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By Rev. Ted Pike

Boy, have I taken a drubbing! Indignant readers of my latest article, "Is Abe Foxman a Hate Criminal?," are taking me to task. "How can you say you don't find 'concrete evidence' for Cloyd, Moseley, and DeBusk being Jewish? The Jewish registries of Polish Jewish surnames clearly reveal they are!"

Before I answer that, let me state what is most important.

To have moral and political significance, a Jewish name must be united to a large degree with Jewish actions. If we are going to impugn the three alleged arsonists for their Jewishness, we must have some evidence that they were under the influence of anti-Christianity coming out of Judaism. To my knowledge, no concrete evidence has come to light that they ever had association with either the Jewish religion or its biases against Christianity.

What's in a Name?

We must be aware that possession of a "Jewish" name does not necessarily prove Jewishness. Here's why:

If a person's ancestors of 150 years ago were Jewish, yet their sons and grandsons over the next five generations married Gentile women, such Jewish heredity would be virtually washed away. Yes, the name "Goldman," for example, would remain as provocatively Jewish as ever. Yet those now known by that name would be nearly 97 percent Gentiles. For practical purposes, they would be Jewish in name only.

Many Gentile names were adopted by Jews seeking to escape persecution, especially in Poland and Germany. I found my name, Pike, among the names of Polish Jews in a Jewish registry. Am I Jewish? Emphatically not! My actual genealogy traces back to England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

This illustrates the unreliability of proving Jewishness by surnames.

When to be Suspicious

Sometimes, however, an abundance of Jewish names associated with anti-Christian activities or institutions does justify suspicion. For example, the corporation directory Standard and Poor's (available at your library) shows that Jewish names permeate the "Big Three" TV networks, especially ABC and CBS. To a lesser extent, the same pattern of Jewish names exists at Gentile-owned NBC. Many writers at NBC/Universal who helped create "The Book of Daniel" against Christ and the Christian family have Jewish names. Jeff Zucker, head of all TV programming at NBC, has a Jewish name. Such unites with his undeniable prejudices against Christianity.

The significance of such high concentrations of Jewish names in the media cannot be ignored, especially since the famous Lichter-Rothman poll of top media executives revealed that 59 percent of these executives were "raised in the Jewish religion."

We thus have powerful evidence not only of a high concentration of Jewish names in the TV media but that a majority of those possessing such names are strongly influenced by Judaism. The poll also indicates extremely high levels of anti-Christian bias among media executives with roughly nine out of ten favoring abortion, homosexuality, adultery, etc.
Contrasting with such substantive evidence, the present information from Alabama gives no indication that the alleged arsonists were prejudiced by Jewish teaching or by Abraham Foxman, head of ADL who last fall condemned the Southern Baptists for evangelizing Jews.

Present evidence indicates the youths were devotees of Satanism, though two attended Protestant churches. Such devotion has motivated many violent acts against Christianity, including church burnings.

A Time for Caution

When it comes it comes to finger-pointing against Jewish activists or Jewish leaders, what is the lesson we must learn? We must insist upon irrefutable substance beneath our charges. Otherwise, we seem eager to blame the Jews, a characteristic of anti-Semites throughout the centuries. Such impulsiveness can be used against lovers of freedom by a media eager to discredit those who criticize the Zionist agenda.

Ideally, there should be no stigma associated with having a Jewish name or being Jewish. Unfortunately, Jewish leftwing radicals and revolutionaries, civil liberties groups such as ADL/B'nai B'rith, medial moguls dominating Hollywood and the networks, and, beneath it all, anti-Christian Talmudic scriptures have greatly stimulated "guilt by association" between Jewish names and the bad behavior of Jewish leaders.

Sadly, Jews may have to live with the inconveniences caused by those who preceded them and still lead them astray.

Let us wait then for substance before we cry, "The Jews did it!" Evil Jewish leadership is responsible for more than enough deviltry to warrant suspicion. It is not necessary to spin the facts in order to make a case against them.

ADL would love it if I rushed to judgment, asserting what I could not prove. They would be delighted if I went out on a limb of undocumented accusation, a limb they could then saw off, ruining my credibility.

I'm not going to do it!

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