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11 March, 2008 By Rev. Ted Pike

For the past century, most evangelical Christians and religious Jews have agreed that national return of Jews to Palestine is the will of God. They believed it fulfills abundant Old Testament prophecies. But what does the Old Testament really say? Many passages flatly state that Israel can’t inhabit the land except in obedience to God. 1 For Jews to dwell in His holy land, God expects them to practice righteousness and mercy, even to Palestinians.

Israel has ruthlessly mistreated the Palestinians, both Muslim and Christian, expelling 800,000 of them in 1948 through terror. Original Zionist terrorism is the predominant cause of international Arab terrorism. This record strongly argues that Israel has still not met God's moral requirements. 2 Such requirements were satisfied by holy men of God whom God permitted to enter Canaan–Hebrew saints like Caleb, Joshua, Ezra, and Nehemiah. God told Abraham He would deliver the covenant blessings He promised (including rights to occupy the land) only if Abraham's descendants performed these same righteous works. (Gen. 18:19)

How can God approve of Israel 's return when she does the opposite of righteous Abraham?

Overturning God's Law

Most evangelical authorities teach that God indeed wants Jews to become holy, eventually. But they say He must first take the Jewish people as they are in rejection of Christ. Once they are reestablished in Palestine , He will "sprinkle" them with grace. The proof text for such gradual conversion is Ezekiel 36:25: “For I will take you from the nations, gather you from all the lands, and bring you into your own land, then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean.” Evangelicals believe God no longer insists on obedience from Israel . Today He settles for gradual conversion after entry into Palestine . Prophecy teachers describe Israelis as becoming more and more enlightened and peace-loving as they witness God's continuing miracles of deliverance and he "sprinkles" them with His grace. They say He blesses this Christ-rejecting nation with spiritual light, prosperity and military victories even though Jesus said he was leaving their house desolate and they would never see Him again until they say, "Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord." (Matt. 23:39)

Here is the prevailing evangelical storyline of present and future events for Israel:

1. Scattered Jews return to the Promised Land with God’s blessing. In Israel , they are sprinkled with His divine grace and grow gradually more enlightened and righteous.

2. At Christ’s "first" second coming, the "rapture," all who believe in Christ (Jew and Gentile, living and dead) ascend to meet Christ in the sky. This is the first of basically two returns.

3. Immediately following, a one-world ruler, Antichrist, rises to power, making a covenant with the nation of Israel . Jews of the remnant who are predestined to be saved but were not converted in time for the rapture remain on earth. But after witnessing the rapture, the remnant trust Christ. After three and a half years, Antichrist breaks his covenant and terribly persecutes the Jewish people, killing two thirds of them. During this "great tribulation," a time of worldwide spiritual darkness, the surviving remnant are powerful evangelists and lights for Christ. (The Antichrist does not exile the Jews from Palestine .)

The remnant, according to the prevalent evangelical view, constitute the symbolic woman of Rev. 12. This mystical woman wears 12 stars in her crown (12 tribes of Israel ) and stands on the moon, clothed with the sun. Revelation says she yearns to bring forth faith in Jesus Christ among the nations. God protects her from the homicidal forces of Antichrist attempting to kill every Jew on planet earth.

It is very important to evangelicals that this mystical woman be the remnant. Why? Because it reveals that remnant Jews are not confused and rebellious during the tribulation. They are victorious Christians! They found truth because Zionism returned them to their birth land where they were collectively sprinkled by divine grace. This confirms to evangelicals that Zionism is good and mightily used by God. Creation of the Jewish state—not Christ's final return—thus plays a pivotal role in Jews’ conversion. In fact, the second coming plays no role in salvation of the remnant.

4. Near the end of the tribulation, Christ appears in heaven in His "final" second coming. He destroys Israel 's enemies in the battle of Armageddon and gathers the beleaguered Jews to Jerusalem from whence He rules the nations for 1000 years.

The Bible’s True Timeline

The evangelicals have got it wrong. Here's the actual Biblical sequence of coming events. This is the chronology of a just God whose ethics don’t change. 3
1. Scripture vividly prophesies that the Jews do return to Israel . We have experienced this over the last century. Ezekiel 38 and 39 say that Israel in the last days will indeed return and dominate the Mideast … and the world! Ultimately, no one can resist or make war with her. Yet, she is so wicked and spiritually unclean that she pollutes the land. God is described as hiding His face from her! 4
Such global power corresponds ominously with political, military, financial, and media control which activist Jews already wield. Jewish activism spawned communism, which has already slaughtered millions of Christians. 5 Such Jews dominate western media, corrupting Christian morals. 6 They predominate in the pornography industry. 7 They spearhead homosexual activism, leading Jewish "civil liberties" organizations which vilify Christians as "homophobic." 8 Jews influence American and world economies through their private banking monopoly, the Federal Reserve. 9 The Biblical scenario is also confirmed by "tiny" Israel 's spectacular rise to become the world's fourth greatest military superpower.
2. The Bible predicts Israel will rebuild her temple and make a covenant with the coming one-world ruler, Antichrist, her spiritual husband and false messiah. 10 Together, Israel and Antichrist rule the nations. Drenched with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus, they will virtually exterminate Christians. This persecution is already begun through Jewish-created “anti-hate” laws worldwide. 11
Yet Antichrist will betray Israel . His confederate nations will invade and plunder her, slaughtering two thirds of Jews. He will desecrate the Jewish temple and all things Jewish. Remaining Jews will be exiled again to the nations. God's "wrath upon this people" (the Jews) will overtake them. 12 This will fulfill God's timeless law that without obedience they cannot occupy His holy land. For nearly three and a half years the remnant will experience the greatest suffering of any nation at any time. Yet they will be unable to find their way out of spiritual darkness. This darkness is the result of more than two millennia of Talmudic indoctrination to hate Jesus. 13
3. Finally, just before the whole race is destroyed, Christ returns in glory. He rains plagues and vials of wrath on the Jews’ persecutors worldwide. In the battle of Armageddon, Christ defeats the armies of the earth who oppose Him. At the moment of Christ's one and only return, all believers, dead and living, are caught up to meet Him in the skies. 14 The remnant Jews look upon Him whom their ancestors pierced. Seeing at last His deliverances, they realize the magnitude of their error. 15 In bitter mourning and repentance, they turn to Christ. (This national repentance is assisted by confinement of Satan in the bottomless pit.) 16
4. Christ leads these believing Jews back to Israel where He "sprinkles" them with His Holy Spirit, putting a heart of flesh in them, where now resides a heart of stone. He rules them and the entire world in 1000 years of peace.

Who is the Starry Woman?

The mystical woman of Rev. 12 does not symbolize the confused, unrepentant Jews during the tribulation. She cannot be Israel because Revelation says she stands on the moon and is clothed with the sun. Prophetic imagery always confines Israel , anti-Christ and the false prophet, etc., to the earth. The Jewish remnant is no different. It cannot dwell simultaneously on earth and in heaven.

Scripture suggests this woman is the timeless "Daughter of Zion." She represents the divine spirit of intercession in every age of Jewish history. This spirit caused Israel 's great saints to yearn for the "consolation of Israel "–the appearance of that manchild of faith, Jesus Christ. Countless Jewish intercessors (Abraham, Hannah, David, Zacharias and Anna, etc.) yearned for Israel ’s Messiah and His worldwide kingdom of peace and righteousness. Their intercession millennia ago helped bring forth a Savior who will "rule the nations with a rod of iron"–Jesus Christ. Revelation 12:5 tells us He was born 2000 years ago. The same Satanic antichrist forces of today and tomorrow did their best to destroy Him, even as an infant. Yet He was triumphant. Today He sits at God's right hand.

During the tribulation, the heavenly Daughter of Zion expresses the predestining power of the Holy Spirit. She intercedes to preserve and ultimately to enlighten and convert the remnant. God preserves these Jews, providing "a little sanctuary" from the floods of pursuers. (Ezek. 11:16)

Why is it necessary that the Jews be converted as a nation only at the single second coming of Christ and not earlier? The Old Testament law says the Jews are an especially stiff-necked people, prone to believe that their inherent goodness can bring them to truth without God. 17 If the remnant is indeed in the process of being converted right now, with their "sprinkling" completed before Christ comes, then who gets a huge chunk of the credit? The "holy congregation" of Israel! Scripture is emphatic that only through Christ's initiative and the exhaustion of every other resource can they be saved, lest any Jew should boast.


Clearly, there is no Biblical basis for the belief that a large Jewish remnant will convert before Christ's return or that Israel can lawfully occupy God's holy land in unbelief. Every error of prevailing evangelical prophetic theory springs from these false premises.

Can you think of a more Luciferian assertion than that obedience to our Creator no longer matters? Yet that is exactly what evangelicals contend concerning Israel 's right to occupy the land. They and Satan actually speak the same bold lie!

Today the Zionist experiment in Palestine does not glorify Christ or hasten His appearance. Israel was conceived by Christ-hating Zionists. It provides foundation for His arch opponent, Antichrist. On the back of the beast will ride the great harlot Israel , even now corrupting the world through staggering media, financial, and political control.

How can the Jews, the tiniest fraction of the world's inhabitants, rise to such ascendancy? It is made possible by at least 40 million evangelicals who never criticize the "synagogue of Satan." To their everlasting shame, they bless and assist it in every possible way.


1. These passages include Lev. 18:28, 26:27-34, Deut. 1:7, 1:37, 4:26, 6:18, 7:12, 28:58-64, Ezek. 13:9, Jer. 29:13.
2. The mass exodus of Arabs in 1948 was precipitated by slaughter of about 250 innocent Arab men, women, and children at Deir Yassin by later prime minister Menachim Begin's Urgun terrorists. For full details, go to The Simple Explanation for Mid-East Strife.
3. For a more extensive overview of these prophetic events, Bible Prophecy Made Simple. The second half of my book Israel : Our Duty, Our Dilemma deals extensively with Bible prophecy and the Jews. This 345-page book is available online at for $24.90 postpaid or at National Prayer Network, P.O. Box 828 , Clackamas , OR 97015 or by calling 503-853-3688.
4. Ezek. 39:22-29.
5. Jewish Activists Created Communism
6. Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish
7. Talmud: Wellspring of Jewish Pornography Industry
8. Judaism and Homosexuality: A Marriage Made in Hell
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10. Christ predicted Herod's temple would be destroyed (70 A.D.) and a new temple built someday, to be desolated by Antichrist. (Matt. 24:15) Daniel prophesied a Jewish-Antichrist covenant (Dan. 9:27 ).
11. Watch Rev. Ted Pike's Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians here.
12. Luke 21:23
13. The entire book of Lamentations describes the hopeless plight of the remnant.
14. I Thess. 4:16,17
15. Zech. 12:10
16. Rev. 20:3
17. Exodus 32:9, Deut. 9:6, 2 Chron. 38, Acts 7:5

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