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14 October, 2009 By Rev. Ted Pike

Despite applause and enthusiasm for Pres. Obama’s speech at the Human Right Campaign’s recent annual dinner, homosexual online newspaper The Washington Blade was not entirely impressed Two prominent articles quoted gay rights sources who claim Obama is “all talk and no action.” At the dinner was "a line of about 75 LGBT activists who criticized the president for not moving fast enough on LGBT rights legislation.” Protest organizer Andy Thayer says, “The point of the matter is this president has given us a lot of rhetoric… He’s promised a lot, and the only time he’s done anything is when people got pissed off and protested.”

“Literature provided by the protesters also criticized HRC and LGBT Democrats for not pushing harder for Congress and the president to do more — ‘For too many years, the LGBT movement has been the plaything of the Democratic Party,’ said a statement handed out by the protesters. ‘Courted for money and votes when they needed us, abused and disrespected once they’re in power.’”

Another article on the Blade website, from a gay blog, says of Obama’s speech: “We’ve heard all of this before from Obama during the campaign — he supports us, will sign certain bills…but what we are lacking is that ‘fierce advocate’ he promised to be. No time tables. No word of support for those fighting in Maine and no news. We’ve heard this speech before and nearly a year into his administration, nothing has changed. This speech brought us nothing new. And I give it an ‘F.’”

Such discontent may reveal that Obama is not quite the unquestioning servant of the homosexual lobby most Christians/conservatives believe. In fact, it shows Obama is already quite capable of disappointing the gay lobby. This means he could disappoint them again by vetoing the defense appropriations bill, with hate bill attached — if public pressure on him is overwhelming.

Beneath the surface lies a struggle between Obama and his cantankerous Democrat Congress that lovers of freedom can exploit. After hate bill approval in the House last Thursday, national media was aware that the decision by the House to include F-35 engine funding was a slap in the face of the President. One editorial acknowledged that such disobedience sent a clear message to the President that Congress, not the President, wants to set the legislative agenda.

Criticized this past week for lacking vision and resolve in Afghanistan, and needing billions more in funding for this no-win war, could Pres. Obama, encouraged by massive email protest, actually make use of a veto of the defense bill as his way of letting Congress know who really runs America; that he is a president who means what he said when, in the VFW convention in Phoenix this summer, he forbade F-35 engine funding?

The least these rumblings from the homosexual lobby should do is cause us to question the belief that Obama will act in servile obedience to the gay lobby. After all, despite everything else Obama may be, he is a politician — a cunning political animal of the highest order. His first loyalty is to his own political survival, credibility and advancement.

The American people must impress on him as never before this week that there is no question where his best interests lie — in keeping his veto promise and not further alienating the values and morals of heartland America.

Since the Senate still has not passed the national defense/hate bill, there is now a real possibility that they will not be on the President's desk this week. Take advantage of this reprieve and send your two email messages to Obama. Repeat these messages daily until the hate bill is vetoed. Tell Obama:

Mr. President, I will vote out Democrats at midterms if you sign the freedom-destroying federal hate crimes bill.

Mr. President, I expect you to keep your promise to veto any military authorization bill that wastes $100 billion of taxpayers' money on unnecessary F-35 jet engines.
Send these two messages in separate emails. You may cut and paste them in at

By keeping his word, Obama and his fellow Democrats can best prepare for judgment day — mid-term elections next year.

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