two is just around the corner.'

ADL could not have asked for a greater advantage. Prominent representatives of the anti-Zionist right sat at the feet of Muslim leaders - leaders ADL portrays as hating America and applauding terrorism against her.

In giving ADL this golden opportunity, these leaders helped write the storyline for a new ADL myth: the American anti-Zionist right is one with Muslim fanatics who hate and want to destroy Jews. I'm sure ADL will anxiously await further declarations of American/Islamic solidarity. They can powerfully equate the anti-Zionist right with "Islamofascism" and a credulous public will conclude both groups are the same.

I could write ADL's script for them right now.

Islam: Religion of Extremes

Countless Muslims are high-minded, generous toward Christians and repudiate terrorism. They may be the majority. Over the last 24 years, many have appreciated that I, among evangelicals, have largely stood alone to protest Israel ’s mistreatment of their Palestinian brethren.

Yet Islam contains many anti-Christian and violent factions. Especially in Iraq today, the atrocities of Muslim against Muslim are unspeakable. Fanatics among the Sunnis and Shiites (no small sects of Islam) have been at each others' throats for more than a millennium. Strong elements in Islam have a record of unpredictability and violence, not just toward "infidels," but against their own offending members.

Islam also does not share Christ's emphasis to bless those who afflict you. Ghandi, a Hindu, attempted to embody such a response to the British masters of India. By not returning evil for evil his example of passive resistance brought the British empire to its knees. Tragically, large segments of the Muslim world have adopted terrorist tactics similar to Zionists.

Learn from Our Mistakes

I do not believe uniting American anti-Zionism with Islam could ever be a strong movement. But a few leaders could persist in cooperation with Islamic conferences, and thus provide ADL with propaganda grist.

An unnecessary and damaging attack on our movement came from the recent conference to unite anti-Zionism in America with Islam. This attack tarnished in the public eye all opponents of Jewish supremacism. It should never happen again.

A formidable warship has been created from our new, truthtelling movement. It is encountering fire and is headed for fierce battle to defend civilization and freedom. It must sail through many storms. The last thing it needs is an explosive, Islamic cannon rolling around its decks.

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