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15 July, 2013 By Rev. Ted Pike

Today any evangelical Christian who attempts to awaken his pro-Zionist church to the dangers of Jewish supremacist control will probably be vilified as an anti-Semite. For over a century, most evangelical churches in America have invited the synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2:9) to teach them Zionist values, displacing a truly Biblical perspective on Israel.

Sincere Christians believe they are duty-bound not to forsake the assembly of believers. Does this mean we and our families must attend churches hostile to new truth? What other choices are there?

In his early career Martin Luther was attracted to Jews as the Biblical children of Israel. After discovering their Babylonian Talmud (See Have You Read the Talmud Lately?) and studying its anti-Christian, anti-Gentile invective, he warned Christians they had no greater enemy than a sincere practicing Jew. He vowed that after he subdued the threat of Catholic persecution he would turn his full energies toward enlightening Christians to the danger posed by Talmudic Judaism.

Yet a century later we find Oliver Cromwell, 17th century ruler of England and chief among British Puritan Calvinists, welcoming exiled Jewry back into England. Dutch Kabbalist and banker Manasseh ben Israel promised Cromwell a huge loan if he would take to heart that “God blesses those who bless the Jews.” Cromwell, like Calvinists who followed, embarked on a mildly pro-Jewish posture.

A little over a century ago, the question of Christian response to Judaism became massively important. Zionism emerged, alongside huge Eastern European Jewish migration to the West. Would the church adhere to the Old Testament requirement that Jews as a people must obey God before they could nationally reclaim Palestine? (See List of Conditional Occupation Verses) Would it respect the New Testament’s warnings that Christ-rejecting Jews are motivated to persecute Christianity? (Rom. 11:28)

Evangelical leaders decided to prioritize the protection of Judaism from criticism and support the Zionist agenda to take over Palestine. Christian Zionism became virtual Christian doctrine for most evangelicals. Leaders welcomed Jewish advisement and education.

Pastors: “Enforcers” of Pro-Zionism

It is a challenge for many pastorsto keep their congregations united and out of controversy. The dominance of Christian Zionism meant pastors must enforce that position, armed with twisted, anti-Arab history from Zionist media. Pastors romanticized the Jewish people, Jewish traditions, holidays and especially occupation of Israel. They spread the Zionist assertion that God no longer requires obedience for Jews to receive His unconditional blessings or occupy Palestine as a nation. Christians who disagreed were smeared as “anti-Semites” and sources of unnecessary controversy. They were driven from evangelical churches, just as they are today.

Should you attend a church that is hostile to new Biblical and political truth about Israel and Jewish supremacism? Should you raise your family in such a church? Here are the alternatives:

Attend the church for its social and educational benefits but say nothing that would betray your true convictions about Israel and Judaism. For this to be acceptable, you must persuade yourself that God’s conditional terms of covenant and blessing for the Jewish people is an issue of minor importance. (See The True Meaning of God’s Covenant with Abraham ) You must convince yourself that evangelical complicity in Mideast strife is not really a moral issue that demands redress. (See Debunking Joe Farah’s Jewish Fables) You must believe that blessing sinful Israel won’t be seen by your children as tacit blessing of her sin.

Such “fellowship” is really a charade, corrupting to you and your spouse but especially to your impressionable children. Children absolutely must see character and courage patterned in their parents. If your children see you abandon truth for social convenience, they will do so as well. If you do not exemplify God’s love of truth and justice, they will find it much harder to believe God the Father possesses such virtues. Your weak example could influence their abandonment of the faith!

Stay in a pro-Zionist church as a missionary to enlighten your church from within. This is a noble and courageous objective, but is it workable? Pro-Israel evangelicals are extremely sensitive to any new information that does not flatter Israel and Jews. They bristle at any mention of the Talmud and its anti-Christian teachings or God’s conditional terms for Jewish national occupation of Palestine. In a moment you will be typecast as inviting renewed persecution to God’s chosen people. Since pro-Zionist evangelicals oppose any challenging truths about Judaism, it is virtually impossible to change a pro-Zionist church from within. Your time in that church will be occupied in strife.

On the other hand, if you feel the leading and permission of the Holy Spirit to remain in such a church at least for the present, far be it from me to forbid you. The Holy Spirit can work in mysterious ways.

In Jesus’ day the synagogue was the center of Jewish religious and social life. Jesus did not command everybody to leave it. Rather, for the sake of peace at that time in His ministry, He told them to do what the rabbis instructed in matters of observation of the law, yet absolutely not follow their hypocrisies. The time soon came, however, when the Holy Spirit created the New Testament church. With the infilling of the Holy Spirit, thousands of Jews left the synagogue, now called by Jesus in Revelation the synagogue of Satan. It became heresy and an abomination to fellowship in synagogues that persecuted Jesus and His followers.

If you are dead to your self-will and alive only to Jesus’ will and feel led to remain in a pro-Zionist church, you must obey. But you must be on constant guard lest, as Lot gradually adjusted to Sodom though disagreeing with its lifestyle, you gradually settle into a comfort zone of conventionality. You may find yourself silent when you should have spoken out on issues of the greatest moral consequence.

Leave the pro-Zionist church. If those “believers” with whom you fellowship do not really respect Scripture and words Christ Himself spoke, what fellowship can they provide? If the “body of Christ” is in bed with the Great Harlot, Israel, you must flee. (See Babylon the Great’ is Israel) Spiritual integrity and Biblical truth are much more important than social comfort. You must go where the spiritual fellowship provided by those who speak the whole truth can still be found.

Over the past several years God has led me to record hundreds of Bible studies which do not shy away from any Scripture, no matter how it challenges our modern, politically correct sensibilities. They can be found at They provide an alternative to the predominantly Calvinist and Pentecostal pro-Israel churches that many newly enlightened Christians leave. These hundreds of Bible studies present the whole truth, both spiritually and politically, with nearly 11,000 visits a month. Jesus defined His church as where two or three are gathered together. My Bible studies provide a nucleus around which your group can gather.

One of the commonest questions I receive is, “Do you know of an anti-Zionist church in my area I can attend?" Invariably, I have to reply, "No, but I do know of an online church whose congregants come from every part of the globe. It’s a church as big as the worldwide web. It’s filled with Christians who respect the words of the Bible like you. Please take this link and join us in spirit, if not in body.”

*This is the edited text of my latest Bible study at Take this link to listen to it, plus lively and perceptive comments among our group.

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

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