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27 July, 2010 By Rev. Ted Pike

I’m repeatedly asked the same question on talk radio. "How can Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League champion immoral causes like homosexuality? Doesn’t that contradict what it means to be Jewish?"

I reply that ADL, with sister Jewish groups SPLC and ACLU, has a hidden and shocking religious agenda. They are driven by militant Judaism to breakdown Christian civilization so total Jewish control can be achieved. This agenda, taught by Judaism’s sacred religious texts and authorities, is shocking to Christians and Gentiles who perceive Judaism as ethically high-minded.

Look at the ADL. It is headed by Orthodox Jew Abe Foxman, who says, "As a Jew, I am still waiting for the first coming of the Messiah." (1) Foxman works to revive interest among Jewish youth in modern Judaism's most sacred scriptures: the Talmud and Zohar (Kabbalah). (2) He helps American Jewish youth visit Israel where they can witness Orthodox Judaism as a living religion.

In Israel today, the authority of the Talmud and Zohar—not the Old Testament—reigns supreme among Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jews. Ultra-Orthodox "Haredim" are so passionate about these texts that there is now national concern over the 70 percent of ultra-Orthodox men who do not work, studying rabbinic scriptures full-time.(3)

American Gentiles view Judaism and Israel as admirable and peaceful torchbearers of a shared heritage. If only they knew what is contained in the pages of the Zohar! This book, beloved by Orthodox Jews, says that someday Jews will dominate the world and God's power will be manifest through the "Messiah." At this time, as in the Book of Esther, the Jewish people will slaughter their Gentile enemies. "In the palaces of the Fourth Heaven are those who lamented over Sion and Jerusalem and destroyed idolatrous nations…and those who killed off people who worship idols are clothed in purple garments so that they may be recognized and honored." (4) The Talmud and Zohar deeply infuse Foxman's aspirations, and these venerated Jewish sources alone make sense of his apparently Jekyll-and-Hyde worldview.

The Talmud says Zion's woes for the past 2000 years result from the brutish Gentile "ox" displacing the noble Jewish "horse" at the feeding trough of the world. God is very angry at the Gentiles and will someday restore the horse… at a horrendous cost. The terrible suffering that ushers in "Messiah" and removes Gentiles from power (made possible through Jewish action) will be so terrible "even the Almighty will lament it." (5) "Thus Israel should hope for redemption because it will be a day of light to them, but why should the Gentiles, seeing that for them it will be a day of darkness." (6)

The Zohar permits any form of deceit or trickery in order to fulfill God's will and break Gentile power.

Rabbi Jehuda said to him (Rabbi Chezkia), ‘He is to be praised who is able to free himself from the enemies of Israel, and the just are much to be praised who get free from them and fight against them.’ Rabbi Chezkia asked, ‘How must we fight against them?’ Rabbi Jehuda said, ‘By wise counsel thou shalt war against them.’ (Proverbs 24:6) ‘By what kind of war?’ ‘The kind of war that every son of man must war against his enemies, which Jacob used against Esau—by deceit and trickery wherever possible. They must be fought against without ceasing, until proper order be restored. Thus it is with satisfaction that I say we should free ourselves from them and rule over them.’(7)

The great tragedy, according to Kabbalah, is that Gentiles have brought the entire universe into imbalance and confusion by usurping power. The duty of every Jew is to "repair" the damage by doing everything possible to restore Jews to positions of power and influence.

Thus we understand why ADL does everything it can to weaken the "confusion" Christian values bring to the world. ADL and activist Jews in media know that, as long as America reveres Biblical values, the Zohar’s vision of world supremacy will never be realized. ADL and secular Jewish leadership—led by the spiritual forces of evil caused by their rejection of Christ—heed the Zohar's encouragement of "deceit and trickery wherever possible." Like their forefathers, the Pharisees, their truly conspiratorial agenda flourishes behind the whitewashed wall of Jewish piety. To succeed at any cost, supremacist Jewish leaders have sunk further into depravity than might have been imagined: They encourage Jewish youth to become homosexuals in order to most effectively lead the gay rights movement! Leadership of both Reform and Conservative Judaism (representing 72% of synagogue-attending Jews in America) enthusiastically supports ADL/SPLC/ACLU with their promotion of homosexuality in Jewish youth who are so inclined.(8)

Activist Jews jumpstarted the gay rights movement and overwhelmingly dominated top ranks of its leadership, especially in earlier decades. Consider the near saturation level of Jewish names in homosexual leadership in 2006:

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) President: Joe Solomonese
Board of Directors: Mike Berman, Marty Lieberman, Andy Linsky, Dana Perlman, Scott Weiner
Senior Counsel: Lara Schwartz
Human Rights Campaign Foundation Board: Jay Oppenheimer, Hilary Rosen, Marty Lieberman, Andrea Sharrin
Board of Governors: Fritz Beesemyer, AJ Bockelman, Cathy Ebert, Don Epstein, Patty Fink, Glen Freedman, Christopher Stenger, Brian Stranghoner, Brian Suber, Michael Lappin, Lisa Zellner, Molli Levin

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Board of Directors: William Weinberger (Treasurer), Judy Gluckstern (Secretary),
GLAAD Members: Ilene Chaiken, Tanya Grubich, Mark Reisbaum, Carol Rosenfeld, Steve Seidmon, Jeffrey Sosnick, Jeff Soukup, Steven Rozencraft
Assoc. Director of Special Events: Jennifer Oritz,
Major Gifts Officer, LA: Jillian Waldman
Communications Director: Jennifer Glenhorn

Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) Deputy Executive Director: Ron Schlittler
Development Director: Craig Ziskin
Staff Counsel: Lara Schwartz
Directors: Carole Benowitz, Dody Goldstein, David Horowitz, Rebecca Shiff, Daniel Tepfer

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Chair: Jeff Soref
Vice Chair: Marsha Botver
Senior Advisor to CEO: Roberta Achtenberg
Attorney: Loren S. Ostrow
Human Resources Commissioner: Paula Redd Zenan
Director of Tourism and Convention: Michael Aller
Coordinator, Out For Equity Progress: Allan Horowitz
Chief Operations Officer: Sandi Greene
Director of Communications: Roberta Sklara
Organizing and Training Director: Monique Hoeflinger
Senior Strategist: Becky Levin
Development Interns: S. T. Cohen, Phillipe Leber, Alex Breitman
Major Gift Officers: Todd Kimmelman, Shavla Sellars (9)
These are the Jews who, along with the majority of the liberal Jewish community in America, provide ADL with support for not only its pro-homosexual federal hate crimes law but also the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Such activists include lesbian author of ENDA, Chai Feldblum. She descends from a long line of Orthodox rabbis and a Hassidic/Kabbalistic mother. Undoubtedly under encouragement by ADL, Feldblum has devoted her legal talents to "legislative lawyering," crafting ADL's pro-homosexual bills. These bills legally exalt homosexuals above almost all other Americans. They also remove free speech from Christian and conservative “haters” and unnecessarily preoccupy legislators in Congress after Congress. Feldblum is also a director of the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission in Washington, D.C., empowered to arbitrate ENDA issues. (10) She has been powerfully assisted in creation of ENDA by another homosexual Jew, once reprimanded by the House for his relationship with a male prostitute: Rep. Barney Frank.

Another likely homosexual product of a Talmudic background, Elena Kagan, is nearing appointment to the US Supreme Court. It will surprise no one when she adjudicates in favor of homosexuality. (11)

Temporary Reprieve

The good news is that ENDA may be in its death throes. The bad news is that the same malignant conspiracy that created ENDA is alive and well. Unexposed, it will only breed more variations of legislative perversion.

This is an evil so relentless it will devour its own in order to prevail. Yet, Christian, conservative leaders remain silent in any criticism of ADL. They, too, jeopardize their own posterity.

The Bible prophesies that the Great Harlot, Jewish world control, will someday discover its false messiah, anti-Christ, and ruthlessly persecute the Church. (See, "Babylon the Great" is Israel) The exhaustedly persecuted descendants of this generation of cowardly evangelical leaders will curse such faithless watchmen with a bitterness and anger beyond our imagination, imprecating them in their graves for allowing such evil to conquer unexposed.

Who has the grit to triumph in this battle of the ages? Only those with clear vision and willingness to face any opposition—never, never giving up. Despite the bottomless depravity of ADL, ACLU, and SPLC, these qualities describe them perfectly.

And they do not describe "Israel-first" leaders of the evangelical right.


1) "Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism," Abraham H. Foxman, Harper San Francisco, 2003, page 150.

2) Ibid., p. 63.

3) Jerusalem Post, "Haredi Unemployment Unsustainable," July 22, 2010.

4) Zohar I, 38b and 39a, Pranaitis translation.

5) The Babylonian Talmud, Soncino Press, London/ New York, footnote to Sanhedrin 98b.

6) Ibid., footnote to Sanhedrin 99a.

7) The Talmud Unmasked, Rev. I. E. Pranaitis, p. 74-75. The Soncino translation of the Zohar, in Vol. 2, Vayeze 160a, says the same thing but in less pointed language. Scholars of the Hebrew and Aramaic language have translated this and other passages of the Zohar for me out of the authoritative Mantuan edition of the Zohar (16 th century), which resides in the Judaic section of the Library of Congress. Their conclusion is that in the case of volatile passages, the Pranaitis translations are consistently superior to the Soncino. In such passages which cannot be omitted, Soncino’s practice is to tone them down by paraphrasing.

8) Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) Responsum, 1996, plus comment by Rabbi Eric Yoffie, quoted by Religious Action Center of Reformed Judaism. Forward, "Key Rabbis Say Conservative Judaism Will Lift Gay Ban," Jennifer Siegel, Aug 25, 2006.

9) NPN's recent survey of these same gay rights organizations found that such high numbers of Jews in leadership have shrunk dramatically. This is consistent with Jewish supremacism's historic policy of beginning revolutionary movements yet, out of fear of exposure, soon portraying such as having been generated spontaneously by Gentiles. In the 18 th century, and much earlier, Kabbalistic Jews originated Freemasonry but then encouraged it to become "owned" as a Gentile movement. Jews founded and controlled Bolshevism but quickly decided Gentiles always be put forward as Soviet figureheads. (link to communism article) In the same way, gay rights organizations today project the image of being staffed by wholesome-looking, young Gentiles, giving the lie to any suspicion that the movement was ever Jewish dominated. The present exodus of Jews may have been hastened by very wide distribution of my 2006 article "Judaism and Homosexuality: A Marriage Made in Hell," which included the names of Jewish leaders listed in this article.

10) Wikipedia, "Chai Feldblum."

11) Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt and other New Right activists present a convincing case that Kagan is at least a closet lesbian (

Here are the two Talmudic sections referenced in this article dealing with advent of Judaism's false "Messiah:"

Talmud Page 316 SANHEDRIN 98b - 99a
Talmud Page 316 SANHEDRIN 98b - 99a

Talmud Page 317 SANHEDRIN 98b
Talmud Page 317 SANHEDRIN 98b
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