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30 June, 2010 By Rev. Ted Pike

Note: This article was written about four weeks ago but was eclipsed by the Free Gaza flotilla issue. Its vital and timely message, however, is too important to let pass.

In 1633, Catholic authorities forced Galileo, under threat of torture, to recant his thesis that the sun does not revolve around the earth. Rand Paul made a similarly forbidden and revolutionary assertion after his primary election victory for the US Senate in Kentucky in May. Paul suggested that Article 1 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should not have been passed. (The Act violates the 14th Amendment by giving blacks preferential rights and services over the majority.) Paul was immediately pilloried as a potential segregationist and forced to largely retract, on penalty of political ruin.

Paul was threatening a cornerstone of the liberal PC, “anti-bias” establishment. Its Civil Rights Act of 1964 deprived business owners of their right to control their property by forcing them to hire and not fire quotas of minorities less qualified than whites. The Act is the indispensable foundation for “anti-hate” legislation that currently floods Congress and local statehouses; all federal hate and bias crime bills are amendments to it. Such ever-proliferating laws now steal free speech along with our right to control our businesses and property as we see fit.

For at least 500 years, English, and later American, law has said a man’s home is his castle and a business he has labored to create belongs to him alone. Just as a café can post “No shirt, no shoes, no service,” so entrepreneurs took for granted for centuries their right to refuse to serve or employ anyone, for any reason.

Senator Rand Paul

Jesus Taught Sanctity of Property Rights

Jesus taught our duty to share with the needy, even to renounce all loyalty to one’s possessions to most fully follow Him. Yet in His parable of workers in the vineyard (Matthew 21), He said that if those who came at the beginning of the day agree to a fixed wage they can’t complain of injustice if the owner pays the same to one who labored for only one hour. According to Christ, discretionary power belongs entirely to the owner. Today, the owner of the vineyard could be severely fined for “wage discrimination.” Clearly, the ethics of Christ are radically different from the values of “non-discrimination” that now prevail. Jesus’ view of the sanctity of private property largely prevailed in the Western world from at least the time of the Magna Carta—until the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Civil rights dogma reflects a Marxist philosophy. It says capital, the property of landowners, should largely belong to the masses who have done nothing to acquire or maintain it. Communism has one great objective: abolition of private property, both in ownership and control. For Marxists, the power of property must be destroyed; small and large accumulations mean independence and, thus, power to resist tyranny. After every communist revolution of the 20th century, the property owner who resisted divestment was killed. Under the Civil Rights Act, the property owner who does not open his business to the employment of less qualified minorities or women can be indicted under a possibly business-destroying federal lawsuit.

Although the Civil Rights Act was propelled into existence by the genuine concern and idealism of tens of millions of sincere Americans, it was no accident that Jews played an enormous role in its passage. Activist Jews spearheaded communism in Russia and dominated the US Communist party, making incitement of racial unrest among blacks a top priority. (See, Jewish Activists Created Communism) Jewish supremacism has an objective identical to communism’s: creation of social unrest and dissatisfaction to break down the existing order. Their goal is world control by the few over the many. (In previous generations, Jewish supremacists used blacks to create bias legislation to further their long-range goals. Today, as exemplified by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center, they primarily use homosexuals.)

Jewish-dominated liberal media in the early '60s stimulated national remorse over mistreatment of blacks under slavery and segregation. They urged Americans to grant blacks greater rights and privileges than the majority. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish) Such included affirmative action programs and quotas, guaranteeing blacks entry into high-tier professions such as medicine and law as well as service jobs including police and firefighters. These quotas indulged minorities with qualifications and GPAs well below those demanded of whites. The Act also said no property owner or businessman can refuse to hire qualified minorities, fire them, or decline to rent or sell property to them because of “prejudice.” (Quickly, feminists obtained similar special privileges under the “business and property belong to the people” mentality.)

Despite its ostensible altruism, the Civil Rights Act represented an inversion of the law of God and nature previously enshrined in western civilization. Today, a tiny slave master class in government, comprised of the formerly “oppressed” (Jews, homosexuals and racial minorities) divest the majority of power to control their property. A new slaveholder rules a global plantation. A new whip hand cracks over the dispossessed majority. Such denial of personal and property rights, which underlays the Anti-Defamation League’s worldwide hate crimes laws, augers universal loss of freedom in the years to come. All ADL hate laws, from Canada to Australia, are based on the same premise: disproportionate rights to “victims” of Christian civilization and abolition of fundamental rights to everyone else, including rights of free speech and property.

Greater Evil than Lunch Counter Discrimination

What would happen if we repealed the faulty Civil Rights Act which, as Rand Paul said, should never have been passed? Would segregation come back? No. Discriminating businesses would go bankrupt, socially and economically penalized by a new society which would not tolerate such bigotry. The public, not the government, should punish discrimination (especially through the power of the dollar).

Let’s look at the big picture and the real threat. If America continues to deny some the freedom to be bigoted in use of their property, we face a much more bigoted and dangerous consequence: creating a white/Christian/conservative have-not population under ADL’s new world order. Discrimination against blacks primarily existed in the South. But we are all victimized and receive absolutely no protection under the federal hate crimes law, ENDA or ADL’s anti-bullying bills, etc. These lead to loss of freedom worldwide.

Society only dimly understands the necessity of protecting our rights to control private property free from government intrusion. It doesn’t understand the danger in giving government even partial control. Next to free speech and religion, the autonomy of property ownership and control is one of society’s strongest barriers against tyranny. If America is ever to be restored and enjoy long-lasting benefit from Tea Party renewal, the premises empowering a never-ending profusion of freedom-destroying bias and hate crimes laws must be dismantled. America must return to the sufficiency of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to guarantee equality to all.

America must again make it illegal—even treasonous—for government to exalt one group above another. If such were reestablished as the law of the land, ADL’s homosexual-favoring hate crimes legislative agenda would no longer possess its tilted legal foundation. It could not exist.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 must be repealed.

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