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24 November, 2008 By Rev. Ted Pike

Last Thursday in London, the case against Dr. Frederick Toben was dropped by German and European Union prosecutors. Toben was charged with using the internet to question the numbers and methods of the Holocaust, and online "anti-Semitism." This week European thought police are fighting back from this defeat. The Council of Europe announced it will no longer tolerate the disuniformity in European hate law enforcement which resulted in Toben's freedom.

The Council of Europe wants to create a hate crimes system in which all European states will share identical definitions, legal procedures and punishments. No Council of Europe country will be free from anti-hate and holocaust denial laws.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

"The Council of Europe will consider over the next few years a new convention meant to standardize and unify anti-prejudice legislation throughout the Council's member states.

"The European Framework Convention on Promoting Tolerance and Combating Intolerance was presented in the Capital European Parliament last week… Its architects hope it will be adopted by the 47-member Council of Europe…" ("Europe considers unifying anti-prejudice legislation" Jerusalem Post, November 16, 2008)

European "anti-hate" laws were created primarily by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL Europe). ADL also orchestrated creation of Europe's 56 member-nation hate crimes gestapo, The Organization for Security and Cooperation in European (OSCE), and its internet watchdog arm, The International Network Against Cyberhate (INACH). ADL's hate laws are used to silence conservative and traditional religious viewpoints in these nations. Christians who oppose homosexuality are particularly targeted.

It is thus not surprising that this latest effort to unify hate crimes enforcement is the work of anti-Christian supremacist Jews. Jerusalem Post says, "The Convention was developed by The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR), a group formed at the initiative of the European Jewish Congress . . ." [emphasis mine]

Uniting Europe's Hate Laws with America

ADL's next step is to persuade the United States to conform to such internationally enforced hate crime laws. That is exactly what ADL worked toward this past week in Washington, D.C., where it cosponsored The Global Summit on Internet Hate in the French Embassy. At a kick-off press conference, INACH chair Chris Wolf, US Sen. Ben Cardin, US State Dept. Ambassador David A. Gross and ADL head Abe Foxman (Wolf, Cardin and Foxman are Jewish) said internet technologies allow unprecedented proliferation of hate groups worldwide.

Wolf's comments included:

"The virus of hate certainly has infected those technologies…The internet continues to be exploited by people who espouse hate in different ways - anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers, racists, homophobes, and terrorists…The emergence of new internet technologies and their adoption by online haters is far more pernicious than the static website that most of us have been focusing on for years…Much more problematic is the sudden and rapidly increasing deployment of Web 2.0 technology. . .On YouTube, for example, there are thousands of hate videos that are uploaded with messages of racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and intolerance toward minorities...for every site that we can report and get taken down, there is at least one other site to replace it and often many others."

At the summit, Brian Marcus, an analyst for The Department of Homeland Security, said, "extremists and terrorists are just like the other users of electronic media. They adapt to the new ways and technologies with incredible speed."

Marcus warned that "these emerging medium give scale, scope, and speed and new dimension to terrorism and extremism unlike anything we have seen in the past."

Protecting Youth from "Cyber Bullying"

Keynote speaker at the Global Summit was James W. Cicconi, Senior VP of External and Legislative Affairs at AT&T. He says AT&T will investigate "expanding our Internet Safety Education program to deal specifically with internet hate speech." Cicconi says we all are responsible to keep the infection of hate speech "from spreading, especially to children."

This is what ADL claims to do in its recent massive push to combat "cyber bullying" of young people. As usual, ADL is saturated with hypocrisy. ADL was created in 1913 to defame and bully anyone who resisted Zionism. Today, nearly a century later, this powerful organization completely intimidates evangelical leaders; no one dares utter the terrifying word "ADL" to their millions of followers.

ADL cares nothing that teens are cyber bullied by pedophiles and sexual predators. How can it care when it, along with Jewish media, has promoted homosexuality, the number one source for sexual predation of boys, since the 1960s? (See, ADL Expands Pro-Gay Education for Teachers)

Similarly, ADL feigns alarm over the power of pornography to invade young people's computers. Yet they gave their "Torch of Liberty" award to pornographer Hugh Hefner!

ADL already counts online criticism of sodomy among teens as cyber-bulling.

What does ADL hope to gain through feigned compassion for adolescent online suffering? Simple. ADL wants any pretext to invade and preside over internet-monitoring. If it can attain status as a government-approved internet censor, ADL will include "hate speech" (i.e., criticism of homosexuals, Jews, Israel) among topics to be banned everywhere.

In Search of Internet "Haters"

Who are the "haters" ADL and INACH say now infest the internet? They are mostly people and organizations who, after nearly a century of being dominated and gagged by Jewish media, revel in freedom to speak and share information with others. Most are people like you and me. The "homophobes" ADL decries are evangelical Christians who protest same-sex marriages and promotion of homosexuality in public schools. The "xenophobes" are immigration protestors. The "racists" are often whites objecting to reverse discrimination. The "anti-Semites" are concerned people everywhere who speak against Israel's injustices to the Palestinians, moral depredations of Christian values and freedom by Jewish media, and Jewish creation of freedom-stealing anti-hate laws.

In short, the thought police who hoped to silence and imprison Dr. Toben for questioning the numbers and methods of the Holocaust are just as determined to silence and even imprison you. Your independence of mind, and liberty to express it, are the last barriers Jewish supremacism now encounters in its long and devious road toward ending Christians' freedom.

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