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20 April, 2011 By Rev. Ted Pike

Helen Thomas photo at the White House
Eminently brave journalist, Helen Thomas

My fervent prayer to the Almighty over the past year has been that He would energize 90-year-old former White House reporter Helen Thomas to keep speaking boldly against Jewish supremacism. Thomas has high visibility and less to lose than most public figures, so she can warn like few others.

God answers prayer! Some 100 pro-Gaza liberal groups will protest Prime Minister Netenyahu’s address to AIPAC May 21-24. Their New York conference is called "Move Over AIPAC." Feisty Helen Thomas will deliver the key-note address and actually lead the mass protest!
Across the Atlantic, more voices are being raised against Israel. The Jewish state’s economic, humanitarian, and military reprisals against 1.5 million Gazans continue to bleed the Mideast. Nearly 1,000 peace activists from many countries are inspired to launch their own "D-day" peace invasion, “Freedom Flotilla 2,” with 20 ships, to force Israel to end its occupation and quarantine.

Thus we see that a merciful God is raising powerful forces of conscience to resist the ever encroaching mega-power of Israel and Jewish supremacism. Zionism’s ultimate goal, as the Bible prophesies, is to dominate the nations. This is the anti-Christ new world order which Scripture calls Babylon the Great (See, Israel is Babylon the Great).

Why Aren’t Christians Protesting Israel’s Injustices?

It should be Christians who protest Zionist inhumanity. It is our Scripture that warns anti-Christ Jews are "enemies of the gospel" (Romans 11:28). Our Bibles, in more than two dozen clear verses, trumpet God’s demand that a nation of unbelieving Jews should never occupy His holy land (See, Conditional Verses List). It should have been Christians who protested Israel’s violent expulsion of more than 800,000 Palestinians in 1948. Yet mainstream evangelicals have unconditionally supported the rising anti-Christ juggernaut for the past century. Today their collective conscience is hardened, void of the most elemental compassion toward beleaguered Palestinians. Having "bidden Godspeed to evil men," they are now "partakers of [ Israel’s] evil deeds" (2 John 1:11). Fulfilling Christ’s words, the "very elect, if possible" are now deceived (Matt. 24:24).

God now uses Helen Thomas and anyone with a vestige of conscience to be His spokesperson. Incredibly, baby-killing, pro-Sodomite leftists have more empathy for the Palestinians than do most evangelicals. They are more responsive than many self-proclaimed Christians to the One who said, "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”

What is wrong with the church?

Historic Christianity, for at least 1600 years, has been deeply infected with heretical doctrines which created Calvinism. This in turn has legitimized and empowered Zionism.

In my latest Bible study at (4-20-11 "What is Heresy?") I explain how Zionist-driven chaos in the Mideast—made possible by evangelical moral and financial support—actually harks back to the 5 th century AD. The church went theologically astray after Christianity was legalized by Emperor Constantine. Great doctrinal error accumulated. It finally resulted in the current Christian/Zionist "unholy alliance." Today a misguided church helps establish a persecutive world system that will cause its own destruction.

Don’t waste any more time wondering why crazed evangelicals, like lemmings swimming into the sea to drown, unconditionally support Christian-rejecting and persecuting Israel. Learn the truth.

In this first of two Bible studies on heresy, I’ll also show how you, your family, and church can encourage God to create even more hopeful, unprecedented opportunities to save freedom.

current Ted Pike photo
Ted, today - photo: John Pike, October 2019
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