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16 May, 2011 By Rev. Ted Pike

In 1867 Karl Marx dedicated DasKapital to Charles Darwin. He recognized the theory of evolution as a powerful tool to dethrone God as Creator, stripping Him of all necessity to the origins of life. Survival of the fittest degrades humanity into amoral automatons, fodder to overthrow capitalism, Christianity, and civilization. Lenin said, "A revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals." The theory of evolution produces youth without Christian principles who energetically propel the moral spiral downward. Unsurprisingly, evolution is still one of the most powerful tools for Jewish supremacists, next to communism/liberalism and persuasive media. The theory corrupts and weakens human societies, making them vulnerable to Judaic/secularist one-world rule.

Opposing Christian values, the Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU and a myriad of other liberal Jewish organizations loathe the burgeoning creationist and intelligent design movements. ADL joins legislators and scientists to mock the "unscientific" idea of special creation and assists the courts in banning equal representation of the creationist model in public schools.

Modern creation science is led by an array of top-flight Ph.D. scientists, including biochemists, paleontologists, astronomers and geologists. It presents a formidable battery of evidence now knocking hundreds of holes in traditional evolutionary arguments. As never before, scientific creationism debunks the contrived "evidence" that evolutionary theory has fed on since Darwin. Polls show that the common sense of most Americans won’t let them believe that blind chance and random mutations spontaneously generated the infinitely complex, stupendously designed miracle of life. Cutting edge biochemistry continues to probe the astounding complexities and interdependencies within living organisms. Even mainstream scientists increasingly doubt the ability of "the law of tooth and claw" to explain life on earth. Evolutionary theory is especially impoverished as we continue to learn the evasive mysteries that distinguish humans from all other life: self-awareness, imagination, conscience and ability to conceive of God.

Why doesn’t the scientific community abandon Darwin’s failed hypotheses? Simple: The Jewish-dominated media and educational establishment are determined that, like unconditional support of Israel, Holocaust mythology, hate laws, and “civil rights” favoritism, there will be no end to the relentless force-feeding of evolution. Belief in evolution is a prerequisite for Jewish supremacism’s new-world order.

Yet anti-Zionist leadership on the right remains oblivious to the fact that evolution is the largest, ugliest, most aggressive tentacle of the Jewish revolutionary octopus. Anti-Zionists are often evolutionists, claiming that Jews evolved in a way that makes them inherently degenerate, subversive, and corruptive. They make the most Luciferian, dehumanizing fable ever invented by pseudo-science into a pillar of their thinking!

Evolutionary theory undergirded the “might is right” philosophy of Germany decades before World War I. German “higher criticism” of the Bible washed away belief in the credibility of the Scriptures, particularly the Old Testament. Germans largely followed the same evolutionary/racist ethics that are prominent today in the racialist right. Combined with virulent criticism of Jews, denying them their biblical role in God’s plan of the ages, evolution set the stage for demonization and violence against the Jewish people. Thus, evolution, stimulating racist premises of Aryan superiority, played a foundational role in energizing the Third Reich in its provocation of a second world war.

Bible: Best Foundation for Anti-Zionism

In 1984, apart from TheSpotlight newspaper and WashingtonReportonMideastAffairs, there was virtually no nationally significant opposition to Zionism and its sensational popularity worldwide. Through my book Israel: Our Duty, Our Dilemma and video The Other Israel (1987) (available at I attempted to explain this complicated, controversial subject to evangelicals. I did not describe the Judaic threat as the machinations of a race twisted by evolution. I agreed with Scripture that everything most wrong with Talmudic Judaism is a result of cumulative moral decisions against Christ and Israel’s own prophets in favor of the perverse leadership of the ancient Pharisees, who killed Christ.

In the late 1980s NPN offered a free copy of my book to 185,000 evangelical pastors in America. Fifteen thousand responded and received their copy. NPN received virtually no criticism. Why? The book’s premises were exhaustively documented and also biblically balanced, putting the “Jewish problem” in the Scriptural context of “spiritual apostasy,” not evolutionary premises of racial degeneracy.

The problem we face today originates in Jewish rebellion to Christ. It is primarily a moral issue which cannot be addressed by dehumanizing Jews or violence. It must be met with reason and persuasion, even love. The Bible presents Jewish apostasy as part of a long-range scenario that will ultimately result in anti-Christ world rule (See, “Babylon the Great” is Israel) but also redemption of a remnant of Jews out of great tribulation at Christ’s second coming. The problem of Jewish supremacism ultimately is Christ’s problem, to be resolved by Him, not military or persecutive measures.

This Friday 100 liberal anti-Zionist organizations led by Helen Thomas will publically protest Israel’s injustices and atrocities during the AIPAC conference in NYC. Israel is also being pilloried in Europe as never before. Yet there is a problem.

As truth-telling about Israel and Jewish supremacism burgeons, it is largely evolutionists who spread the word, just as in Germany generations before World War I. Liberals, as of yet, are not inclined to criticize Jews or Israel for racial or religious reasons, only moral ones. Yet right-wing racialists do dehumanize Jews and focus their criticism through the lens of race. They view Jews not as created in God’s image but as mis-evolved animals. Such dehumanization will inevitably spread from leaders down to the common man in the form of vulgar anti-Semitism with great potential for violence. After all, if Jews are just mis-evolved beasts, then why not treat them accordingly?

Considering Jewish dominance of the governments of most nations, there is little likelihood in the near future that evolutionary/racist anti-Semitism will be established on the federal level anywhere. But if evolutionary thinking is woven through anger against Israel in the racialist right, there is high probability for acts of violence or terrorism against Jews. This will only give Jewish media evidence that bias-motivated violence is the predictable result of allowing people to criticize Israel and matters Jewish. They will argue that such free speech must be banned because it stimulates acts of anti-Semitic terror. Jewish supremacists will again have powerful advantage, as they did after World War II, to persuade the public of how evil it is to oppose Jews in any way. This backlash would likely include vilification of “Christian anti-Semitism,” as expressed in evangelism or Biblical statements that Jews killed Christ.

Jewish supremacism promotes evolution to corrupt humanity. Unfortunately, resisters of Zionism are also prey to this destructive theory, and it will eventually cause our resistance to self-destruct through racism and violence.

In 1984 I knew that effective resistance to the Jewish agenda must be guided by the Bible, not evolution. I have done my best to keep our vital, civilization-saving movement tethered to biblical values, infused and moderated by the love of God. Such a value system, far from cycling into excesses, can perpetually resist the encroachments of Jewish supremacism. I will continue to criticize any leaders in the anti-Zionist movement who lead us into the anti-biblical, evolutionary, racist errors of Germany.

Let Germany bear shame for rejecting the Bible and following the theory of evolution over the past 130 years. Our challenge is to learn from, not repeat, its mistakes.

*Here is a list of outstanding Creation Science and Intelligent Design organizations:

Institute for Creation Research (ICR)

Answers in Genesis (AiG)

Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture and

Creation Science Evangelism (CSE)

Creation Ministries International (CMI)

Creation Research Society (CRS)


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