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By Rev. Ted Pike

Freedom of speech in America is threatened as never before. Passage of the federal "anti-hate" bill will lead directly to an end of free speech in America. This is what happened under similar legislation in Canada and many European nations. Without free speech, all our other freedoms will eventually vanish.

Hate Laws End Free Speech

Sen. Edward Kennedy fumbled his attempts last fall to pass the Orwellian federal "anti-hate" bill. (See, "Federal Hate Bill Virtually Dead") Yet on Larry King Live last week Kennedy vowed he is poised to address the Senate, again urging its passage. He is anxious to call for a vote to attach his hate bill, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, S. 1145, to the long-delayed Sex Offenders Registration and Notification Act, S.1086. He wants to do so just as soon as S.1086 is introduced in the Senate.

35 years ago the Canadian Parliament passed its very similar anti-hate law, the Canadian Human Rights Act. Now Canadians who publicly criticize the behavior or beliefs of members of specially protected groups can be punished with harsh fines and imprisonment. Christians who publicly criticize homosexuality or print Scriptural texts against sodomy are being indicted as hate criminals. They are being bankrupted and exhausted as they fight for freedom in the hate crimes "tribunal" courts. Broadcasters or talk show hosts who criticize homosexuality or even state that homosexuals have a higher rate of AIDS can be arrested, fined $10,000, and spend up to five years in prison. The radio or TV station that allows them such "hate speech" will lose its broadcast license. (See, " New Federal ‘Hate’ Bill Means Funeral of Free Speech")

Can Kennedy Win?

Can Kennedy and his pro-hate bill Senators muster enough votes to pass the hate bill?

Here's the reality: Nearly two years ago the Senate voted 65 to 33 in favor of Kennedy's hate bill.

Kennedy knows that most of the Senate is still on his side.

Last September the traditionally conservative House of Representatives passed the hate bill, Amdt. 2662, in only 45 minutes! It was attached as a rider to the Children's Safety Act. Kennedy boasted to Larry King that the Senate will also pass it in 45 minutes to an hour.

If passed by the Senate in the days ahead, Kennedy's hate bill will go to conference between the Senate and the House and, if approved, on to the President.

Kennedy Blocked by Frist

Until now Senate majority leader Bill Frist has prevented Kennedy from rising to his feet, orating, and demanding passage of the hate bill. He has done this through a very simple strategy: keeping the Sex Offenders bill out of the Senate for the past two sessions.

Yet Frist is under increasing pressure to pass this much-needed, pro-family, anti-pedophile legislation. I was told by Frist's office that a number of stratagems to obtain passage are available to him.

Yet the danger is very great. They could backfire.

Kennedy pro-hate bill allies, especially Sen. Gordon Smith and Sen. Arlen Specter, are on high alert. Upon any attempt to introduce the Sex Offenders bill, they will demand to speak to the Senate, calling for attachment and approval of the hate bill.

What Happens if the Hate Bill Passes?

So-called Hate Bills Silence Free Speech
So-called Hate Bills Silence Free Speech

Should the bill pass, will House Republicans have enough resolve to defeat it in conference? Don't count on it. They presented no significant opposition in the House last September.

What about a veto by George Bush? The President has said he will support "modified hate crimes legislation." If he approves this bill, America will be governed by a federal anti-hate law with no checks or balances – unlike the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Let's consider what that means.

Our ancestral, time-proven code of law requires demonstrable physical proof that a crime has been committed. This keeps our justice system relatively simple, workable, and speedy. It provides adequate penalties for all crimes, including those motivated by hate.

In the federal hate law, however, the requirement of determining the level of "bias" in a hate crimes case makes hate crimes law enforcement very subjective, complicated and time consuming. The average cost in Canada of defending oneself from a hate crimes charge is very high: $175,000 to $200,000.

Amazingly, truth is no defense in Canada. If members of specially projected groups, especially homosexuals, claim they have been emotionally traumatized by public criticism, they are encouraged to file charges against their critics. In the eyes of the law it is irrelevant whether criticism against them is true. The paramount issue is whether the feelings of a member of a protected group have been hurt. If the court determines that such is the case, a "hate crime" has occurred.

The ultimate effect of federal hate laws is not to defend certain groups from intimidation but to intimidate those who speak candidly or critically. Free speech is dead.

Federal Takeover of Local Law Enforcement

S.1145 usurps state rights in law enforcement. It will require states to submit to the working federal definition that "hate" equals bias against protected groups. If S.1145 passes, states can no longer punish hate crimes according to traditional law. They must submit to the skewed government definition of hate and hate crimes including triple penalties against those convicted. S.1145 gives the federal government the right to intervene in the states not only for alleged bias crimes but for felonies. The government can also intervene and presumably overthrow the verdict in a hate crimes trial if it does not agree with it. (See, Pike’s Analysis of S. 1145)

S.1145 takes away states' rights in law enforcement and unites federal jurisdiction with local. With no checks and balances against federal intrusion, local and federal law enforcement become one. This is the very definition of a "police state."

Police State in Pennsylvania

The nation saw the power of such unified cooperation on October 10, 2004. Philadelphia district attorney Lynne Abraham gave police orders to arrest 11 Christians for the "hate crime" of witnessing to homosexuals. Seven charges resulted in a proposed penalty of 47 years in prison and $80,000 fines per person, including a 17-year-old girl. (See, "Philadelphia Pursues ‘Hate Crimes’ Charges against Christians")

Kennedy's bill empowers the federal government to do nationally what Lynne Abraham did locally. They will be able to indict pastors, talk show hosts, pro-lifers, political dissidents, etc. all around the country at the same time. Indictments and judgments will come faster than anyone can keep up with them. The defendants will be embroiled in an exhaustive gauntlet of court cases and appeals.

Energized by supplemental legislation and judges who make hate crimes doctrine from the bench, the long arm of hate crimes authority and jurisdiction will progressively broaden. It will entrap the best elements of society while protecting the worst. This is exactly what has happened in Canada and Europe. In at least one province of Canada it is a hate crime to pass out Gospel literature in public. In Holland it is a hate crime for pastors to reprove adulterers.

Hate laws already exist not only in Canada, Sweden, Australia, but also 45 U.S. states. Gullible legislators were hoodwinked into believing the intention of these laws was only to eliminate violent hate crimes. But, as the nation saw in Philadelphia, the real ambition of hate laws is to end dissent and the freedom of Christians to speak the whole truth.

What You Can Do

Here's a vital strategy by which the hate bill was defeated last fall in the Senate Judiciary. Countless patriots acted on the following instructions which I delivered on nearly 100 TV and radio talk shows.

First, instead of just calling the two senators from your state, call all 100 members of the Senate! We must undermine and demoralize Kennedy's coalition of pro-hate bill senators.

The entire list of Senators is printed on my home page at The toll free number to Congress is 1-888-355-3588. The toll number is 1-202-225-3121.

Once you have dialed the capitol:

Ask the capitol operator to send you to Senator Alexander's office.

Deliver this message: "Please don't vote for attachment of Senator Kennedy's hate bill, S.1145, to the Sex Offenders Registration and Notification Act, S.1086. Please oppose all hate crimes legislation."

Don't hang up. Ask to be transferred to the next senator on the list, Senator Allard. The senator's receptionist or to the capitol operator will transfer you to the next office

Repeat, going through all 100. In about an hour and a half, you will have delivered a powerful, freedom-saving message to the entire Senate. This will deeply erode Kennedy's power in the weeks ahead.
If you can't call all at once, space your calls throughout the week. Even during your lunch break, you can send about 20 messages in 20 minutes.

True Grit

Last year countless Americans called all 100 Senators. They remembered how many of our founding fathers and mothers lost their homes, fortunes, and even lives to secure our liberty. These callers did not consider one and a half hours on the phone too great a price for liberty. Result: With God's help and with many groups enlisting calls to the Senate, America defeated the hate bill in Judiciary. We can do it again!

Here's what else we must do: Get educated.

Hate crimes legislation will continue to assault free speech and persecute Christians and dissenters in the years ahead. Regardless of who controls Congress or sits in the White House, leaders must know the people will not tolerate such freedom-stealing laws. They will be voted out of office if they pass such laws.
Come to for the world's foremost educational resources on the history, theory, and oppression caused by hate laws worldwide.

At you may preview 7 minutes of my video documentary: "Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians." Many thousands of this gripping, professionally produced 80-minute video have been sold (available in VHS or DVD for $24.90 postpaid). This video has played a pivotal role in repeatedly defeating the federal hate bill in Congress. It is a "must show" in your church or conservative group!

Finally, pray for America! We must repent of our sins and pray against hate legislation during the upcoming National Day of Prayer on May 4, 2006. Although public protests played a huge role in defeating the hate bill last fall, the primary credit must go to Almighty God. Only God can deliver us from a conspiracy as deceptive, ensnaring and downright hateful as “anti-hate” laws

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