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9 April, 2013 By Rev. Ted Pike

Editor's Note:

Here is an edited transcription of our latest Bible Study at (April 9, 2013). I hope you, your family or group can join us for these vital discussions as we help rebuild the moral walls of Christianity in America. We invite you to take this link to hear this Bible study and also the very interesting discussion among our members.

What is "church" for the increasing number of anti-Zionist Christians who are rejected and even expelled from the mainstream pro-Zionist churches of the Western world?

The most frequent question I am asked is whether I know of a church in the questioner’s area which is evangelical yet critical of Zionism. Almost invariably, I don’t. I am glad to invite them and their families to the light of truth contained in our online Bible studies at

When King Saul turned against David, driving him out of Israel into the wilderness and the land of the Philistines, the people of Israel largely followed Saul. They told David, in effect, “Go serve other gods” (1 Sam. 26:19). His brethren said he had no place of worship, no church, any longer in Israel.

A very similar situation exists today. Light dawns when a Christian understands that modern Talmudic Jewry is not the apple of God’s eye but the synagogue of Satan. He sees that the 1948 return of Jews to Palestine was a counterfeit leading to establishment of a Jewish world dictatorship, Babylon the Great. (See “Israel is 'Babylon the Great' ”) If this believer shares his newfound knowledge in his local evangelical church, he is no longer welcome.

He and his family can hide out in such a church, taking advantage of its fairly shallow, probably Calvinistic Bible teaching and fellowship -- but only by not declaring what they really believe. As soon as this church realizes they have in their midst one of those who "curses God’s chosen people" by criticism of Israel, such alleged “anti-Semites” will be shunned and very likely excoriated from the pulpit. Like David fleeing Saul and his own place of worship, such an anti-Zionist family can "go and serve other gods" as far as the ostensibly loving, caring, pro-Israel church is concerned.

In this Bible study, we continue to discuss what the true church of Jesus is and show that Christian truthtellers have not left the church. Rather, the pro-Zionist evangelical "church" has left the Bible in favor of Israel and pro-Zionism. It has ignored massive biblical teaching concerning God’s conditional terms on Jews to be His people or occupy Palestine. (See List of Conditional Salvation/Conditional Occupation Verses) The established evangelical church now largely constitutes an Israel-serving cult of Christianity.

Christ’s Definition of His Church

Jesus’ definition of His Church is radically simple. As few as two or three gathered together as His spiritual bride, being called by His name in fellowship and worship of Him, are the Church (Matt. 18:20). Jesus made no mention of a larger, more complicated church as vital to the development of the Christian family. He never said a large building, carpeted sanctuary and padded pews, fellowship among many people, retreats and summer camps, singles groups and even Christian rock concerts for the youth were at all necessary. He said the Church is wherever He is: guiding, purifying, comforting His people and leading them to all truth.

This raises an extremely important question. Can an anti-Zionist Christian father and mother rear a godly family operating only according to Christ’s very minimalist definition of the Church? Can we fulfill the New Testament edict not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together in such a stripped-down “congregation?”

It is not only possible but it may actually, in many circumstances, be the best way to rear a godly and politically enlightened family in this age of delusion. I know this from personal experience. The National Prayer Network and its website, with its worldwide outreach of truth and political action, would not exist unless my siblings and I had been reared and nurtured in the kind of church I am recommending. Allow me to describe my early religious training.

My father and mother came from Methodist and Quaker upbringings respectively. In 1939, after ordination in the Evangelical United Brethren Church (a Wesleyan denomination), my father Claude and his new bride Mignon spent the next ten years starting and pastoring churches in Oregon and California. They were dutiful servants of the burgeoning post-World War II evangelical movement led by Billy Graham. Yet my mother became very concerned by the evils of political and religious liberalism as well as the rapid spread of communism, which ended free expression of Christianity in China in 1949. A gifted writer, she began to express her opinions in various evangelical publications, stirring controversy and resistance. It became clear that the evangelical movement was not interested in political truth. The pervasive reply was that if Christians only preach the gospel, communism and liberalism will automatically decline.

But the burden my parents felt would not go away. As a result, they left the conventional ministry, attempting primarily through my mother’s writings and my father’s preaching to develop a ministry of their own. It was like trying to ignite wet kindling, made harder because their venture was being undertaken during the McCarthy era when the church, following the lead of the Jewish media, obediently distanced itself from anti-Communist "hysteria." It preferred to follow the dictum, “We must be positive…We must be respectable.” Such political non-engagement was rationalized and its supposed truth confirmed by the staggering success of Billy Graham.

Our “Wilderness Experience”

Cut adrift from the church, yet still hoping to begin a Christian conservative awakening, my parents and their family of three young children began what can only be called a wilderness experience of poverty and isolation from the church. It was a decade of divinely imposed intercession for the church and the nation.

A talented carpenter and boat builder, my father felt compelled and constrained by the Holy Spirit from simply going into business. This could have allowed our family to enjoy the post-World War II economic boom of the 50s that everybody else was making the most of. Instead, as he continued to struggle on tiny radio stations or through mailings of mimeographed writings, he and my mother had more than average time to devote to the spiritual nurture of their children, especially every Sunday. We read the Bible and discussed it and our destiny.

As early as eight, when I gave my heart to Jesus, I was keenly aware that our family was different from the families of most Christians attending conventional churches, including those of our relatives. Our family had a mission to bring religious and political truth to the church and world. This was our great calling. It was made possible by first giving everything to Christ, freeing the Holy Spirit to indwell us, empowering us to aspire to perform exploits for Jesus. None of us realized, of course, how far down into poverty and isolation God would take us.

As a boy of nine, living in a cabin at the top of a mountain range, during seven snows of one of the coldest winters on record, heated in the winter only by a fireplace and hot bricks in our beds, we existed with no electricity or running water or indoor plumbing. We had no car, virtually no money and, at times, no food. However, I was spiritually electrified, young as I was, with our high calling. I vividly foresaw the day when I would be able to tell thousands how our family had been set aside by God in a time of great prosperity to fast and pray for that national revival of which we dreamed. My mother comforted herself during the winter by claiming the many prophecies of Isaiah.

At age 11, I saw clearly in my mind’s eye that a very beautiful, tall, brunette woman would become my wife, watching admirably as I shot my .22 rifle (signifying sending out e-alerts). I knew at that age that someday I would be well-known, at least to many of the worthy; and, of course, all of this has been fulfilled.

Proto-Conservative Awakening Gives Hope

In the early 1960s, the Christian conservative awakening for which we had been interceding so long began to materialize. Although it was soon largely crushed by the liberal Jewish media’s attack on the John Birch Society, it provided significant opportunities for our family to exert conservative leadership in Oregon. With the emergent anti-Communist emphasis from figures such as Dr. Fred Schwartz, Billy James Hargis, Robert Welch and Sen. Barry Goldwater, my parents began to be much less isolated and actually sponsored well-attended rallies in Portland featuring nationally known conservative leaders such as William F. Buckley, Fulton Lewis III, Dan Smoot and even Ronald Reagan. We engaged in vigorous leadership in Oregon on the political scene.

Part of such leadership was to join several other veteran conservatives to tell Oregonians of the Communist record of a man running for governor. As a result, my father and his friends were indicted by the State of Oregon and charged with “criminal political libel.” My father was briefly imprisoned and wrote his evening radio broadcast in Portland's Rocky Butte jail. The charges could have resulted in at least three years in prison. However, he was exonerated in court. The judge found no substance to the claim of the State of Oregon against my father or the other defendants.

During this period in the early 60s, in which I entered high school, our family became enlightened concerning the Jewish roots of communism, liberalism and Jewish financial and media control. Listeners to my father’s nightly radio programs sent us quotes by Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Gerald L. K. Smith, Father Coughlin and others. By 1971, at age 25 I had thoroughly studied the Babylonian Talmud and the writings of Elizabeth Dilling and was well on my way toward writing my book, Israel: Our Duty, Our Dilemma (345 pages, softbound).

Israel: Our Duty ... Our Dilemma Book

$27.95 each including shipping

Home church remained constant throughout these years, although many other people now joined us and meetings large enough to accommodate them were often held in rented halls. In all such meetings, the same formula of death to self-will, speaking only the whole truth, never varied. During the 1970s, my parents played an important role in moral renewal in Oregon and even America. My mother, a registered political lobbyist, led efforts to prevent legalization of child pornography in Oregon as well as block pro-sodomite legislation in the state capital. In fact, in 1980, it was at a large rally my parents organized in Portland opposing homosexual legislation that, after I had spoken, scores of homosexuals rioted, attempting to pull out the cord to my microphone. Watching me admiringly was a tall and beautiful brunette, Alynn Dunham, my future wife.

My father’s last major accomplishment was spearheading revival of the National Day of Prayer, jumpstarted through the publicity flight of my father, brother, and me in a great circle around America in our 1929 monoplane. (See How Faith - and an Old Airplane - Helped Revive the National Day of Prayer) It was dramatically successful, with my father invited to the Oval Office as President Reagan reinstated this almost forgotten national observance.

Guidelines for Your Christian Anti-Zionist Family

Although Christian anti-Zionist parents cannot follow our path exactly, the essentials can and must be duplicated if the anti-Zionist Christian family is to flourish.

Here are the non-negotiable goals such Christian parents should pursue.

  1. Parents must be entirely given to God, willing to sacrifice anything for Christ.

  2. They must seek and follow the voice of the Holy Spirit as He leads into all truth and into all action of a serious or moral nature. Regardless of their "tent-making" source of income, they must have a mission of evangelism and serving and glorifying Christ.

  3. Children must be encouraged to give their hearts entirely to Jesus as early as possible.

  4. Parents must do their best to inculcate a sense of mission in their children. Parents must not be afraid, but proud, to teach their children their family is different: different from the majority, different from the mainstream evangelical church -- a family seeking the salvation of souls and God’s truth more than anything.

  5. Children must see their parents publicly stand up for true and Christian values, willing to pay the price of social ostracism. Children must see parents who live their Christian witness and moral and political convictions all week. When children see this and understand that possible controversy and even persecution are part of following the leading of the Lord, children will be much more inclined to admire their parents and share parental goals at a very early age, becoming little Christian conservative activists themselves. (Matt. 5:10-12)

Thus, as in our family, it is possible to entirely avoid the so-called “rebellious teenager phase.” Our admiration for our parents was too great to permit such petty indulgence.

Of course, parental activism must be undertaken with Spirit-led moderation and under the Holy Spirit’s intimate leading. Many Christian conservative zealots have needlessly alienated their children with extremes of fleshly idealism and striving.

Many parents will reply that they do not have sufficient theological training or time and energy to prepare and lead family church once a week. This causes me to ask: “If you can’t make time to be a mature Christian leader of your family, do you really have any business bringing eternal souls into this world, especially with the Jewish media so intent on corrupting and destroying them?” (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish)

Risks of Staying in Pro-Zionist Churches

The purpose of is to help equip parents to become straight on political and theological issues. If you don’t have the time for preparation of a spiritual lesson, we have hundreds of Bible studies archived and briefly described that will assist you. If, however, you simply cannot overcome the obstacles to having your own home church and decide to let the local pro-Zionist church instruct you and your children, allow me to share with you the risks:

1. Statistics show the evangelical church is losing about 93% of its young people to the world after high school graduation. It would be insane to turn over your life savings to an investment company that had a record of losing 93% of the funds entrusted to it. Why entrust the eternal souls of your most precious possessions, your children, to the local evangelical church?

2. Our young people are alienated largely because they do not see in the church and its leadership what I saw in my parents: mission and willingness to suffer if necessary for what we know is right. Instead, children in community churches see 34% of married church couples divorce, with many unbiblical remarriages blessed by the church. (See What Christ Really Taught About Divorce and Remarriage) Considering such spiritual weakness and hypocrisy, most local community churches could not be more calculated to alienate your precious children. You may say: "Although it’s not perfect, our presence as a family with our children in such a church will unify us and minimize the damage. We can actually exert a salty effect for truth. We will be able to take the best from the pro-Zionist church concerning Bible teaching and fellowship while privately warning our children against its errors."

I am not passing judgment if you feel the Holy Spirit is leading you to stay in the church and shed what good influence you can. Christ did not demand everyone forsake the Pharisee-dominated synagogues of His day (Matt. 23:2). However, you are involved in a spiritually unhealthy situation. Staying in such a church is perilous because of how your children will be interpreting your liberty. On one hand, you are aware that the very greatest evil of all time is now being poured out on society by Jewish supremacy. On the other, the very evangelical church you are attending unconditionally supports Israel, the visible manifestation of such evil. What do your children conclude from your example of not speaking up, especially during times of vivid moral conflict, such as the latest episode of shelling of Gaza or Jewish-inspired attacks on Christianity through ABC’s “Good Christian Bitches”? It is that you are willing to exchange truth for security and non-controversy. Far from setting a clear pattern of putting God’s truth first, regardless of the cost, you are saying it is fine to obscure truth of the greatest importance in order to pursue a hidden agenda of trying to enlighten “Israel-firsters” as well as benefiting from the fellowship, Sunday school, and "worship experience" of your local church.

Sooner or later, Christian anti-Zionists who have lived such a double life must take to heart the words of Paul in II Corinthians 6:17: “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.” Many pro-Israel evangelicals, aware of Palestinian suffering, yet bidding Godspeed to antichrist Zionism, have become partakers of its evil deeds and are defiled by such compromise. Despite exuberant professions of love and acceptance, the pro-Zionist church really believes that if you criticize Israel you are cursed by God. If you ever betray your true beliefs, you will be despised, humiliated and expelled as its enemy, a person the church will have no hesitancy in calling a tool of the devil.

An alternative form of Christian worship and education exists at our website. We invite people of every doctrinal persuasion (including those who have no religion) to consider our alternative to the errors of popular Christianity. Babylon the Great is an evil so enormous and threatening it will eventually destroy the church itself. Can you stand before Christ on the Day of Judgment and proudly say you were part of a church which helped make the Great Harlot’s world control possible?

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