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By Rev. Ted Pike

With anti-Jewish feelings on the rise worldwide, the National Prayer Network is very interested in discovering ways to make it possible for the Jewish people to live in peace among the nations. God instructed the Jewish exiles to Babylon, in the time of Jeremiah, to seek the peace and welfare of the nations in which they dwelt (Jer. 29:7-9)

How can Christians help defuse suspicion against the Jewish people? Conversely, how can Jews cooperate, helping insure the peace and safety of future generations?

The Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith, the creator of anti-Christian "hate laws" worldwide, has its own approach. It is to convince Christians that their sins against the Jews over the millennia have be been so staggering that they must be atoned for in every generation by profuse apology. Further, Christians should grant to Judaism at least equal spiritual validity in the eyes of God.

Pope John Paul II largely acceded to this formula for reconciliation, including placing a letter of apology to the Jewish people in the wailing wall in Jerusalem.

The ADL conducts a program called "Bearing Witness" in which Catholic school teachers from around the country spend a week in Washington with the ADL, the Archdiocese of Washington, and the Holocaust Museum staff to learn about anti-semitism, the Holocaust, and Israel. I have been through a similar tour in the Holocaust Museum. It was permeated with the assertion that the New Testament laid a foundation for 2,000 years of hatred and persecution of the Jews, culminating in the "Holocaust" of WWII.

Now, there is no question that the Jews have been discriminated against, persecuted, exiled, and killed in the nations of Europe. On the other hand, sanction to persecute anyone, Jew or Gentile, is simply not a tenet of the gentle Jesus or New Testament Christianity. It may have been the mindset of some medieval kings, popes, or fanatical, pillaging Crusader armies who also sacked Gentile cities, including Christian Constantinople, in 1204, slaughtering all who resisted.

But truly born-again Christians are in no way responsible for such outrages and never were. They owe no apology to Jews. On the contrary, the Book of Acts is very clear that again and again, beginning with the crucifixion of Christ, Jewish leaders and their Sanhedrin authorized relentless persecution of Christians. Secular history also confirms this.

The great British historian, Edward Gibbon, states that, while Jews were populous in Rome and suspected and resented by the Romans, Nero’s Jewish wife, the beautiful Poppaea Sabina, probably incited him, as a convert to her Judaism, against a relatively obscure sect, the Christians. Nero’s accusation that they had set the fires that ravaged Rome began centuries of Roman persecution of Christians.

Edward Gibbon, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, vol.1, p.88, uncensored version.

Of course, during tours of the Holocaust Museum no suggestion is made that, in order to further Jewish-Christian reconciliation, Jewish leaders might return the pope's gesture and apologize for having masterminded the crucifixion of Christianity's founder, Jesus Christ, or for having persecuted Christianity during its formative century.

Let me suggest some more apologies from Jewish leaders that would contribute greatly to Jewish-Christian understanding. Jewish leadership could apologize for bringing to birth, and unleashing upon the world, international communism.

In my book, "Israel: Our Duty…Our Dilemma," I thoroughly document how the great Jewish banking houses of Kuhn Loeb, the Rothschilds, and Warburgs financed the bolshevik revolution in Russia. The vast majority of bolshevik leaders at every level were Jewish, including Trotsky, Zinoviev, Radek, Kamenev, Uritsky, Lunacharsky, Sverdlov, Litvinof and Kagonovich. Lenin’s mother was Jewish. The prestigious Encyclopedia Judaica confirms extensive evidence from contemporary intelligence sources that "communist trends became widespread in virtually all Jewish communities;" and that resistance by the White Russian armies in 1918 "drove the bulk of Russian Jewish youth into the ranks of the Bolshevik regime."

Encyclopedia Judaica, "Communism," p. 792,1

Sir Winston Churchill, writing in the Illustrated Sunday Herald, of Feb. 8, 1920, wrote:

“There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian revolution by these international, and for the most part atheistic Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews."

According to Alexander Solzhenityn, 66,000,000 people, millions of whom may have been Christians, died under soviet communism. Another 46,000,000 are alleged to have perished under Asian communism. Do Jews owe Christians and the world an apology for unleashing such a scourge and bloodbath on the world? Might they consider setting aside at least a small corner of their Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., in remembrance of the 112,000,000 victims of Jewish-inspired communism?

Or, Jewish leaders might apologize for how prominent Jews founded the Hollywood movie industry, the "Big Three" TV networks, and now control a majority of Jewish-owned newspapers, magazines, book publishers and book distributors in America. Most Americans will agree that such media have corrupted American Christian morals during the past century. In fact, the Jewish media's damage to Christian morals and values is beyond calculation. Again, in my book, my chapter "Monopolists of the Media" completely documents such moral sabotage.

Should Jewish leadership also apologize for the invention of anti-Christian “anti-hate” laws, now indicting evangelical Christians in Canada, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and England? Would it be asking too much for the ADL to apologize for their authorization, through their national executive board member, Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham, of the arrest and imprisonment of 11 Christians in Philadelphia on Oct. 10th?

Without realizing it, millions of Christians have bought into the “collective guilt” complex that the ADL and its Holocaust Musuem have drilled into us. It is time that evangelical Christians shake off these chains of false guilt. The truth is, following centuries of persecution and expulsions in Europe, Christian America has provided for Jews an unprecedented haven of passionate good will toward the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

It is time for Jewish leadership to quit carping about how much Jews have suffered at the hands of Christians and instead follow the Pope’s example. Perhaps, having revealed unprecedented viciousness against Christians, and having done so much damage to Christian/Jewish relations this last year in Philadelphia, the ADL could place in the crack of the Liberty Bell a note of apology and gratitude.

With anti-Jewish feeling on the rise worldwide, it is now necessary to criticize false Jewish leadership, which, by its anti-Christianity, stimulates a backlash of anti-semitism against the Jewish people in general. Only by restraining such leadership can Christians be assured that a remnant of the Jewish people will be preserved from possible persecution to fulfill their destiny of restoration to faith in Christ at his Second Coming.

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