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17 December, 2012 By Rev. Ted Pike

On Dec. 19 the U.S. Senate will watch Stephen Spielberg’s dramatic feature film Lincoln about the President’s fight for an anti-slavery amendment to the Constitution. Controversy about this movie has arisen between the Anti-Defamation League and Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan, leader of the mainly black religious movement the Nation of Islam, criticized Spielberg for omitting the role of Jewish merchants as slave traders. Farrakhan alleges that the vast majority of black slaves purchased in America came from Jewish brokers and slave traders and that Jewish supremacists continue to exploit black people today. ADL says there is no substance to Farrakhan’s deplorable “anti-Semitic” charge. (See Farrakhan's article, "Spielberg's Lincoln: Plenty of Negroes, But Why No Jews?" and the ADL Report on Farrakhan)

The internet is replete with documentation confirming Jewish participation in the slave trade.  Here is only one quote by prominent Jewish historian Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael. In his work Jews and Judaism in the United States: a Documentary Work Raphael writes:

Slave auctions were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday. In Curacao in the seventeenth century, as well as in the British colonies of Barbados and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated.

In this article, however, I will focus on the second half of my title: Have Jewish liberalism and its media exploited American blacks for evil political purposes in modern times?

While the role of Jews in the slave trade is denied by most Jews and unknown by most Americans, that of Jewish “freedom riders” and activists in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s is well chronicled and celebrated. But Jewish big media has been much more influential. From about 1963 well into the 1970s, American popular culture was saturated with sympathetic images and arguments for civil rights and even privileging of racial minorities. This helped establish one of Jewish liberalism’s greatest triumphs, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and years of supplemental legislation.

The Jewish supremacist media and liberal establishment (see Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish), more than any other factor, whipped heartland America to a firestorm of indignation against the South in support of the Civil Rights Act. (The same media-driven revolution in popular opinion can be seen today in the gay rights movement, transforming public opinion in a matter of years.) Tens of millions of usually apolitical Americans became passionate partisans of the Civil Rights cause. As early as 1964 America was willing to atone for the sins of slavery by changing our legal system to make racial minorities more than equal. In the tidal wave of sympathy and remorse for genuine grievances, almost no one worried that we were creating a U.S. legal system preferring racial minorities over the majority in college admissions, monetary assistance, quotas in hiring and firing, anti-discrimination laws in housing as well as forced busing. Americans eagerly gave their blessing to the first great system of federal and state inequality of protection of its citizens. Such a bureaucracy was a new phenomenon in the history of English law. State and federal laws now unabashedly protect and even privilege the rights of minorities, while depriving the majority of the same rights and protections.

This is always dangerous. It is true that majorities often oppress minorities. Yet the solution is to enforce equal rights for all, not to reverse the roles of oppression. Government must exist only to protect the absolutely equal rights of everyone. Otherwise, it is given power to selectively privilege, a power that history has never shown to be benign.

Self-Esteem Evades Blacks under Civil Rights Act

When I was finishing college in 1971, I was acquainted with an intelligent, athletic black student who was an accomplished musician, playing cello in Portland’s Junior Symphony.  He said to me, “Because I’m black, I’m still a slave!”

“What do you mean?” I replied. “Nobody’s keeping you from graduating from college and playing in the Junior Symphony. The problem is self-pity. You’re as free as I am!” He turned away and never spoke to me again.

Had the Jewish media and liberal establishment really given him dignity, self-confidence, independence, and a personal sense of equality? Its efforts elevated him and other blacks above whites in the eyes of the law. Colleges during the 60s and 70s practically thrust scholarships, free college housing and other advantages on any black American willing to attend.

Yet he was partly right in asserting that he was a slave.  The Jewish liberal establishment had imposed on him a burden almost as heavy as the bales of cotton his ancestors bore. It came in the form of an oppressive chip on his shoulder. The sins against forebears could not be forgotten; whites still opposed him and (he suspected) privately looked down on him. As a result, every indulgence he received from "them," the local white shopkeeper to Congress itself, was seen as granted only to mask and atone for the suspected racist agreement that blacks are inferior, that he should be a slave!

Preferential quotas, lower entrance and hiring requirements, and subsidies deprived blacks of the chance to prove their competence on an equal playing field. Even as doctors and lawyers, they could never convince many of their professional "equals" of their equality. Paternalistic gratuities and legal privileging from the government by their very existence assert that blacks can’t succeed on their own merit. For this reason, some independent black thinkers such as economist Dr. Thomas Sowell have criticized affirmative action.

Depriving a man or woman of the privilege of succeeding or failing on the same terms as every other is indeed crippling. Children of the wealthy and royal often lack confidence. Shelter from the “cruel and unnecessary” hardships of finding a job and making a living has fundamentally damaged them. The new slavery is also, for millions of blacks, an addiction to “the welfare mentality.” It says, “Even though welfare deprives me and my children of self-worth and initiative, it is so much easier and safer to stay on welfare than attempt to succeed by myself. I can’t compete with those who have survived because they have proven themselves the fittest.”

Superior Rights and Privileges Cripple Blacks

This is precisely the malaise of bondage into which Jewish media and liberal establishment deliver black Americans.

I once found the cocoon of a large Cecropia moth. Through its hard cellophane-like shell I could see a fully developed moth, writhing and eager to fly. I decided to help the moth escape by carefully breaking it loose. Yet this was tragically misguided. Nature intends the moth to vigorously struggle to break free from the cocoon. This effort pumps blood to every part of its wings, making them strong and completely formed. I cheated this moth of that struggle. Its muscles were weak, its wings flaccid. When it crawled forward, they dragged like rubber. The gift of hardship and opposition had been taken from it by a naive do-gooder. Because of me, it would never fly, never mate, only die.

By empowering a preferential justice system, giving blacks superior status under federal law and encouraging a victim mentality and support system, Jewish big media and education did to many black Americans and their descendants what I did to the moth.

People of all races—made in the image of God and equal under the Constitution—deserve equality not just in word, but in deed. A tremendous good was done under Lincoln’s leadership when the cancer of slavery was eradicated from America. Yet supremacist Jews created in the Civil Rights Act a momentous first step away from racial and legal equality of American citizens. They exploited the plight of blacks to create very unequal laws, the first hate crimes law in America, which lead to greater freedom, safety and justice for no one. These laws instead threaten triple penalties based on the thoughts of criminals and whether their motives are particularly hated by the reigning elite.

Title 18 Sec. 2a, added as an amendment in 1968, is the foundation for the present federal hate crimes law, the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act, passed in 2009. Title 18 Sec. 2a, the “hate crimes statute” of the Civil Rights Act, says that if someone’s speech may be proven to have influenced commission of a violent bias-motivated crime, then the speaker may be indicted and punished alongside the actual offender. The amended Civil Rights Act thus became a speech crimes law.

The present federal hate law is nothing more than extensive amendments to title 18 Sec. 2a. It gives other minorities (including Jews, homosexuals, and Muslims) similar superior rights and privileges afforded blacks 45 years earlier.  Americans who supported the Civil Rights Act could have no idea this law would lay the foundation for one day giving legal privileges to almost all minorities—including sexual minorities (even deviants such as pedophiles and practitioners of bestiality) and dark religious fringes such as Satanists and occultists. Yet Jewish supremacists certainly did foresee this and saw in it ultimate power to overthrow Christian, white leadership in society, leading to their own Judaic one-world order, Babylon the Great. (See 'Babylon the Great' is Israel)

Jewish slave traders 300 years ago sold blacks for personal gain. Yet 20th century Jewish media and legal lobbyists stood on their backs to create a legal foundation for a much more imaginative and malevolent goal: creation of a worldwide hate crimes gestapo that could ultimately destroy the power and influence of the ancient arch enemies of Talmudic Judaism, Jesus Christ, His followers, and the civilization they created.

Ultimately, this will enslave us all.

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