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19 September, 2010 By Rev. Ted Pike

More and more evangelical Christians are visiting our online Bible studies at Here they can find biblical answers to many moral issues facing Christians and America—including why much of the church has gone theologically and politically insane through unquestioning support of Israel. In August alone nearly 8,000 visitors came to our Bible studies. There are unmistakable signs that many Christians are discontented with the traditional pablum about Israel. Last week a Christian Post news article featured John Hagee’s assertion that Israel cannot be divided. The Post said several evangelical leaders, including Dr. Richard Mouw, President of Fuller Theological Seminary and a respected theologian, are refuting him. Mouw says Israel cannot be blessed if she is disobedient and that God promises to bless the Arab descendants of Ishmael, also a son of Abraham. A recent poll showed only 30% of evangelical pastors and leaders in America now support Israel.

For over a century evangelicals have been a pivotal force in establishing Jewish power worldwide. Yet they could also become a powerful counterforce if enough American Christians were convicted of the Bible’s demand that Jewish obedience come before occupation of Israel, as well as the Bible’s stern warnings against apostate Judaism. A “Gideon’s band” of independent-thinking Christians may already be coalescing at our website. As any pastor will confirm, provoking interest in deep theology is virtually impossible in today’s church. Yet thousands of the most theologically curious world-wide are now listening to our online Bible studies. This encourages me that revival of authentic Christianity in evangelicalism might yet persuade God to hold back ascent of the Great Harlot Israel. (See, 'Babylon the Great' Is Israel)

Most emails we receive are from Christians, many of whom credit us with helping them or others awaken to the threat of Jewish supremacism. Here is a recent example:

Greetings: Some of us catch on quick, some have to sort out things slowly, weighing them against so-called “facts” learned long ago. And some are so entrenched in their own world views and concepts that they really do not see and hear….I was made aware of your carefully researched thesis that you presented in book and video format, on how the Jewish religion of today is not the Jewish beliefs and practices presented in the Old Testament of the Bible. My sister passed this information on to me more than 5 years ago. As one can see, I am rather slow to let go of deeply ingrained thought patterns… I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, and for many years truly identified with the struggles and dreams of modern Israel. I read many books on the terrible Holocaust the Jews endured under the Nazi regime in Germany, and the many persecutions by the Roman church during the Middle Ages, and the various struggles and five recent wars Israel fought to be where they are today.

And (partly through my sister’s prodding) I am aware of the common consensus of many US citizens of the almost total control of the USA information media in movies, TV, sitcoms, local and world news, and news commentaries by Jewish interests. But still I figured these to be the complaints of those jealous of the success and influence of the television and media moguls.

Your thoroughly researched book (Israel: Our Duty… Our Dilemma), and DVD (“The Other Israel”), presented these little known facts in a calm and clear manner, without the least hit of bitterness or rancor. You took time to carefully show this historical development over many centuries of a purely human agenda that was in so many, many ways diametrically opposed to God’s revealed purposes. And you connected all of these facts and Jewish rationale and practices with the Bible’s end-time warnings of this devious and false religious system that would ultimately control the entire planet. Thank you for a job very well done!

My sister has been telling your message to many like me, who seemingly are deaf to these real purposes behind the “fluff and facade” of today’s daily news. At times, their deep frustration and impatience with the “slow to grasp” folks has caused them to presume her to be biased against all Jews… but she has never been one to hold back on her comments. And I know that God uses her powerful verbal energy to shake many awake from their slumber.

Your book Israel: Our Duty, Our Dilemma and DVD, “The Other Israel”… truly clarify in a calm and rational presentation these so thorny and difficult to fathom issues about modern day Israel and the Jewish religion…. Many sincere thanks for a job well done… with such respect for Jewish history, yet never hiding the unpleasant facts.

Most evangelicals are not stupid or maliciously callous toward Palestinian suffering. Instead, like their parents and grandparents, millions of Calvinist-oriented Christians believe an amazing paradox: that a holy God covenants with Christians and the Jewish nation to bless them even when they rebel against Him! This is called “eternal security” for Christians and “God’s everlasting covenant” for Jews. Calvinist evangelicals essentially believe God overlooks sin in those He favors while damning others for the same sins! Such inconsistency is considered beyond human understanding—part of “God’s ways, which are higher than ours.”

It is very difficult to untangle the irrationality of bad doctrine. Yet by God’s grace and the persistence of human messengers it can happen. We who know the truth must be patient with those still in religious or political confusion. Christian Zionism is cult-like in its play on human emotions and refusal to hear any dissent or rational objection. The climb out often must be gradual. “Israel-first” evangelicals have been much sinned against by Jewish Zionists and fanatical “Christian” leaders and media. Even Jesus healed a blind man in stages. At first the man said, “I see men as trees walking.” (Mark 8:24) But Jesus persisted to finally give him the visual clarity of a newborn child. So we, with God, can help many sincere “Israel-first” Christians find their way out of darkness—each at his own pace.

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