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16 August, 2011 By Rev. Ted Pike

David Duke is on a roll, rapidly producing powerful videos exposing Jewish supremacism. His warning against Zionist influence is urgently needed. Similarly, his alarm that mass immigration threatens to overwhelm white and Christian culture is a wake-up call. Yet Duke is an evolutionary racialist whose videos still express his ultimate dream: gradually purging from America and Europe “less evolved” non-white foreigners. There is little doubt Duke sees the ideal future in terms of a strictly enforced racial division of the world. Utopia and national happiness for Duke mean freedom from minorities.

Duke’s gospel is of national salvation through whiteness, not righteousness. This is dangerous. In his video “Zionist Terrorism in Norway” LINK ERASED BY UNIT 8200 OPERATORS! JUTUBE CENSORED VIDEO REMOVED (ALLEGEDLY) Duke is confident that someday America and Europe will be nations of whites only. At the video’s end he luxuriates in the vision of an America where, after Zionism is but a memory, civilized and cooperative whites bask in their racial purity, smiling at a universe of creative possibilities!

Our people will secure our own borders. We will live in the harmony of our heritage … We will be enriched by our own heritage, nurtured by the best in it. And each generation will grow more beautiful and stronger in the image of the best of us, and the future will be ours and the universe will lay in the grasp of our outstretched arms.

When Duke describes full realization of “the harmony of our heritage” he is portraying the “harmony” of a white civilization untroubled by the “discord” created by the presence of minorities such as Jews, Blacks and Latinos.

As an evolution believer, Duke assumes our white forbearers surged upward during man’s 4.6-billion-year ascent from slime and that whites developed instincts and capacities for civilization not acquired by blacks. Like propagandists of the Third Reich, he repeatedly shows pictures of happy and wholesome white couples and families as inhabitants of his new white order.

There is nothing wrong with pride in white heritage, so degraded by reverse discrimination. But it is unsettling that Duke’s utopian images show not one person with almond-shaped eyes or dark skin. (Another Duke video does show smiling Asian and black families, but in the context of where he thinks they belong—outside North America and Europe!) In the videos I watched Duke doesn’t broach the possibility of a white culture with even a token presence of racial minorities allowed. Is Duke afraid any concessions would “infect” us again? Clearly, he wants to solve the race problem with racial purity, period.

True racism includes belief that certain minorities, being inferior, should be excluded from full rights and participation in the dominant society. The Anti-Defamation League says Duke asserts that the entire removal of blacks is the ultimate solution. I wouldn’t put it past ADL to misrepresent Duke, as they have me. Yet the ideal of forced extradition of black Americans to Africa has always permeated the hard-core southern racism out of which Duke has emerged.

Making Duke’s Vision Happen

Duke proposes first an end to all immigration. He says non-whites should be trained by the West to use their skills elsewhere, presumably in Asia, Latin America or Africa. What if hundreds of millions of non-whites don’t want to leave? (Abraham Lincoln wanted to repatriate blacks to Africa but was received with an icy “no!”) In the videos I watched, Duke did not deal with minority refusal to leave what has become their homeland. Thus, he doesn’t deal with the obvious outcome: To realize his white utopia, minorities must be removed as Hitler removed them—by force. This would mean denial of human rights, social chaos and anguish on an even wider scope than Israel’s terrorist expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians in 1948. (Duke does reject any force or violence to facilitate his dream.)

Duke’s vision, predicated on emphasis of white superiority over other races, is bad for all. For whites, accepting Duke’s ideas means ego-inflation and self-congratulation for racial and even moral superiority. Duke says that, in contrast to rioting violent black youth, whites come from peaceful European villages. He thus suggests whites are inherently rational, law abiding and peaceful. Yet for at least five millennia, Western Europe epitomized Duke’s ideal of a white-only society and it was far from peaceful. “Racially pure” northern nations, such as Scandinavians (Vikings), Anglo-Saxons, Gauls, and the Germanic tribes, reveled in warfare. They viewed battle as one of life’s greatest joys! In recent centuries, “peaceful” German villagers supported governments that precipitated fierce and unnecessary wars, the last three including the Franco-Prussian war and first and second world wars. Even the French, often viewed as victims of Germany, through Napoleon terrorized early 19th century Europe from Spain to Russia to North Africa.

Whites, as much as any other race, have documented themselves as fallen, sinful creatures, fully capable of the most despicable acts. Duke is right that, in general, Caucasians and Asians have proven themselves most genetically gifted in building civilizations and pioneering science and technology. But that very intellect has only created more sophisticated manifestations of the sin nature: weapons of mass destruction.

Duke’s Dream Begets Offense

Duke’s evolutionary racialism does not end racial strife but breeds more of it. I have been the patient of three doctors over the past three years, of Latino, Asian, and African American heritage. Just imagine how my doctor would react if I said what Duke preaches: “Doctor, you come from an inferior, incompletely evolved race. You should go back where you belong!”

Duke believes, as did Hitler and Nietzsche, that the fittest should dominate, at least in their own territories, largely to the exclusion of other races. He believes supremacy of the most successful winners in the evolutionary struggle, so essential to breeding dogs and roses, is a beautiful and logical law of nature and therefore true and workable in human society. But human beings are not made in the image of an ape but of God. We each possess a conscience and dignity as a creation in His image and design. Duke’s underlying message degrades us. Despite his new rhetoric of “mutual respect” and “tolerance,” Duke’s core beliefs militate against such breadth and encourage white separation from our “inferior” fellow humans. Duke says whites should be tolerant and appreciative of minority cultures and that by ending immigration and separating whites from other races we end racial strife. Yet he also sends the abrasive, denigrating message to blacks that they are poorly evolved and should go back to Africa. This is the schizophrenic element in Duke's agenda which causes thinking people to wonder whether he really advocates racial cooperation or race war.

The danger of evolutionary racialism is not that it will convince western governments to persecute or deport “inferior races.” That will not happen. Instead, the danger is that its prideful emphasis will burrow into the unstable impulses of fanatics who will respond with violence.

Such incorrect and exclusivist thinking also gives fodder to our ideological opponents. It will be exploited, if possible, to eventually discredit all who oppose the Zionist new world order.

Let’s consider a truly Christian response to the threat of Jewish supremacism and its twisted bastard child, artificially stimulated and illegal mass immigration.

Christian Response to Immigration Abuse

The primary threat facing us is brutally simple: Jewish supremacists want to take over the world and establish their anti-Christ world government, centering in Jerusalem, Babylon the Great. (See, 'Babylon the Great' is Israel) But the white race contains proven characteristics of leadership, empire building, invention and originality. How do the elders of Zion intend to weaken and destroy such characteristics that might empower future revolt against their Zionist masters?

It is undeniable that Jewish activists have encouraged genetic and cultural race-mixing. Through civil rights laws, media, academia, and on all social levels, Jewish supremacists have sought to dilute and disempower white and Christian culture and to promote multiculturalism and multiracialism at every level. This is irrefutable and well documented by Jewish historians. The Bible indicates that this agenda does not stem from benevolence. Instead, it is part of a diabolical anti-Christ attempt to create a more malleable, less independent world population whose societies are less inclined to defend themselves. The Book of Daniel says that under anti-Christ world government the “iron” people will be genetically united with the “clay” peoples. (Daniel 2:41-43) The Jewish multiculturalists will succeed.

Christians must oppose the Jewish religious/Talmudic vendetta against Christianity, white culture and even American borders. Yet our enemy is not the various non-white peoples who are seeking a better life! (To his credit, Duke also acknowledges this.)

Christianity teaches that all individuals and all races are equal where it really matters—in God’s love for them and their equal opportunity to make free will choices for Him, resulting in eternal life in heaven. The starving, AIDS-infected baby dying in Sudan is no less valuable to God than a Jewish or Gentile child playing in a cozy New York townhouse. The great equalizer in Christianity is the enormous power that Jesus gives to all who trust in Him, regardless of our natural gifts, to perform acts of love and deliverance. It is not just the most intelligent who should guide society, but the most loving and compassionate.

At the same time, the Bible teaches that God has legitimized the general “bounds” of races, the right of founder peoples or religions to predominate in a nation or region. This has been universally respected through history. For example, most in the West without question accept Israel’s extreme immigration controls, defining itself as a Jewish and a religiously Orthodox nation.

It is the right of Christians to demand enforcement of America’s immigration policies and deportation of illegal aliens. At the same time, Christians should respond to fellow Americans of minority races with friendship and respect. Emphasis should be placed on the good qualities of all races, not the differences between them. Evolutionary racism maximizes negative comparison, promoting the desired separation of the “lower” races. Christianity doesn’t deny racial inequalities, but it minimizes such differences, leading to peace and cooperation.

As Paul enjoined, Christians “must seek peace and pursue it.” As I mentioned in a recent appearance on racialist talk show “The Political Cesspool,” (posted below) it is highly significant that the church age began with the apostle Phillip bringing the gospel to an Ethiopian black. The New Testament does not dramatize differences but collapses them in an emphasis on the spiritual unity and responsibility we have in Christ. In authentic Christianity, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, neither bond nor slave, male nor female [and I might add, black nor white]: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal 3:29)

True Christian ethics applied to the thorny issues of race and immigration reform dismantles racial hatred, division and pride. God’s love in us is like oil on the abrasive clanking gears of an engine, creating goodwill and harmony like nothing else can. Our family, for example, has financially supported Christian relief efforts in Haiti and welcomed a Haitian pastor as our brother in Christ to speak at our church. Our love, like God’s, should know no barriers or borders, certainly no barriers of racial difference. I believe He himself has created racial differences to test us: Will we respond with high-sounding yet abrasive schemes of denigration, isolation, and repatriation? Or will we transcend as God desires, on the wings of love?

For more on my opinions on race see my article “Is Obama Fulfilling Bible Prophecy?

Also, Listen to Rev. Pike's recent discussion on “The Political Cesspool” (2 July 11) Click here to play the audio file, or right click to download.)

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