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21 February, 2012 By Rev. Ted Pike

Immediately after Alynn’s death, I knew she would be furious if mourning delayed our ministry of warning to the church and nation (See Ted Pike: My Wife Died a Martyr for God and Freedom). In fact, in her last telephone message to me, her first concern was whether I was writing a new article. Because I knew she was now in paradise, free of all pain and demons, I fulfilled her wishes. She died on Tuesday, but during the next several days I published a crucial article against ADL hate laws and presented a major Bible study responding to the spiritual hunger that is now revealed by over 8000 visitors a month to our online Bible studies. With top news being the arrest of seven Amish men for the “hate crime” of cutting off the beards of their theological rivals, I kept my radio engagement with Jeff Rense on Friday night. The Amish arrests were the first major, well-publicized enforcement of the federal hate crimes law. Only I would emphasize its ominous significance to Rense’s tens of thousands of listeners.

Alynn’s death was a heavy blow, and I shed my tears. No man ever loved a woman more. Every day I dream of reuniting with her in heaven. But if I failed to speak out without interruption I would not fulfill my duty to stand on the wall and warn the people.

I was acting, as Alynn would have expected, out of a very strong conception of being at war.

If two best friends are on the front lines in battle and one of them is killed, it is taken for granted by the military and society that the living soldier best honors the sacrifice of his friend’s life not by laying down his gun and indulging in days of tearful mourning. Instead, he will keep shooting and defeat as many of the enemy as he can.

My Behavior Viewed as “Monstrous”

Yet on January 9th, when I appeared on Clyde Lewis’ very large “Ground Zero” program, he was shocked that I could be so insensitive to my wife’s loss as to immediately continue public outreach. In a subsequent article on his blog he portrayed me as cold and unmoved by my wife’s death. On a second program, he indicated that many of his hundreds of thousands of listeners were also indignant at my apparent lack of proper respect. He said that, while many of his listeners think I am a good person, many consider me a “monster.” Jeff Rense had me on air a second time following Alynn’s death with paranormal expert David Oester, who also expressed indignation not only that I had continued my ministry so soon but that, in 2006, at the very time a demonically deranged Alynn was being taken to a mental hospital, I did a one-hour interview with John Stadtmiller, warning against imminent passage of the federal hate bill.

Were my actions really monstrous? Just the opposite. I was a Christian soldier in battle, doing my best to keep a truly mournful situation from occurring - world victory for Jewish supremacism and the end of freedom. Alynn would have done the same if I died.

What seems to be missing in the worldview of Lewis, Oester, and evidently many others is any sense of being at war - in battle for civilization against overwhelming odds. Instead, these experts on the paranormal investigate and speculate about demons. For 27 years, Alynn and I gave our lives to implacable warfare against them – in spiritual battle not only in our household but against the “rulers of the darkness of this world” in Congress, Hollywood, and Jerusalem.

Are you an armchair spectator of the war that rages between good and evil? Or are you one, like Alynn, willing to sacrifice yourself for truth? Being a soldier at war in defense of Christ and freedom is not an option for the true Christian but a solemn duty. Scripture clearly reveals that Christ authorizes war against Satan and He expects Christians to join Him. He views His followers in the same way Churchill viewed the pilots who defended England’s skies in the Battle of Britain: “They were expendable.”

Everything about authentic Christianity is a call to enter and commit to a cause that has most of the characteristics of war. Our Commander-in-Chief, “The Lord of Hosts,” is repeatedly described in Scripture as a God of war and our resistance in terms of battle. Ephesians 6:11 commands us to “put on the whole armor of God.” Here are fragments of Scripture which portray such militarism: “The Lord is a warrior” (Exodus 15:13). “The Lord will have war with Amalek…” (Exodus 17:16). (Amalek stands for those wicked in every age who doggedly resist God’s servants.) King David said, “He trains my hands for battle. . .” (2 Sam. 22:35) and Solomon said “By wise guidance you will make war” (Prov. 24:6). The righteous Jewish remnant will someday become “my war club, my weapons of war” (Jer. 51:20). God tells Joel, “Prepare war; rouse the mighty men!” (Joel 3:9). St. Paul says, “We do not war according to the flesh. . .” (2 Cor. 10:3) and encourages Timothy in faith so that he “might fight the good fight” (1 Tim. 1:18). Revelation describes the spiritual battle that rages as “war in heaven. . .” (Rev. 12:7). Revelation continues, as Exodus began, saying of Christ, “In righteousness He judges and wages war” (Rev. 19:11).

The Military Mentality of True Christianity

In the military, especially in wartime, amenities are given least priority, overwhelmed by strategic necessities of saving life. It is the prerogative of military commanders to hasten troops to battle, omitting amenities and fond farewells. Such urgency to put spiritual business first was epitomized by Jesus as a 12-year old boy in Jerusalem. The Sovereign of the Universe, inhabiting a small boy’s body, allowed His parents to depart a day’s journey from Jerusalem and wander three days searching for Him as he was about His Father’s business, discussing the things of God with the Pharisees. After all, as Creator of the universe, a God who epitomizes love and justice can inconvenience His earthly parents, or us, as He wishes (Luke 2:41). Jesus even went so far as to tell a would-be disciple not to attend his father’s funeral. He said the dead should bury their dead, but the true believer should follow Him, helping save mankind from eternity in hell (Luke 9:57).

Amenities are a mark of civilization and courtesy. Yet they are not righteous acts. Christ’s intent was not to encourage rude and insensitive behavior but to make a vital point: Life is a spiritual battlefield where the survivors go to heaven and losers to hell. Every Christian must vividly realize that issues of spiritual consequence always take importance over amenities.

The World Values Amenities

The world exalts participations in codes of propriety that make us seem caring and considerate – when very often we are not. This surface behavior is often all the world has to convince others they are actually good. In other words, a world without the true self-denying love of Christ must playact. When a Christian brings the reality of the world’s sin and hypocrisy to its attention, with reproof, those in the world usually erupt in accusation, denouncing the reprover as cold, insensitive, harsh, judgmental, intolerant, etc.

It may be these paranormal “experts” are troubled to see in Alynn's and my experience with demons confirmation of the simple biblical/evangelical testimony that demons are fallen angels and that we are in spiritual battle, culminating in eternity in heaven or hell. These experts might rather believe demons are really “ghosts,” the souls of departed humans who do not experience immediate judgment and perpetually linger. Good spirits may be invoked as intermediaries while the souls of evil people, bad spirits, are mischievous. Or they might be mysterious coalescences of “dark energy.” This scenario, amenable to the paranormal researchers I have encountered, is nonthreatening to a world without Christ. Our testimony is. Perhaps many would like to see my credibility damaged so our warning is destroyed. Is that why Clyde Lewis rants against the evangelical teaching that sin is judged after death?

Most Evangelicals Shirk Spiritual Warfare

Tragically, even the church today is largely unappreciative of the war we are in. Young people, especially, value career advancement more than knowledge of God. Researcher George Barna’s recent polls of Christian attitudes reveal staggering detachment of the mainline church from spiritual warfare. He says “only one-fifth of evangelicals polled this year say they live in a way that makes them completely dependent on God…Only one sixth of Christians say they are totally committed to engaging in personal spiritual development… Eighty-four percent of Christian 18-29-year-olds admit they have no idea how the Bible applies to their field or professional interests.” (Top Trends of 2011: Millenials Rethink Christianity,

Yet, if anyone is looking for a cause worthy of giving one’s life to and even dying for, nothing compares to authentic Christianity’s war to hold back evil and bring souls to Christ. It is a cause that fills every day with joy, purpose, and reality. My wife gave her life for the cause of Christ. I gladly give mine also.

A clear proof that I must continue to wage uninterrupted war against the errors of Christian Zionism, doctrinal error, and secularism is provided by the poignant testimony I received today,

“Ted, this has been an interesting transition from the email alerts to the audio bible studies. I listen to one each day without regard to the subject since throughout all, the theme of death to self and commitment is foremost. What a shipwreck I have piloted!

I repent! and am turning back. Good to know I didn’t miss anything in the abandonment of the popular churches."

(For a more extensive discussion of this topic tune into my recent Bible study at under the title “Needed: Christians at War.”)

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