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By Rev. Ted Pike

Under "anti-hate" laws in Canada, Australia, and most European countries, the public contempt which The Da Vinci Code hurls against the Catholic Church is considered a hate crime. Certainly, if such derision was cast upon Jews, Muslims, or homosexuals, those guilty of such hate speech would face prosecution, harsh fines, and possible imprisonment.

Under hate laws, the issue is not whether the charges are true but whether those belonging to a federally protected group, including a religion, feel emotionally battered by such verbal attack. Clearly, such is the case with millions of Catholics living under hate bureaucracies. Aggrieved Catholics have every right to file hate crimes charges and lawsuits against those who distribute, publicize, or exhibit The Da Vinci Code in their countries.


The Da Vinci Code is an unprecedented attack on the New Testament record that Jesus was divine and unmarried. Author Dan Brown is even more brutal to Catholics, whom he portrays as sympathetically as Hollywood portrays Nazis. His Catholic police captain is a sexist maniac, and Opus Dei Catholics are represented by a murderous albino Frankenstein whose masochistic prayers sound more like schizophrenia than devotion. Brown often pauses his plot to lecture on the "violent and deceitful history" of the Church at large, including the outrageous claim that the Church killed five million women as witches. The Da Vinci Code portrays Catholic leadership throughout the centuries as suppressing vital truth. It suggests such leaders, up to the present, are capable of murderous actions against those who oppose them. In the movie Brown gives the impression that Catholic hierarchy can command hidden laity in academia, government, and the police. Such is an organization fully as extensive and dangerous to those who oppose it as is the Mafia.

In America, the Code is free to blacken the names of Christ and Catholicism. Brown's attack is not a “hate crime” under any federal or state definition of the term.

But under hate crime bureaucracies, free speech is not protected. Instead, anyone who incites contempt for an identifiable group is guilty of a speech crime.

If Brown's target were Jews instead of Catholics, there would be no question that his book would be considered speech crime. If in Canada or Sweden today a book or movie claimed evil leaders of Judaism through the centuries have conspired to control others through a religious myth and murdered those who oppose them, the promoters of such works would be immediately charged and prosecuted.

In fact, if a pastor in Holland or Germany just publicly states the historical facts that Jewish leaders masterminded Christ's crucifixion and persecuted His followers even to death, it is considered the crime of “anti-Semitism.” Such a hate crime in Canada is punishable by up to $10,000 and five years in prison. If someone questions the accuracy of the six-million figure of Holocaust dead, then any Jew may claim anguish and press hate crimes charges. A Jew can also file charges if he hears any public speech critical of Jewish leaders for masterminding the crucifixion, or criticism of the Jewish religion.

Since ADL’s hate crimes law was enacted in Canada in 1971, many Jews, homosexuals, and even some Muslims have received favorable judgments after charging that they felt intimidated or held up for contempt. Yet though there have been many white or Christian victims of hate crimes, I know of none who has ever been upheld in court as a victim of a hate crime. The general rule of enforcement under ADL hate laws is that only the alleged historic victims of Western male oppression - homosexuals, Jews, racial minorities, women - deserve shelter from “verbal violence.” Christians are left out in the cold, pilloried in media and unprotected from hate.


Why are Jews and homosexuals protected from the slightest criticism while Christians are exposed to blistering and lie-riddled attacks?

For the past 40 years, the Anti-Defamation League and its parent organization, B'nai B'rith International, have been persuading governments worldwide to enact so-called anti-hate laws. B'nai B'rith is an international Jewish religious, educational, fraternal, and charitable organization with 2100 lodges and chapters in more than 50 nations. B'nai B'rith claims a half million Jewish members, constituting "organized world Jewry." Such Jews tend to be progressive leftists who favor gay rights, abortion, and militant anti-Christianity. Many moderate Jews vehemently oppose ADL/B'nai B'rith's anti-Christian activism. They deplore ADL's demands that symbols and public expression of Christian values be restricted.

In order to persuade governments to enact thought crimes legislation, ADL/B'nai B'rith reluctantly conceded that not just Jews but members of other religions be granted equal protection. Of course, ADL, being in control of such bureaucracies, never intended that Christian victims of hate crimes receive justice.

But despite the intent of its framers, hate laws technically offer protection to Christians as well as Jews. If Christians are publicly held up for "hatred and contempt," they have the same right as a homosexual or Jew to go to the local police and file charges as victims of religious intimidation.

This simple fact presents a tremendous opportunity for Catholics to help neutralize not only anti-Christian hate laws but restrain further outrages against Christianity such as The Da Vinci Code.


Every Catholic living under hate laws who feels held in contempt, intimidated, or emotionally distressed by The Da Vinci Code should file charges or lawsuits against publishers, movie theaters, distributors, and promoters of The Da Vinci Code in their nation. It is not even necessary under most hate law justice systems to prove The Da Vinci Code contains lies. Truth is not admitted in most hate crimes courts. The only criterion for a hate crime is whether the defendant feels emotionally bruised or intimidated.

Yes, police may be baffled, having never experienced demands for equal hate law protection. They may even try to deny that Christians are so protected. Yet all hate law ordinances, readily available on the internet, affirm such protection. It is vital that a tidal wave of Catholic protest, demanding equal enforcement, inundate police and hate crimes bureaucracies, forcing them to honor Catholic rights.

If the police or the courts refuse to honor your suit, charges of obstruction of justice may be filed against them. All freedom-loving attorneys, religious or not, should offer their services to pursue equal enforcement of hate laws.


Some may object: "Isn't it wrong to benefit from bad laws? Hate laws should be repealed, not exploited by Christians!"

Unfortunately, with over 55 hate law bureaucracies either in place or under construction by ADL/B'nai B'rith, hate laws are now a fact of life for millions worldwide. It is virtually impossible to dismantle them. But impartial enforcement of hate laws would be a disaster for evil Jewish leaders; they would then be attacked by the very legal python they thought would only strangle Christians. If hate laws victimize Jewish activists as well as Christians, they will no longer be useful. ADL will have to devise some other way to persecute Christians.


It's time for all Catholics living under hate laws to see The Da Vinci Code movie, peruse the book, and then file hate crimes charges. This is a time to fight fire with fire. Freedom-loving Catholics as well as all lovers of freedom should email this alert to as many Catholic leaders and institutions as possible, including the Vatican. (Catholic directories are available at your library and on the internet.) The Pope must be urged to support this Catholic offensive. He must decry hate law bias against Christians. A barrage of Catholic activism could well result in favorable legal precedents, protecting Christianity from future media attacks by Jewish activists. Such activism could cause hate laws to go without enforcement, restoring free speech to those who love Christ as well as those who hate Him.

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