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19 October, 2010 By Rev. Ted Pike

Brother Nathaniel Kapner ends his latest video "Can White America Survive?" by recommending national Christian revival as the solution to the threat of extinction of the white race. Such demise eventually looms as a result of exorbitant immigration and racial intermarriage. Kapner's remedy may sound simplistic to some. Yet he is right. Here’s why.

Immigrant groups with highest birth rates are motivated to create large families through religious conviction. Muslims see propagation of their kind as a religious duty and as a means of spreading Islam. Similarly, Latinos favor large families out of a Christian duty to God and extension of Catholicism.

What white Protestant group shares such ideals? Christian homeschooling creationists. If you have ever attended a convention of such fundamentalist believers, you cannot but notice the abundance of happy, very large white families. They will tell you boldly that they have many children out of a duty to obey God and “be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.” Also, like Catholics and Muslims, they possess strong conviction that they have a responsibility to spread Christianity through numbers. Not least, in a world which has lost its bearings, they believe they can redeem society by creation of young Christians who will become enlightened fathers and mothers of tomorrow.

Propagation of children by primarily white, Protestant creationists springs from absolute conviction that to be a Christian is to be charged with high potential and purpose: An intelligent, loving God has put each of us on earth as His unique creative act. His Holy Spirit implanted our souls the moment the sperm and egg united in the womb. Each of us received an eternal soul meant to glorify its Creator here on earth and throughout eternity. This Genesis-oriented creationist ethic and worldview gives not only eager anticipation and a spring to the step of the creationist but is formidably procreative in its energy, tending to create lots of children!

Such white Americans are delivering the goods as few others — disproportionately replenishing our nation's reserves of persons of European ancestry. They should be copied by millions of Christian families.

Darwinism: Culture of Death

Darwinism has led inexorably to a culture of death. Today, one third or more of each new generation is murdered by abortion in the womb. Delayed marriage and parenthood, caused by feminism and a decline in Christianity, has lowered birth rates in all white western nations. Ideologically assaulted by multi-cultural, anti-white bias and also physically affected by rampant immigration, the white population no longer reproduces itself. This leads many to concern over immigration and even advocacy of racist expulsions. The CIA World Factbook lists the United States as number 122 in world birth rates—far behind Iraq, Kenya, Guatemala, Israel, Haiti, Niger and a host of other African, Mideast and islander nations. Multiple forms of liberalism over the past century have helped lower the Caucasian birth rate, weakening traditional western culture with its religious conviction, individuality and free market system.

While virtually all ethnic groups with strongly religious, patriarchal structures enjoy high birth rates, few people of European descent share these ideals. Caucasian, middle class parents—even those who are Christian—routinely advise young people to delay marriage and parenthood until financial and career goals are achieved. Young men and women are also enticed to avoid marriage by the promises of “true love” and emotional fulfillment in adulthood. Commentators and statisticians note how the twenties have become an extension of adolescence in a pleasure-centered culture that encourages the delay of adult responsibilities and sacrifice for spouse and children.

Why Liberals Oppose Christian Creationists

It is easy to understand why liberal Jewish attack groups such as ADL, SPLC, ACLU and other leftists consider Christian creationists such a threat—why they are so opposed to the spread of design science and biblical creationism within heartland America. (See, ACLU Top Heavy With Jews) Even after more than a century of the most intense liberal and Jewish media brainwashing attempts to persuade us that we spontaneously evolved through infinite accidents over billions of years, polls show that more than half of Americans still have the horse sense to know such scientifically refutable pseudo-science is absurd.

To counter the historic tendency of white Americans to believe the Bible and be fruitful and multiply, many forms of Jewish-engendered liberalism over the past century have been thrust upon us. (See, Jewish Activists Created Communism) Abortion, false values of white population control, euthanasia, stem cell research, homosexuality, etc. are all predicated upon the evolutionary thesis that there is no Creator or design to life. A developing human embryo is only tissue to be sacrificed at the altar of population control or mere expedience.

Why has white America shrunk in population relative to other minorities? Why is it in danger of going the way of the dinosaurs? Largely because middle- and upper-class whites have bought into the evolutionary/population control mentality. They abort their babies by the millions, often allowing themselves, at most, two children. Rampant homosexuality is a genetic dead end. Other ethnic groups motivated by religious conviction often have families of six to ten.

It’s time for those most concerned about dwindling white population to encourage Christian creationism as a demonstrably successful stimulus to the rejuvenation of the white race. Rather than clinging, as do many immigration protestors and racialists, to an evolutionary model, breeding racism and conflict, progressive immigration strategists should promote the wealth of alternative science that the creation science movement offers to the world (Visit: Answers In Genesis, Institute for Creation Research, Creation Science Evangelism). They should rethink the Darwinian premises that led directly to our situation today. Without God, without dignity, without the Spirit, there is no hope; there is no reason to bring new life into the world. Indeed, in a hopeless and decadent world where human life is only a biological accident, there is every reason not to reproduce.

As Brother Nathaniel implies, stimulation to return to Genesis-oriented values will translate not only into restored families, marriages, churches and society but also lively procreative ambition in the bedroom. Such, combined with a strong sense of mission to renew the white race powerfully helps lead to restoration of a white Christian majority in America. Such population renewal will be empowered by the very strongest, most unquenchable force known to man: the power of religious conviction.

If a biblical/creationist worldview is to help resurrect the white race, it is vitally important that it be forcefully assisted by the intellectual and spiritual empowerments of sound biblical teaching and values, especially restoring the credibility of the entire Bible. This is what many thousands of evangelicals are now discovering in the twice weekly Bible studies I lead at Without such Christian truth and values engrained in children, it is in vain that we bring them into the world, even in large numbers -- only to be lost to the world. (Today over 90 percent of evangelical youth desert Christianity after high school graduation.)

Let’s work to create a spiritually invigorated white Christian majority in America. But let’s do more: Imbue the next generation, white, black, Latino, Asian, etc., all equally loved by God, with the morals and convictions that will empower them to stand by our historic Christian conservative values and become America’s heroes and defenders in the generations to come.

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