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28 November, 201X By Rev. Ted Pike

The Southern Poverty Law Center has released a 10-page attack on 18 mainstream evangelical organizations, adding them to the map of American “hate groups.” Jewish “civil liberties” groups like SPLC have been working intensely in recent months and years to portray anti-homosexual Christian leadership as a wellspring of hate leading to violence and even “homophobic” murders. SPLC is not some lone-shark extreme liberal voice. The Center carries tremendous clout with the Justice Dept., FBI, police, and liberal media and even acts as an advisor to the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.

SPLC’s 10-page attack was distributed to 55,000 police officers in America. Called 18 Anti-Gay Groups and Their Propaganda, it encourages police to especially watch the hateful, violence-inciting propaganda from Christian/conservative "watchdog" organizations. These include the American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, Family Research Council, Coral Ridge Ministries, Liberty Council, and Traditional Values Coalition.

SPLC claims to explain "how the hard-core anti-gay movement in America is becoming more extreme in the face of gay advances…it seems clear that their demonization of homosexuals plays a role in fomenting the violence, hatred and bullying we are seeing."

Why is the Center attacking now? A year has passed since passage of the federal hate crimes law, which was masterminded by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and strongly promoted by SPLC ("ADL South"). For the past 20 years, the religious right has been incessantly warned by the National Prayer Network and, more recently, by World Net Daily and other groups of the danger to freedom posed by hate laws and their abuses throughout the world. Awareness of hate law danger has now become pervasive throughout the religious right. The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act passed the Senate in July 2009 amid intense protest from the right, especially in the final weeks. Blistered by daily calls of 100 to 1 against the hate bill, Senate liberals were clearly shaken. As a result, Obama and the Justice Department have been extremely reluctant to aggressively enforce it and confirm right-wing fears that it will restrict freedom of speech as in other countries.

For a decade ADL has portrayed America as reeling under an "epidemic of hate" that demands immediate federal action. Last spring Att. General Eric Holder addressed the annual ADL convention and the topic of the hate law conspicuously resurfaced. Holder said he and the Justice Department are delighted that they can now go into any state with (police state) powers to investigate and prosecute hate crimes without that state's permission. He also said the DOJ has been busy preparing hate crimes indictments.

Last week the DOJ boldly announced its first prosecution. Was it against potentially violent Hutarees, militia, KKK church bombers, abortionist executioners? No. DOJ is prosecuting an alleged hate criminal no one could possibly support: a misfit who viciously attacked a disabled man, evidently because of bias against the disabled. This is hate law propaganda at its finest, bubbles blown across the bow of the suspicious religious right, announcing, "There is nothing to fear from the 'big, bad hate law!'"

Yet ADL did not endure humiliating defeats in Congress for 11 years to protect the disabled—any more than a guillotine was built to make coleslaw. The hate law was conceived by this Christian-hating, Jewish supremacist attack group to destroy Christian influence and free speech by makingBiblical speech into hate speech. Such terms particularly refer to Bible-endorsed "homophobic" criticism of the homosexual lifestyle, as well as the "anti-Semitic" New Testament testimony that the Jews had Christ killed.

As far as SPLC is concerned, the hate law honeymoon is over. It's time to aggressively bang the drums to police, Dept. of Homeland Security, Dept. of Justice, media and the liberal/Jewish establishment. It’s time to act on the “fact” that the malignance and potential violence in Christian conservatism must be outlawed and prosecuted. And as Rep. Louis Gohmert has repeatedly warned, the hate law possesses powers of prosecution. It is founded on the threat in Title 18, Sec. 2a of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which says any public speaker who influences someone to commit a hate crime will also be punished in court as a hate criminal. Any pastor, talk show host, publisher, or even street corner evangelist who criticizes homosexuality can face hate crime charges and possible prison if that criticism “influenced” an attack on a homosexual, Jew, or Muslim.

Let me repeat the charge of SPLC's Mark Potok, editor of its Intelligence Report: "The leaders of this movement may deny it, but it seems clear that their demonization of homosexuals plays a role in fomenting the violence and hatred and bullying we've seen." So the "hate speech" Potok says spews from these anti-homosexual groups is doing exactly what Title 18, Sec. 2a defines as a federal hate crime: fomenting violent hate.

The hate law seems to protect free speech through the Brownback amendment, as contained in Sec. 4710. But all it may take are admissions from accused hate criminals that their beliefs were shaped at any time by listening to a broadcast by Coral Ridge Ministries, American Family Association, etc.

SPLC is clearly working toward enforcement of Title 18, Sec. 2a under an already Christian-unfriendly administration and Justice Department. When that happens here, as in current hate law countries, there is little anyone can do except watch impotently as the legal process runs its course.

Gohmert's timely warnings that the hate law will lead to arrests for unpopular speech are now more vivid than ever.

How Can We Fight Back?

What can be done to protect Christians and conservatives from arrests and indictment for speaking their consciences about moral issues today?

Christian groups must identify ADL/SPLC as representing not all Jews but a malicious, anti-Christian faction in organized world Jewry. They must identify them, as did Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who said they are "in relentless attack on evangelical Christians." (See, Rabbi Lapin: Christians are Under “Relentless Attack” by “Secular Judaism) If Christians go on the offensive with such truth, ADL/SPLC will howl "Anti-Semitism!" But it will have to temper its attacks, especially in this time of unprecedented, increasing suspicion of Israel and the liberal Jewish agenda. (A recent Israel-approved poll showed nearly 50 percent of Americans believe the U.S. should stop supporting Israel. Also, the term "anti-Semitism," once containing deadly power to destroy reputations, has been increasingly weakened by irresponsible misuse by ADL/SPLC and Israel.) (See, Support for Israel Sags in the US)

Opposition to Jewish attack groups is unprecedented for the church. Yet controversy is far better than the jailing of Christian broadcasters, pastors, and publishers and then countless Christians in decades ahead. It is far better to quench the zeal of Jewish supremacists now than wait until nothing can be done. The church must begin the fight of its life against the tightening encirclement of a Christian-hating Jewish hate crimes noose.

The real target of liberal Jewish supremacists is not the militia, Ku Klux Klan, or Nazis. It is Christians and Christian patriotic groups. The more Christian, the more hated. From the days of the earliest church, Pharisaic Jewry wanted to destroy Christianity. God and Christian faith made that impossible. But now—powerful in media and government—the spiritual descendants of the ancient Pharisees strain to revive persecution and finish the job. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish) The rise of persecutive Jewish power was prophesied long ago by Christ, who said His followers would be delivered up to the synagogues for trial and imprisonment in the last days (Luke 21:12). But Christian faith, action and total truthtelling concerning the racial/religious group fomenting such persecution can forestall it.

In addition to identifying the source of attack, Christian/conservatives must mobilize lobbying and legal efforts to repeal the federal hate law. New House Speaker Boehner recently warned Obama Democrats that the ascendant Republican Congress will do everything it can to repeal the healthcare reform bill and is also "full of tricks" on how to keep it from being implemented. The Republican right must be just as creative in challenging the Constitutionality of the hate law. It's time to persuade members of Congress, particularly Republicans, to work towards the two-thirds majority necessary for repeal.

Congress was entitled to impeach Bill Clinton for lying to the American people but instead gave him mercy. Republicans now ought to initiate legislation to nullify hate laws whose most fundamental terms and promises are blatant lies. Their greatest falsehood is that all Americans will receive equal protection from violent hate crimes. In testimony before the Senate Judiciary, Attorney General Holder revealed that only a small elite of special classes merit protection. (See Video at, Holder Admits: No Equality Under Hate Bill) I understand how some long and technical legislation may not be fully understood, yet passed. Members of Congress must bear responsibility for such inattention. Yet when legislation such as the hate bill audaciously deceives members of Congress concerning its most fundamental purpose and scope, blame must be place upon the hate bill itself. It must be decreed null and void by Congress.

The conservative right is now under attack by SPLC and a hate law which could soon indict conservative organizations accused of inspiring violent hate crimes. We must now vigorously demand hate bill repeal. Repeal and obstruction of the hate law is much more important than repeal of the healthcare reform law.

Life can go on for most under a socialist healthcare system. But if we allow the hate law to destroy our free speech, then all our other freedoms will be destroyed with it.

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