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6 August, 2008 By Rev. Ted Pike

With increasing frequency, secular and Jewish media refer to an “explosion” of anti-Semitism and criticism of Israel. The Anti-Defamation League says hatred of Jews proliferates in academia, liberal Christian denominations, and racist groups. But above all, says the ADL, it radiates from Islam in the Middle East. (See, ADL Elephant in Evangelical Parlor) In the 20th century, Nazism provided Jewish propagandists with the imagery and rhetoric to vilify those who criticize Jews. Today militant Islam is serving the same function, making it easy to demonize legitimate criticism of Judaism and the Jewish state.

For Jewish propagandists who want to silence criticism, there are two advantages in alleging that Islamic thinking is the wellspring of anti-Semitism. First, this claim further blackens Islam, which is the primary opponent in the Middle East to Zionist domination of the region. Secondly, it underscores the ADL's allegation that the internet carries the global anti-Semitic plague. Islamic terrorism, ADL says, is a compelling reason to bring the internet under stringent “anti-hate” restrictions.

But is Islam the real seedbed of resistance to activist Judaism? The truth is very different. The historic response of the Islamic world to the Zionist threat has always been largely inarticulate and disorganized. The most searching and scholarly criticism of Jewish supremacy comes primarily from western nations.

To understand where much of the unfettered investigation and resultant criticisms of Israel and Judaism have originated, we must go back about 25 years when such outspokenness was extremely repressed. During the 20th century, there were always a few voices criticizing Zionism and international Jewry. Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Rev. Charles Coughlin, and Gerald L. K. Smith are most notable. Unlike Hitler, none were really anti-Semitic, though vilified as such by the Jewish media. They realistically appraised and spoke out against the increasing threat of liberal Jewish activism in media, finance and government of western societies.

Yet none made a dent in the rapidly ascending support of Israel by American evangelicals. Zionist propaganda dominated western nations during the 20th century. As late as the 1980s and 90s, criticism of matters Jewish remained very socially dangerous. ADL closely watched the local scene in America ; if anyone publicly criticized Jews, ADL and local media were instant to crucify that person before a scorning, ADL-indoctrinated church and public. (My parents and I experienced such treatment several times.) Being labeled anti-Semitic was almost as damaging to reputations as being accused of child molestation. ADL is much more cautious today, having cried "anti-Semitism!" too loosely, too often.

Bridging the Gap

I realized, even during college, that an enormous threat to Christian civilization was being obscured; a bridge of education must be created to bring reality to American evangelicals. From 1969 to 1984, I studied not only the Talmud and Zohar but the Bible. I was intent on creating a biblically oriented and moderated message of the whole truth about Talmudic Judaism. Only a biblically tempered tool of communication would ever compel my fellow evangelicals to listen.

In 1984, my book Israel : Our Duty…Our Dilemma was finally published. It contained an unprecedented boldness to tell the whole, often ugly, truth about a religion founded by the ancient Pharisees. It also expressed the biblical perspective of God’s love and destiny for the Jewish people. First advertised in The Spotlight newspaper, it instantly filled an enormous vacuum and sold in record number. It was followed in 1987 by the video version of my book, The Other Israel. Immediately, sales soared as tens of thousands bought, copied, and recopied this VHS video throughout America and the world. (Watch The Other Israel)

ADL became very worried. It made my book and video the subject of conferences from Seattle to New York. Norman Lear, Jewish head of People for the American Way, attacked me nationally in a mass mailing to all evangelical churches in America. Yet, by that time, (in response to a mass invitation) 15,000 evangelical pastors in America had already requested and received a free copy of my book. Not one responded to PAW’s invitation to denounce me.

Countless lovers of freedom know the rest. Acquiring the tremendous advantages of the internet and then alternative talk radio, spoke to a worldwide audience against hate crimes legislation and the mounting threat of liberal Jewish supremacy.

As early as 1984, I spoke an alternative, Christian message against Talmudic Judaism that was more researched, specific and revealing than almost any before me. I went out on the untested ice of total truthtelling…and survived! The fact that I survive, free of intelligent criticism for almost a quarter century, has given incalculable encouragement to thousands.

Now I have been joined on what seemed precariously thin ice. Many speak out against the activism of Talmudic Judaism. Instead of sinking, we truthtellers have proven it much deeper and stronger than anyone imagined. As a founding strategist against Jewish supremacism, may I boldly enunciate the best plan to achieve not just stalemate against this ultimate predator, but victory – at least in our time?

Two Failed Strategies

During the past 2000 years, Talmudic Judaism has encountered two types of opposition: The first is racism. Throughout history, the world, learning of the Talmudic/Kabbalistic hatred of Christians and Gentiles (and often seeing Jewish supremacists epitomize it), has responded with anger, racial contempt, and even violence. Yet such outrage has never stopped this conspiracy for long; it only intensifies its resolution to persevere through other devious channels. Persecution of Jews is actually used by Judaic spinmasters as grist for the “suffering Jew” mystique, generating enormous perennial sympathy.

Because Islam has a history of warfare and violence against "infidels" (including Israelis) as a means of achieving its goals, Islam is easily linked in the minds of the public with the bigotry and violence of Fascist Nazism. Jewish media has easily created an affinity between Islam and Fascism (Islamofascism) that the public uncritically accepts. Building on public awareness of Nazi anti-Semitic, racist propaganda, ADL now alleges a very similar message erupts from Islamic ideologues in the Middle East.

Yet ADL is comfortable dealing with anti-Semitic opposition. It knows racists have never ultimately prevailed in the past and they have even less chance today, with Jews dominating governments and big media. They know that racism is doomed to failure because it violates the instinctive idealism, generosity, and fair play of mankind. Such altruism, especially toward historic victims like Jews, will always remain much stronger than racism's bitter, divisive message.

The second form of opposition to Jewish supremacism is replacement theology. In medieval times, both western and eastern branches of the church often taught that Christians are now “God’s chosen people.” Replacement theologians say He is finished with any covenant with the Jews.

Like Islam, such theology is vulnerable to attack--by both Jews and evangelicals. Its abandonment of the Jewish nation in God's plan is described as unbiblical, mean-spirited and engendering anti-Semitism. Critics contend that replacement theology encouraged persecution of Jews and could do so again.

Because God’s covenant with Israel saturates the Bible, most evangelical Christians sincerely (and rightly) reject replacement theology. They correctly desire to preserve God's investment and destiny for the Jews. Unfortunately, most Christians are so repulsed that they don’t just reject replacement theology; they reject vital truth about Zionist/Talmudic conspiracy that many believers in replacement theology try to bring.

Instead of combating Zionism by removing Israel's privileged status in God’s plan, replacement theology powerfully assists Zionists by alienating evangelicals. (See, Should 'Replacement Theology' Replace Christian Zionism?)

ADL: Afraid of

Twenty-five years ago, I was determined not to make the mistakes of racists and replacement theologians. Biblical benevolence towards the Jewish people, far from being a handicap, was a heaven-sent bridge to Israel-first evangelicals. It is therefore highly significant that Jewish supremacy is extremely vocal against both racialist and replacement theology positions; but they can’t speak a word of intelligent criticism against me. They cannot deal with the new, biblically founded “curveball” that I throw them!

The most effective, long-term offensive is found in the biblical perspective. The Bible says that God has a wonderful destiny for a remnant of repentant Jews at His second coming; nevertheless, Talmudic Judaism exists in deep apostasy and spiritual darkness. It can and must be thoroughly criticized, as did Christ and the Prophets.

I believe ADL may be diverting attention to militant Islam as the ideological source of anti-Semitism because it absolutely does not want the world to know that the most creative, high-minded thinking and action against Jewish supremacism largely resides in the United States. There exists, in America, an adversary, called, the likes of which they have never dealt with or defeated. The doctrines of this new adversary are perilously close to the beliefs of 70 million evangelicals. If ADL were to draw attention to America, not the Middle East, as the seedbed of opposition to them, all that curious evangelicals would have to do is click to "Middle East," "hate laws," or "Ted Pike" on Google and soon learn more than they ever imagined about the "other side" of Judaism. They would soon comprehend the staggering danger they are in. If enough of them caught on, Jewish supremacism's brutal ambitions could be set back for decades.

Divine Reprieve?

What we see then is the wisdom and provision of the Almighty to secure for His church in the last days an ideological weapon of defense just when it is most sorely needed. This is a weapon not of man's making but of God's. Like David’s small smooth stone that felled Goliath, the biblically based message at is a formidable tool to defeat or at least delay the ultimate predator upon Christian civilization.

ADL is worried about what’s happening at because any system of thought which attacks them, yet daunts criticism for at least 25 years, is a very powerful threat whose time could come. This seed of truth, although suppressed and kept in shade, if favored with the sunlight of new circumstances, could become a great tree covering the whole world.

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