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By Rev. Ted Pike

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Jesus was His indifference to warnings against "guilt by association." Criticized as a "friend of publicans and sinners," He applied his spittle to the eyes of a blind man, put himself in danger of contagion by healing lepers, and counseled an "unclean" Samaritan woman and a Jewess caught in adultery.

In fact, He seems to have had a downright quarrel with the maxim of polite society: "You are known by the company you keep."

He would do just about anything to rescue a perishing human soul from hell.

Winston Churchill, during England's darkest hours, said that if the devil himself would offer his services to defeat Hitler, he would take them. I can't go that far, but considering the extremity of the danger to our world and nation, I don't ask too many questions of those who want to help me in the fight for freedom.

Some of those helping me are Jews.

Rabbi Lapin and "Toward Tradition"

One of the most powerful tools for awakening the church and nation was provided by Rabbi Daniel Lapin of "Toward Tradition," a politically conservative, orthodox Jewish organization in Seattle. On his international TV program, aired on Trinity Broadcasting, Lapin warned an enormous Pentecostal audience that "evangelical Christians are now under relentless attack from secular Judaism." I have trumpeted his warning to countless more, awakening Christians to a brand new idea: Israel-first evangelicals may love evil Jewish leaders, but they are not loved in return. Such Jewish leaders as ADL's Foxman are formidably opposed to everything Christian, working night and day to remove Christian values from society.

Some have criticized me for thanking Rabbi Lapin and encouraging him to continue to alert both Christians and Jews. They say I am giving the impression that Rabbi Lapin is sincere. Actually, they say, he is but the "front man" for hidden anti-Christ forces; he leads the "religious right" the way Abe Foxman leads the Jewish left.

Yet, I ask, if Rabbi Lapin is as evil and devious as that, why the gift of the most explicit unprecedented warning against evil Jewish leaders that lovers of freedom could hope to receive?

Yes, Rabbi Lapin is working to bring the whole world under the more "rational" jurisdiction of Hebrew monotheism. Yet, unlike ADL/B'nai B'rith, he is not publicly smashing Christendom's most cherished values and symbols in the process. Actually, Rabbi Lapin's persistent admonitions to American Jews to deeply appreciate America and its Christian culture fulfill God's command to exiled Jews to seek the peace and welfare of the nations in which they dwell (Jer. 29:4).

Rabbi Lapin is aggressively outspoken against ADL, or what he calls "secular Judaism." He is critical not only of its anti-Christianity but its eagerness to label its opponents anti-Semitic. In fact, his organization offers to assist any Christian or conservative who has been so threatened or tarnished.

On the other hand, I am under no illusions about Rabbi Lapin. He is a Pharisee, Talmudist, and Zionist of the deepest persuasion. On his programs and in his books, Lapin attempts to elicit our admiration for the Pharisees, their methods, and the Talmud they created. In "educating" us about Talmudism, he creates an extremely distorted, white-washed facsimile of what rabbinic Judaism is really about. Only by such distortion can he succeed in his goal of obtaining complete acceptance of rabbinic Judaism within Christian society.

Rabbi Weiss and Neturei Karta

In his opposition to liberal Jewish activism and its civil liberties "muscle" organizations, such as ADL and JDL, Rabbi Lapin is similar to Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, leader of the ultra Orthodox Jewish Neturei Karta movement. (See and Neturei Karta asserts that Israel, having been exiled for disobeying the Pharisees, cannot be repatriated to Palestine except in obedience to God and the Pharisees. Neturei Karta absolutely opposes Zionism and the largely secular state of Israel.

For purposes of fragmenting the awesome powers of organized world Jewry, presided over by ADL/B'nai B'rith, many critics of Zionism have allied themselves with Rabbi Weiss. I also have taken advantage of the leverage Rabbi Weiss and his movement contribute. Of course, I am under no illusions that he, like Rabbi Lapin, is actually religiously close to Christians. Ultra-orthodox or Hassidic Judaism is passionately devoted not only to the Talmud but even more to the Cabala. This devotion takes precedence over the Torah of the Old Testament. Rabbis Lapin and Weiss spin the term "Torah" to give the impression that they are "Torah-observant Jews," primarily adherents of the Old Testament. This ingratiates them to Christians and conservatives, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Rabbinic Judaism teaches that "Torah" means "the progressive religious expression of the Jewish people." They believe such ongoing religious evolution has been much more perfectly realized in the Talmud than in the Bible.

At the same time it cannot be denied that Rabbi Weiss and the Neturei Karta provide a powerful alternative voice within Judaism that is challenging the historically undisputed control of ADL/B'nai B'rith. Also, Neturei Karta is popularizing the truly Biblical truth that Jews can't return to Israel as a nation except in obedience to God. In this regard, they are closer than Christian evangelicals to God's timeless requirement that the Jews must obey in order to dwell in the land. Evangelicals, under the sway of Scofield dispensationalism and aligning themselves with Zionism, are heretical in their belief that obedience to God no longer matters. (See "Why the Mid-East Bleeds.")

Unlikely Allies

Would I appear on a program opposing ADL with Rabbi Lapin or Rabbi Weiss? Absolutely! Does that mean I have compromised the truth? Absolutely not! Jesus had lunch with a Pharisee (Lk. 7:36) and an extended conversation with a Pharisaic leader, Nicodemus (Jn. 3). His truthtelling and salty reproof continued unaffected.

These Jewish leaders are using the political right for their own ends. Christian lovers of freedom who strategize for the saving of civilization also have the right to use such Jews. No compromise of our most deeply held beliefs is required by either side. The Talmud teaches that the Pharisees were the most enlightened leadership the Jews have ever known. Despite public denial, these rabbis, as the strictest followers of the Talmud, must believe the Pharisees were right to have Christ crucified. They must surely agree with the Talmud that He, as a false prophet and deceiver, now languishes in hell. (The Talmud gives license for duplicity, saying, "It is permitted to deceive a goi" [Gentile]. Babakama 113B)

In contrast, as a follower of the New Testament, I believe that rabbinic Judaism is the "synagogue of Satan," a lying anti-Christ religious system, and that without trust in Jesus Christ as Savior, no adult Jew can see God (Rev. 2:9, I Jn. 2:22, I Jn. 2:23).

Of course, I would love to persuade both of these Jewish leaders to trust in Israel's true Messiah, Jesus Christ. Yet, as one struggling to save America, I must be free to accept their help to fragment the staggering power of ADL/B'nai B'rith. In so doing, I pattern myself precisely after St. Paul. Brought up on charges of heresy by the Jewish Sanhedrin, he sided with the theology of the Pharisees in their belief in an afterlife. By so doing, Paul inflamed the opponents of the Pharisees, the Sadducees, who denied the resurrection. Result: both Pharisees and Sadducees went at each other, forgetting the main reason they had convened, which was to persecute Paul. Having split "organized Jewry" into two warring factions, Paul saved his life (Acts 23:6).

In an article I wrote about Rabbi Lapin, I encouraged him to become a "second Moses" to deliver Jews from ADL/B'nai B'rith bondage. Of course, no one but Jesus Christ can deliver any Jew from the bondage of sin. But if Rabbi Lapin or any other Jewish leader could create a rebellion within Jewry, breaking B'nai B'rith's hammerlock of control, such an initiative would be deserving of the support and eternal gratitude of every lover of freedom.

We Fight to Win

Sailors know well the saying, "Any port in a time of storm." Those who fight to win also know that if your theological brethren don't come to your aid, it may be necessary to take the help of less conventional allies. In the Old Testament, David fled for his life from Saul, unassisted by the people of Israel. He had to take refuge in the land of the Philistines, even making alliance with them. For me, such liberty means I will tell the truth on just about any talk show that will host me. I'm not going to worry about how "respectable" they are. (I have recently been featured on Mormon, Christian Preterist, and Christian Identity talk shows.)

In fact, if Howard Stern himself assured me I could tell the whole truth, I would be powerfully tempted to do just that before his millions of listeners.

Rejecting the rule against "guilt by association," Jesus knew that in order to save sinners, He would have to associate with them. I believe that if He were in human form today, He would be all over talk radio. He would not refuse bookings because they were not respectable. He would speak wherever He was allowed to tell the whole truth.

The only rule or law He was under was the law of love.

It is lawful, He said, to do good (Mk. 3:4).

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