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By Rev. Ted Pike

It's not just Lebanon and Gaza being pounded by the Zionist military machine. The West is also being hit. Daily, Zionist media bombards western democracies with its propaganda. Their underlying message: Since Syria and Iran empower terrorist attempts to destroy Israel, why not take out Syria and Iran? Why not make the whole Middle East safe for America and Israel by invading and subduing these two last bastions of Arab resistance?

After all, Zionist media argues, America already invests heavily in Afghanistan and Iraq. Subduing the entire Middle East under the enlightened sovereignty of a "Pax Americanus" would finally solve the Israeli-Arab problem, bringing Mid-East peace at last.

Coming "Peace and Safety"

Could the Middle East become so safe for Israel that no one would dare resist her?

The Bible says it will happen.

In Ezekiel 38 and 39 the prophet foresees an astonishing scene. The dispersed Jewish nation, forbidden by God to return to His holy land except in national obedience to Christ, has nevertheless done just that. In the “last days,” she has been "gathered from many nations" (Ezek. 39:8) and dwells so safely she needs no defenses. She thrives "at rest…securely…without walls and having no bars or gates" (39:11). The Israeli military has so subdued the Arab world that "no one makes them afraid" (39:26). In fact, no one in the whole world threatens Israel.

Is God smiling on Israel in this future time? Hardly. Ezekiel sees Israel living in peace yet so wicked God hides His face from her (39:23)! She is "unclean…polluting the land" (Ezek. 39:23, 24, 29). She is “acting treacherously against God” (Ezek. 39:23, 26), “profaning His name” (39:7) “unclean and transgressing” (39:24).

This vision sounds very like the bloody Israel of today, a nation founded on ethnic cleansing and violent oppression. 1

What Ezekiel's Vision Means to Us

How does Ezekiel's vision relate to the present turmoil in Lebanon, Gaza, and Iraq? First, it is a stunning description of what has already partially happened in the Mid-East over the past century. A Christ-rejecting nation established itself in God's holy land in defiance of His demand for obedience. This anti-Christ, predominantly secular Judaic system, now the world's fourth strongest military superpower, is rising to dominate the entire Middle East, strengthening its unbiblical foothold in a land consecrated to faith.

Assisting such dominion, America has become Israel's tool to subdue Arab opposition. Christian evangelicals should warn the world of the approach of an anti-Christ Jewish system. Instead, they subsidize and defend the US-Israel military machine that is even now poised to add Lebanon, Syria, and Iran to its sphere of control.

Scripture prophesies Christians will be terribly persecuted by a one world government, headed by a Jewish anti-Christ ruling from Jerusalem. 2 Yet, far from dreading the day when Israel will wickedly dwell in peace and safety, evangelical leaders do all they can to hasten it. This week prominent Pentecostal televangelist John Hagee calls for military strikes against Iran. 3

Massive Deception

Why are evangelicals so deceived?

Christ warned that in the last days deception would be so pervasive that even God's elect, if possible, would be led astray (Mark 13:22). Christian evangelicals have swallowed more than a century of unbiblical teaching in favor of Israel and Judaism. From the red states to the White House, evangelicals perpetually give Israel a green light to dominate the Middle East. Today, it seems no Zionist atrocity can shake their conviction that Israel, the "apple of God's eye," deserves their unblinking support.

This blind approval will only end when the forces of international Zionism finish exploiting Christian military, moral, and spiritual naivety; then Zionism's true nature will emerge as it subdues and persecutes the Christian church that brought it to power. Crushing Christianity has been the hidden goal of Talmudic Judaism since the Christian church was born. 4

Face the Forbidden Truth

What is to be done? As a starter, evangelicals should honestly read Ezekiel 38 and 39, two chapters that powerfully predict the rise of a bloodthirsty and anti-Christ State of Israel. To read these chapters honestly, Christians must surrender their own desires for socially rewarded beliefs, desiring truth first. They must seek the enlightenment of the Bible's author, the Spirit of Christ. And they must shelve the twisted interpretations of Israel-firsters like Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, and John Hagee. These phony interpretations ignore many key Bible prophecies in Ezekiel 38 and 39 in order to maintain Israel-first theology.

Led by their blinded guides, most evangelicals believe Ezekiel predicts Israel dwelling in peace in the Mid-East as the object of divine blessing. They say the Lord Himself restrains Israel's enemies from coming against her.

Like the message of the false prophets to wicked Israel in the Old Testament, this interpretation portrays Israel as largely undeserving of judgment or "great tribulation." Regathered by God’s command, Israel is seen as nonthreatening to the world or Christians. She remains highly favored by God, divinely protected from harm or invasion by anti-Christ.

This view encourages evangelicals toward even greater support of Israel: Since the state of Israel exists today by divine decree, Christian nations of the west should do all they can to remove the Arab threat and hasten Israel’s “peace and safety.” It also blackens the name of God by saying His approval is bestowed on a nation responsible for unspeakable evil. Does God bless the Israel who rejected His sovereignty, brutally dispossessed the Palestinians, and this summer alone has bombed fleeing villagers, viciously attacked Lebanon and killed scores of innocent Arab civilians? Is the gentle Jesus who said, "They who take up the sword shall die by the sword," (Matt. 26:52) really the God of War, rejoicing in military air strikes against the innocent civilians of Lebanon today, and Syria and Iran tomorrow?

The Truth about Ezekiel 38 and 39

If you read straightforwardly the text of Ezekiel 38 and 39, you find a very different message. These chapters clearly say:

God is very angry with the Israel of today and tomorrow. Ezekiel sees the Jews in the latter days occupying Palestine in wickedness, having used violence and deceit to subdue opposition worldwide. The anti-Christ, or “Beast”, has co-ruled the world as Israel’s false messiah, carrying the mother of harlots, Israel on his back (Rev 17,18). He nevertheless lusts after her global riches. Why share it when you can have it all? He invades Israel with his confederate armies. He overruns Israel, giving the Jews “into the hand of their enemies” and “into exile” (39:23). This third great exile of the Jews from their Promised Land fulfills God’s law that wicked Israel must be expelled from the land dedicated to obedience. Even though God subsequently judges anti-Christ and the nations from heaven in the battle of Armageddon, the anti-Christ and his armies including the whole Arab world are God’s tool to judge the most evil and oppressive system to ever burden this planet.

It is only after Christ’s descent from heaven and judgment on the nations that a remnant of surviving Jews are empowered to believe in Him (Ezek. 39:22) and are led by His grace from exile. In the first spiritually lawful entry into Palestine in over 2,500 years, Christ leads this remnant into the ancient Promised Land where they live righteously under His rule for one thousand years.

Correct interpretation of Ezekiel 38 and 39 propels us to a terrifying conclusion. In a world of political and military strife and competition, no nation rises to a place of world impregnability without having first ruthlessly subdued its rivals. This can only be done through the most overwhelming ideological, political, economic, media, and military power.

Today we see evil Jewish leaders wielding this kind of diversified influence, not only in the Middle East but through control of governments, finance and media throughout the world.

Facing the Consequences

Christian evangelicals, whom will you believe — best-selling Biblical "experts" who become multimillionaires because they tell Jews and Christians what they want to hear?

Or will you believe a Book which cares only for the whole truth — the Bible?

Look again then, Israel-first evangelicals into the dreadful warning of Ezekiel. Read these chapters and tremble. Be aghast at how you and your fathers have empowered and blessed a system incredibly monstrous in its intent to destroy you, your children, and Christian civilization.

And yet, having mourned, have the faith and courage to take a bold, undreamt-of step of faith. Side with God. These Scriptures show us He is angry at apostate, imperial Israel.

Be angry also — and speak out!


1 See my video documentaries, "Why the Mid-East Bleeds" and "Christianity and Zionism: Unholy Alliance," available at
2 Many Biblical warnings of coming persecution of Christians at the hands of apostate Judaism are found in my book, Israel: Our Duty, Our Dilemma, also available at
3 "Rev. John Hagee Will Call on Bush Today for a Preemptive Strike on Iran," Washington Times, July 20, 2006.
4 Both the Babylonian Talmud and Zohar, or "Kabala," contain numerous expressions of ambition to eventually destroy Gentile and Christian power. For such documentation, see my video, "The Other Israel," below.



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