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2 July, 2011 By Rev. Ted Pike

Where: The Political Cesspool Radio Program
When: Sat., July 2, at 5 p.m. PST

Rev. Ted Pike
Rev. Ted Pike
Hutton Gibson
Hutton Gibson

On Sat., July 2, at 5 p.m. PST I will be joining Hutton Gibson, traditionalist Catholic thinker, critic of Jewish supremacism, and father of actor Mel Gibson, on the Political Cesspool radio program. Our host, James Edwards, will first interview Gibson, then me. Be sure to take the link below Saturday evening for what is certain to be an extremely provocative and memorable two hours.

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The show is syndicated nationwide to the AM / FM affiliate stations of the Liberty News Radio Network. It also simulcasts online and its library of broadcast archives can be accessed on demand.

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Ted, today - photo: John Pike, October 2019

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Hate crimes laws may make you a lawbreaker! Such laws, while claiming to promote tolerance, actually lead to the end of free speech! Powerful articles and NPN's video exposé of hate crimes laws in Canada and the United States provide you with the vital tools necessary to combat this imminent threat to freedom. This video is especially important as acts of terrorism extend the power of "Big Brother" to monitor what you do, say, and think.

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17 December, 2019 - EMERGENCY ALERT - Take Action Against Trump’s “End Of Free Speech” Decree!
President Trump’s recent Executive Order IS THE TEXT of the Jewish ADL’s “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, S852, recently rejected by the US Senate for Committee consideration.

“Anti-Semitism Awareness” Bill Worse than “Equality” Bill! Good news! The Christian-threatening, LGBT- promoting “Equality Act” could not face confrontation with hostile Senate Judiciary Republicans this spring. It went nowhere. Yet Democrats could still try to get it through the Senate Judiciary. NPN will sound the alarm at if it starts to move forward.

18 May 2019 - EMERGENCY ALERT - Senate New Forum for “Equality” Bill Debate
Call the Congress Hotline at 1-202-224-3121 and ask for a Senator’s office. I suggest you say: “Please don’t vote for the “Equality Act” S788. It will help end free speech for Christians making them criminals if they criticize Homosexuality”.

01 May 2019 - EMERGENCY ALERT - “Equality” Bill Hastens Babylon the Great - Part Two
If Jews acquire full protection as a “protected class” in America it will mean that if a Jew complains to the government that he has suffered “acute emotional trauma” as a result of “anti semitic” discrimination or criticism of his race or religion he may prompt a federal investigation. If the government agrees, the defendant will have to retain the best lawyer he can find.


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