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15 May, 2008 By Rev. Ted Pike

In a recent announcement, ABC Television proudly boasts: “Top this: a gay ceremony on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters.” Last Sunday, two of its male characters, Kevin and Scotty, exchanged vows in homosexual “marriage.” ABC says, “This is no typical TV wedding. It’s a gay commitment ceremony -- the first same-sex union on American network TV between series regulars.” ABC portrays this as a time of joy and lifetime commitment. But “the liberal-leaning show does attempt to recognize those who oppose gay marriage…” How? Does it let them express sincere disapproval? No. It portrays Scotty’s parents as prudes who boycott the ceremony! Yet children, more open-minded, are present to witness the same-sex “union.”

Future episodes are planned as Kevin and Scotty may explore adoption of children. “Executive producer Monica Breen assures, ‘They will be a family. Kevin deserves a stable relationship in the same way that Kittie, Sarah, and all the others deserve it. He will be facing many questions in his life but now he has someone to share that with.’”

In-Our-Faces Homosexuality

Why is ABC, owned by Disney, pushing blatant homosexuality in the faces of 11 million viewers in “Christian” America? It’s because liberal Jewish activists intensely oppose Christian values. ABC is quintessentially Jewish.

The Encyclopedia Judaica tells us that “the American Broadcasting Company, ABC, was an outgrowth of the NBC network. It was bought out by United Paramount Theater and Leonard H. Goldenson [Jewish] became its president.”(1)

In 1996, ABC was purchased by the Walt Disney Co. under the control of a vehemently pro-homosexual Jew, Michael Eisner. Eisner promoted homosexuality full force, not only at Disney theme parks but also on ABC television. ABC is now controlled by another in-your-face Jewish promoter of homosexuality, Robert Iger.

Why do Jewish media activists like Eisner, Iger, Norman Lear, Sumner Redstone, Jeff Zukor, etc. force feed immorality into the living rooms of America?

It’s an old and sordid story beginning with the ancient Pharisees, fathers of modern, or Talmudic, Judaism. Christ said the Pharisees were like “whitened sepulchers,” immaculately painted and polished but “full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness.” (Matt. 23:27)

Since Christ portrayed Pharisaism as a religious abcess, we should not be surprised that "all uncleanness" is found in the written compendium of Pharisaic teachings, the Talmud. It is the highest legal and ethical authority for religious Jews today. As I thoroughly document in my book, Israel: Our Duty… Our Dilemma, and e-alert “Pedophilia: The Talmud's Dirty Secret,” a number of the earliest and therefore greatest rabbis of Judaism were pedophiles. They taught as binding Jewish law the right of Jewish men to “marry” little girls when they arrive at the age of three years and one day. I also document the Talmudic teaching that Jewish women may have sex with boys as soon as they are nine years old. The Talmud says such boys, not yet sexually mature, can’t “throw guilt” on the women who molest them. (See, Judaism and Homosexuality: A Marriage Made in Hell )

Is the Talmud Outdated?

Of course, the gutter morals of the Talmudic rabbis can’t be practiced by Jews in the modern, traditionally Christian west. These perversions entered Judaism during the Jewish 1600-year sojourn in Babylon -- the moral cesspool of antiquity. This period, longer than the Jewish occupation of Palestine, began with exile under Nebuchadnezzar in 597 BC and ended with expulsion of the Jews in the 11th century AD. Only about 10 percent of Jews returned from Babylon to Palestine.

In Babylon, as the Jewish encyclopedias document in many articles, Jews absorbed witchcraft, astrology, sorcery, necromancy, numerology, and demonism.(2) They incorporated such into the Talmud and Zohar (Kabbalah). They also absorbed immoral practices of Babylon such as pedophilia. The moral degeneracy of Babylon is legendary. Incest was rampant.(3) Bestiality was practiced, accepted, and profited from.(4) A marriage ceremony consisted of a man having public sex with a woman on the steps of a temple. Considering such depravity, the Babylonians cared little whether Jews had sex with children.

When the Jews were exiled to the Christian west, they were suddenly faced with Christian intolerance of their sexual behaviors. Since then, Jews have not been allowed to practice moral perversions permitted by the Talmud. Yet Orthodox Judaism still exalts the Talmud and the pedophile rabbis who wrote it. No religion today is more Babylonian than Talmudic Judaism. That's why Revelation calls apostate Israel "Babylon the Great." (Rev.17, 18)

It’s appalling that teachings this vile have never been repudiated by modern Jewish leaders or excised from the Talmud. True, the Talmud does not approve of adult male homosexuality. Yet the Talmud's teaching that sex between a woman and a nine-year-old boy is of no moral consequence only encourages male homosexuals to lust after young boys. If sex with a nine-year-old boy “can’t throw guilt" on the perpetrator, then what’s so wrong with a man molesting a boy?

Such rottenness in the moral substratum of Talmudic Judaism helps explain why Jewish activists have flooded into leadership of the gay rights movement over the past 45 years. They want to make American society compatible with their homosexual/Judaic background. In my above article (Judaism and Homosexuality: A Marriage Made in Hell ), I document how Jewish homosexuals constitute a disproportionately large percentage of leadership and staff of major homosexual organizations in America. They want to destroy America’s Christian morality through promotion of sodomy so their own Judaic one-world political and religious new world order may dominate. Nothing destroys a nation faster than rampant sodomy.

This is why, for the past century, the Jewish media has been sharing with America the depravity learned in Babylon. As Revelation prophesied, the Great Harlot, Babylon the Great, is again pouring out the “filthiness of her fornication” on the world. (Rev. 17:4) She did that last Sunday in Brothers and Sisters on ABC.

How Do We Fight Back?

How can we hold back such evil?

We can protest, boycott and make generalized criticisms of the media. But we’ve been trying that for the past 45 years and it hasn’t worked. We are losing.

We can continue doing what created this problem in the first place, saying, “I can’t criticize God’s chosen people,” or, “I fear being called anti-Semitic.”

Or we can do what Jesus and the Hebrew prophets would surely do if they were on the scene today:
Tell the whole truth and leave the consequences to God.


1. Encyclopedia Judaica article, “TV and Radio.”

2. See articles in The Jewish Encyclopedia, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, and the Encyclopedia Judaica on “Babylon,” “Astrology,” “Witchcraft,” “Amulets,” “Demonology,” “Magic,” “Sorcery,” "Kabbalah," and "Pharisees." Written by and primarily for Jews, these definitive encyclopedias are available in most university and large municipal libraries.

3. In contrast to the prohibition of Lev. 18:13-14 against a man incestuously marrying his brother's daughter, the Pharisees upheld that right. The Jewish Quarterly Review (LXXXII), Nos. 3-4 (January-April 1992), pgs. 424-428, says: "The phenomenon of niece-marriage is a well-known issue in ancient Judaism. From the Talmudic sources it is clear that it was a fundamental institution of rabbinic law…The Pharisees were subjected to constant attack for their consistent espousal of such marriages."
Niece-marriage has continued in Judaism throughout the millennia, producing hereditary genetic diseases unique to Jews. To counter any discrimination against Jews so afflicted, the Anti-Defamation League supported and recently rejoiced to see passed the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (H.R. 493). While the Talmud forbids outright incest between Jewish siblings or a parent and child, it states flatly, "A heathen may marry his daughter…A heathen slave [owned by a Jew] may marry his daughter and his mother." (Sanh. 58b)

4. The Talmud, while condemning bestiality in general terms, nevertheless says, "But if a man commits bestiality, he is liable only for a connection in a natural manner, but not otherwise." (footnote to Sanh. 55a) Yebamoth 59b says, "…A woman who has intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a priest." The Talmud footnote for this passage says, "even a high priest, the result of such intercourse being regarded as a mere wound…" In Sotah 26b, Yebamoth 59b, and Abodah Zarah 62b, the Talmud agrees that the wages obtained from bestial intercourse (something spectators evidently paid to see) can be devoted to priestly coffers.

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