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12 November, 2012 By Rev. Ted Pike

Barack Obama won the US presidency for the same reason Romney would have…the same reason Ron Paul never had the ghost of a chance. Jewish big media puff some candidates and make others disappear. Jewish media, not the people, elect major political leaders. (Google "media bias against Ron Paul" and you'll find more than a hundred articles documenting such bias against Paul, as also has existed against conservatives in every Presidential election in recent decades.)

More than a century ago, “Christian” America, led by pro-Zionist evangelicals, adopted a policy of non-criticism of Jews and Zionism. In doing so, America invited Jewish supremacists to determine the future of our nation, including the privilege of determining who runs Congress and is President.

Moving from conquest of Russia in 1917 (See Jewish Activists Created Communism) to creation of Hollywood, big TV and print media, socialist Jews, fathers of liberalism, became the mainspring beneath power politics in America. See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish) The political and moral agenda they set in place during the Roosevelt "New Deal," stimulated by Jewish media, has resulted in proliferation of immorality, abortion, homosexuality, massive illegal immigration, and economic weakening of America as well as unification of America's interests with Israel's in the Middle East.

How can concerned Americans end the Jewish media monopoly? By maximizing the truth-telling potential of everyone’s media – the internet.

Thirty years ago there was no internet and anyone who publically criticized Jewish supremacism or Israel faced immediate defamation as a “vicious anti-Semite” by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. The public never knew differently, or even cared.

Now Jewish media and attack groups such as ADL/SPLC are terrified that anyone can instantly go to the websites of those ADL attacks and discover exactly what they believe and teach. Most likely, they will agree with the “anti-Semitic hater” and ADL/SPLC will have lost a victim and gained a critic. (In fact, Republic Broadcasting's John Stadtmiller called ADL's Abe Foxman and asked why ADL wasn't attacking "anti-Semitic" RBN. Foxman told him it would only draw an audience to the radio network.)

Now outspoken public critics of Jewish supremacism—such as Jeff Rense, Nathanael Kapner, David Duke, Texe Marrs and I, as well as numerous alternative radio broadcasters—freely criticize Israel and discuss previously forbidden Jewish topics.

But it is not enough that a few writers and broadcasters of the alternative right speak for all. If the power of Jewish big media to determine national elections is to end, all writers and broadcasters of right-wing alternative internet media must seize this window of freedom to do more than just inform people of conspiracies. There must begin a determined program to educate listeners concerning the mother of conspiracies: Talmudic/Kabbalistic Judaism’s ambition to destroy Christian/conservative civilization.

Fifteen years ago the major alternative radio networks were pro-Zionist. I was on Joyce Riley’s program on the Genesis Communications Network and after a half hour ventured into criticism of Israel. During the station break the management told me Genesis was a pro-Zionist network and they were pulling the plug on me.

In 2005, with outrageous arrest of 11 Christians in Philadelphia by ADL’s National Executive Board member Philadelphia D.A. Lynne Abraham, a different dynamic began to emerge. I was interviewed by dozens of talk hosts on alternative networks which already were moving away from slavish pro-Zionism. I took every opportunity on over 750 programs to identify Jewish ADL as self-proclaimed originator of hate laws worldwide. I also detailed the history of Pharisaism and teachings of the Talmud and Zohar and how they spawned the world revolutionary movement leading to communism and liberalism. I did not spare listeners the whole truth about Jewish control of the media, Congress and the White House as well as America’s no-win wars for Israel.

The result was a very rapid increase of tolerance within alternative talk radio of the whole truth about Jewish supremacism. Such openness continues not only at Genesis, Republic Broadcasting and Rense Radio network but also on a host of smaller networks and micro stations.

It’s Time to Educate about Jewish Power

Many writers and talk hosts in the alternative right believe that, having allowed a modicum of mild criticism of liberal Judaism and ADL, they need take their audiences no further. They want to preserve a supportive audience. They don’t want to progress to the fact that the state of Israel is just as evil as its American PR representatives, ADL and SPLC.

Israel remains for many in the alternative right a sacred cow.

Also, many within the alternative right do not recognize that Jewish supremacism is an immeasurably greater threat than Islam. (See Why We Should Fear Zionism More than Islam)

Yet there has never been a more risk-free time to educate internet radio audiences. It’s time to reveal to millions the true story of Israel’s violent terrorist rise to Mideast power and oppression. Israeli atrocities and usurpations created modern Mideast strife and stimulate international Arab terrorism. (Watch Why the Mideast Bleeds)

It is unconscionable, considering the green light that exists for free speech on the internet, that any talk show host or writer betray his audience’s trust by continuing to limit information concerning the Zionist conspiracy – information pathetically easy to document online. In restricting the whole truth (as once may have been necessary for survival under the old ADL hard-line rulership of the 80’s), such communicators sin against their audience and God and hold back national deliverance. By their silence they oppose themselves and freedom by stimulating activist energies toward lesser threats.

As a result of such censorship in the far right it is inevitable Christians/conservatives will be outmaneuvered. Only candidates stamped with a Star of David will be elected to high office. When that happens, millions of sincere but partially educated patriots are again thrown into disarray, asking, “Why does evil always triumph?”

It’s because policies of non-criticism of the Jews and Israel continue in leadership. Will it ever dawn on Americans that with liberal Jews controlling the media there can never be a free national election?

Is God in Control?

Should I conclude this article by reassuring bruised post-election Christian patriots that God’s providence was over this election despite four more years of Obama? God certainly can preserve America if the church and nation turn to Him again. But national revival, by itself, will not save us from the hooks of Jewish supremacist control impaling our body politic. If Christian America is ever to again win national elections, then total truth-telling about Jewish supremacist control and subversion must occur. It must be prevalent and unceasing on that privileged lake where our gunboats of truth-telling can now sail unopposed: the internet.

Jesus publicly exposed the evil Jewish leaders of His day, the Pharisees, who held a similar political and religious death grip on the Jewish nation. He expects every Christian to follow His example and speak out against evil Jewish leadership.

For nearly a century, Jews have predominately controlled the spigot of news, information, and political guidance from which heartland America drinks. But the internet is becoming a rival spigot full of potential. Let’s make it a geyser of the whole truth about who is really most responsible for America’s corruption and demise, a fountain that will become a torrent, washing away Jewish media lies.

No longer can communicators and leaders of the alternative right squander opportunity to save America by reluctance to criticize Jewish control of big media and government. If such leaders persist in being conspiracy alarmists but will not direct listeners to the eye of the conspiracy, it is time for grassroots America to describe them as the cowards they are. If the status quo of half-truth telling continues in internet alternative media, then at least let us be honest enough to admit that future loss of Presidential and congressional elections to liberals is not just probable, but inevitable.

Election of U.S. presidents is a game of false hopes the Jewish media likes to watch us play. Talk show hosts and writers: Will you keep playing such games – or speak out? If lovers of freedom do not make fullest use of the internet over the next four years to expose Jewish supremacism and instead chop at tentacles that only re-grow, then, as we again experience defeat four years from now, who will there be to blame but ourselves?

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