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17 April, 2013 By Rev. Ted Pike

In my recent article "Pedophilia Ravages Orthodox Judaism" I praised Orthodox Jew Shmarya Rosenberg and his website "" for exposing and documenting more than a decade of pedophilia in the Orthodox Jewish community in New York. In fact, I emailed him, commending his courage and tenacity, even in the face of ostracism and persecution by fellow Jews. I told him our church had been praying for him. I also attached my article "Pedophilia: The Talmud's Dirty Secret," which thoroughly documents encouragement of pedophilia by Judaism's highest spiritual authority, the Babylonian Talmud.
Roseburg replied in one sentence: "You need psychiatric counseling."

I still consider Rosenberg a hero among his people. Yet his evasive reply reveals the extreme reluctance of even an astute and fearless Jewish critic of pedophilia in Orthodox Judaism to face the source of this blight, a scourge especially manifested by rabbinic leaders, authorities, and educators of Orthodox Judaism. These religiously educated members of the Jewish community are in a much better position than laity to know of the Talmud's endorsement of sex with children.

In the article I sent Rosenberg I document that sex with three-year-old baby girls by Jewish men is enthusiastically encouraged by some of Talmudic Judaism's earliest and most revered rabbis. These include Simeon ben Yohai, a sage esteemed by Orthodox Jews as possessing even greater authority than Moses. Such rabbinic guiding lights of Orthodox Judaism uphold the right of the Jew to marry three-year-old girls through the act of copulation. They go so far as to enshrine such sex abuse as "Halakhah," binding Jewish law.

The Talmud is thus deeply committed to the idea that sexual intercourse with minors is God-ordained; one Talmudic sage pontificated that it's actually meritorious to marry off children as minors, with a corresponding curse on Jews who don't.

The Source of Jewish Pedophilia

There can be little doubt that the abundant pro-pedophilia passages in the Talmud have, behind the scenes, powerfully influenced many authorities in Jewish religious schools toward sexual molestation of children.

Orthodox Jewry at large, and even reformers such as Rosenberg, dare not face the frightening fact that if Orthodox Judaism were to admit that the "mysterious" outbreaks of pedophilia among Jewish authorities originate in Judaism's most esteemed rabbinic scriptures it could destroy modern, or rabbinic, Judaism's credibility. It would reveal that Talmudic Judaism is not a religion upholding, as it claims, the "highest ethical and moral values." Such admission would confirm that Jesus was right in describing the new form of Judaism the Pharisees invented as "full of all uncleanness." (Matt. 23:27) He portrayed the Pharisees, who created the Talmud, as "blind guides," making their followers into "children of hell." (Matt. 23) He actually said that Judaism, following the Pharisees, is the "synagogue," or church, of Satan in this world. (Rev. 3:9)

Orthodox Judaism cannot look in the mirror and see itself as the source of the "mysterious" ravages of pedophilia in its midst. Talmud-revering Jews cannot face the shattering reality that a religion which stimulates its leaders to become pedophiles is not one of the world's great religions. Jesus, in essence, said that what the Pharisees had done to the Hebrew monotheism He inspired was to make it corruptive of its adherents. All Orthodox Jewish leaders can do is attempt to ignore or cover up the problem. The last thing they want to do, like Rosenberg, is ask why it exists.

In this, they are assisted by Jewish-dominated media. (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish) Ever proactive to dramatize real or exaggerated claims of child sex abuse in the Catholic Church, the media cooperates to almost completely stifle public awareness of pedophilia in Judaism.

Pedophilia among Jewish Authorities in Australia

Last week a Melbourne court found Jewish David Kramer, a former Yeshivah College teacher, guilty of multiple counts of sexual abuse. Such crimes occurred during 1989-1992, while Kramer was a teacher at the all-boy school, operated by Chabad. Chabad is the largest Jewish organization in the world, the outreach and educational organization of Lubavitcher Hassidic (Kabbalistic) Judaism.

When Kramer was exposed at that time, Chabad tried to cover it up and sent him to Israel. Yet he came from Israel to America and in 2008 was convicted of sodomizing a 12-year-old boy in a St. Louis synagogue. Last December Kramer was extradited from the U.S. to Australia to face charges, which had been largely dramatized by a former student at Yeshivah College, Manny Waks. Waks is the heroic Australian equivalent of Rosenberg in New York. The former vice president of the Executive Council of Australian Jews, Waks was twice a victim of sexual molestation while a student at Yeshivah College. Several years ago, when he discovered that Kramer was being sought by police, he decided to speak out. The Times of Israel quotes Waks:

“I knew there were other perpetrators and victims within the Jewish community. Someone needed to shatter the wall of silence, and I realized it needed to be me"…Waks charged that he had been molested as a student — not once, but several times, and not by one person, but by two: a security guard and the son of a venerated Chabad emissary. Waks said he was molested in a synagogue and in a ritual bath, where he was lured to bathe in the nude by his alleged assailant… The explosive accusations by Waks — in particular his claim that senior Chabad rabbis covered up complaints by parents and even helped alleged perpetrators flee the country — triggered a sequence of dramatic events that has shaken the Jewish community.”
As a result, Waks "has become the face of child sex abuse in the Australian Jewish community, the shoulders on which other victims lean and their primary media spokesman."

Alienated by the hypocrisy of Orthodox leadership, Waks has severed all ties with Chabad. He also says, "I hate going to synagogue." Many Jews, however, encourage Waks. "Ze’ev Smason, a St. Louis rabbi who reported the allegations against Kramer to police, congratulated Waks for helping confront “a form of spiritual toxicity” within Orthodoxy." Waks says his alleged "grandstanding" of the secret sins of the Orthodox was necessary to address "the rampant child sexual abuse and cover-ups that have plagued our community for decades."

The editor of the Australian Jewish News, Zeddy Lawrence, agrees, charging that the Orthodox rabbinate is "an apple that is rotten to the core." Rabbi Meir Kluwgant, president of the Rabbinical Counsel of Victoria, wrote last week: "Never in my history as a religious leader within our community have I experienced such disrespect and contempt leveled at the [Jewish] religious leadership as a whole."

Chabad leadership remains virtually silent. At least three cases will go to court this year including two involving Yeshivah College. In July, David Cyprys, board member of an Orthodox synagogue and former security guard at Yeshivah, will face 41 counts of child sex abuse against 12 former students, including Waks.

Like Rosenberg in Brooklyn, Waks will not give up. "If I step away, there are many powerful individuals and bodies who would still much rather see this whole scandal swept under the carpet. We are resilient. We will not be intimidated. We will no longer remain silent."

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