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24 September, 2008 By Harmony Grant

Cops go back to school with ADL’s tips on bias” from New Jersey Jewish News is a perfect snapshot of the rising wave of thought cops policing Americans’ emotions and beliefs. LINK (ALLEGEDLY) ERASED BY UNIT 8200 OPERATORS! FOUND ON WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG WAYBACK MACHINE The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, a Jewish “civil liberties” organization, has instructed local police for years in its twisted definitions of “bias” and “hate.” It now moves on to campus security.

The Jewish News story tells how ADL recently tutored campus security officers from across New Jersey on how to make their campus a “hate-free” zone. (Someday this may involve removing New Testaments from campuses, as ADL isn’t slow to call the New Testament hateful toward Jews.) (See ADL's Foxman: New Testament is Anti-Semitic) ADL gave educational material during the workshop and promised to be available during the school year to help campus cops respond to “bias incidents.”

It is truly incredible that ADL, a Jewish supremacist organization which continues to defame Christianity as a seedbed of racist hatred, wields this kind of influence; it’s astonishing that ADL has seized such power it instructs police, school authorities, and government itself in its twisted definitions of “hate.”

But the League does wield such power. ADL’s NJ regional director boasted to Jewish News, “The ADL has conducted bias-crime training for law enforcement officials for many years. In the 1980s, we helped develop hate-crime legislation that has been used as a template for this type of legislation all over the country. Almost every state now has some level of hate-crime legislation on its books.”

Even when a state doesn’t have hate crime laws on its books, “hate crimes” are still prosecuted—proving the clout of ADL’s aggressive campaign to make our nation “hate-free,” according to their disturbing definitions of this emotion. The FBI recently reviewed a situation in South Carolina, one of five states without hate crime laws. LINK (ALLEGEDLY) ERASED BY UNIT 8200 OPERATORS! FOUND ON WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG WAYBACK MACHINE It decided a racially charged online photo wasn’t a hate crime. If it were, the feds would surely have intervened to prosecute it as a hate crime instead of allowing South Carolina ’s standard criminal law to enforce justice. Again, the FBI is not waiting for the authorization of a federal hate law to meddle in state law enforcement. They're doing it now.

A news story on cross-burning in South Carolina quotes the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center: “When someone commits a hate crime, he typically will be charged with a standard crime such as vandalism or assault, Potok said. LINK (ALLEGEDLY) ERASED BY UNIT 8200 OPERATORS! FOUND ON WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG WAYBACK MACHINE The purpose of hate crimes statutes is to enhance penalties. ‘What hate crime laws allow you to do is to bring motivation into the sentencing phase,’ he said. And that often results in stiffer punishment.”

Do Americans want the government mining their motives and punishing them for their beliefs?

Blatant racism does disgust and revolt normal people. It’s abhorrent to hear other humans described as animals or worse. Yet even the most foul beliefs and thoughts are each person’s right. We can’t empower government to stiffen penalties based on the beliefs a criminal carries in his mind. Once we do, all our thoughts are subject to government scrutiny. The ADL, which includes Bible-believing Christians in its definition of “haters,” will soon have free rein to prosecute that definition. If a federal “anti-hate” bill is passed—and it well could be—we will no longer be free.

The ADL has amassed tremendous political and social power over the last decades, largely because there has been no real opposition. There hasn’t been an effective counter-movement. The evangelical church—which is large enough to resist ADL and stands to lose the most from ADL’s Christianity-stifling definition of “hate”—has been silent, afraid to criticize “God’s chosen people.”

Such lack of Christian protest is apparent in Pennsylvania . The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports the Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission could get $1 million from the state to hire new employees to purge “hate” from society. Jewish state rep. Dan Frankel recently proposed this, and the Pennsylvania Jewish Federation testified for it. The committee chairman said he had heard no opposition.

Pennsylvania HRC chairman Stephan A. Glassman testified, "Simply enforcing existing laws after they have been violated isn't enough. We are working to reduce the hostility, contempt and the fear that come from stereotyping and mythologizing others who are different." Glassman said the bill would “help his agency train employers, law enforcement officers, trade associations, housing providers, advocacy groups and schools so they can continue prevention efforts themselves.”

Doesn’t it remind you a little of the Soviets, purging society of “bad beliefs?” Pennsylvania “thought police” want to reduce the hostility and fear felt when you “mythologize others who are different.” They claim to want to erase any discrimination, based not just on race but also on sexual deviancy or profound religious differences. This is not appropriate, not realistic, not the government’s job! It will result in concentrated, inappropriate power to stifle free expression, and to investigate and prosecute the most private arenas of human life—our thoughts and convictions. Driven largely by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and Jewish activists, it will ultimately target the Christian beliefs and way of life that these militant Jews find so offensive and “hateful.”

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