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By Rev. Ted Pike

For the past 13 months I have been on 140 radio and TV talk show interviews, exposing B’nai B’rith/ADL as the source of Christian-persecuting “anti-hate” laws worldwide. Yet ADL, the largest Jewish “muscle” organization - a terror to members of Congress, New Right leaders, and even some of the Jewish people - will not debate me or even call in to a program on which I am speaking. Although I have been the primary “mongoose” harrying the ADL cobra this year, ADL is so afraid of what I am doing that they cannot admit on their website that I exist!

A year ago, I was advised by a veteran national talk show host that it was an unwritten rule among broadcasters never to specifically criticize ADL. I was told that criticism of Zionist leadership in Israel would also blacklist me even among far right talk show hosts. Today a year later, highly influential, national, right wing broadcasters, including Rick Adams, Jerry Hughes, Alex Jones, Drew Mariani, Robby Noel, Pastor Butch Paugh, Jeff Rense, Pastor Ernie Sanders, Peter Shank, Darrel Smith, Victor Thorne and Lisa Juliani, and Frank Whalen are attacking ADL with me.


There is no doubt that this tidal wave of anger against evil Jewish leadership includes not only Christians, but observant Jews. Recently, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, an orthodox rabbi in Seattle, declared on his TV program “Toward Tradition” on Trinity Broadcasting Network that “secular Judaism” (B’nai B’rith/ADL) is in “relentless attack” on evangelical Christians.

Last week I was interviewed on Thor Tolo’s talk show in Seattle. He is on a huge “Salem media” Christian station blanketing northwest Washington. It was during “drive time” at 5:30 p.m. with many hundreds of thousands listening. The first caller was a local rabbi. I braced myself for his attack. It didn’t come. The rabbi instead went after ADL with anger, wit and sarcasm that left me in the dust!

Several days ago, I chatted with a nationally syndicated talk show host who told me that literally every day now he is besieged by callers who decry the power of evil Jewish leadership. This is an outpouring, a breaking of the dam of public concern which has erupted primarily since B’nai B’rith/ADL so savagely attacked 11 Christians in Philadelphia last year, threatening them with 47 years in prison for preaching the gospel. ADL went too far, too fast. They thought the American people were too complacent to care. How wrong they were!

Michael Macarvage, head of the persecuted “Philly 11,” and I took advantage of that moment of ADL carelessness to break through the media blackout and galvanize the nation and the world against ADL and their hate laws. My unprecedented specificity concerning ADL and their Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham as the instigator of such persecution opened a floodgate of frank discussion of matters Jewish. Such has never existed before on the airwaves. Thinking people were aghast. Evangelical Christians especially asked, “How could God’s chosen people treat us this way?”


Of course, in opposing an international organization with criminal ties, my fortunes could change radically at any moment. But let me share with you why I have been successful thus far. It is because of what I call the “prophetic mandate.”

God tells Christians in every age that, if they see the enemy coming, they should forget all personal considerations and cry out in warning to the people. If the people hear and obey, they will be saved. If they do not obey, then their nation, church, or family may be lost, but the watchman will have saved his own soul. (Ezek. 33:1-16)

For me, this prophetic mandate also involves a broad perspective of the mystery of God’s dealings with the Jews - a perspective that the secular world does not possess. Through the spiritual eyes provided by scripture, I know that even though evil Jewish leadership has led the Jews into deep apostasy, and must be vehemently rebuked for it, God’s tremendous investment in the Jewish people, begun many thousands of years ago, is not in vain. Christ will have righteousness from a predestined Jewish remnant when he returns.

For this reason I never succumb to any temptation to “throw away” the Jewish people, theologically or physically. Biblical perspective always motivates my truthtelling about evil Jewish leadership in a way that is benevolent. It always reminds them that evil as they are, I do not consider them so because of heredity. They, like their ancestors, made themselves evil because of personal, free-will choices against truth and light.

Such Biblical balance, led by the holy Spirit, is my shield before which the power of ADL has shrunk. As a result, I have done what others advised me could be suicidal. In fact, if a mouse were to squeak against me now it would amount to more verbal opposition than I have yet encountered from that international organization that California Senator Jack Tenney described as “the world’s most powerful private Gestapo!”


I believe we are experiencing a movement in history birthed by the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is brooding over this nation, terribly burdened that this last bastion of truth, light, and Christian witness not go into the long night of antichrist darkness without a fight.

This is a time when all who love God and freedom should embrace for themselves the “prophetic mandate” that is empowering me. God’s love for the Jewish people, and the Biblical promise of their redemption at Christ’s Second Coming, balanced with prophetic rebuke of their false leaders, is a combination of tremendous, irresistible power. It resonates well with humanity. Let’s stick with it. It’s working!


The opposite of such Biblical balance is racism: the belief that Jews are genetically evil, subversive, greedy, etc. Racism does not appeal to the broad instincts of fair play and tolerance within humanity. As such, a racist message could never have begun to appeal to 50 talk show hosts this last year, many of whom were evangelical Christians on Christian radio stations. Thus, if racists had been our only watchdogs, tens of millions of Americans would never have been alerted concerning ADL persecution in Philadelphia. The present vigorous discussion of the threat of evil Jewish leadership would not be happening on the airwaves right now.

My message has prospered because it contains the Biblical power of God and his inspired scriptures. Racism possesses no such power. Racist movements in the 20th/21st century have power only to cause suspicion and contempt, to separate, and to cause the races of men, all made in God’s image, to despise each other. Instead of being founded on Biblical values that lead to peace, the kind of racism that Hitler and white supremacists espouse is based upon Darwinism, evolutionary values, competition, and the law of tooth and fang.

Hitler was an evolutionist. As such, he concluded that some races were more genetically fit and wholesome; others had evolved degeneratively or incompletely. The higher should dominate or exclude the lower. Yet, look what his “evolutionary racism” got him! Sadly, there are those today who would like to try his methodology again. They seem determined to repeat his mistakes.

To this moment, it has been necessary to raise the level of public awareness and even anger concerning the threat of evil Jewish leadership. Yet it is now necessary to guide such anger so that it does not manifest itself in self-defeating racism.

Such dehumanization of other races inevitably breeds acts of violence and outrage, shocking humanity. When that happens, it is relatively easy, through ADL’s staggering power over the media, to demonize such excesses, teach mankind false lessons, and create its own propaganda mythologies. So ends a movement of concern which might have been able to bring evil Jewish leadership to bay. Tragically, such an opportunity will probably never come again.


I believe Biblical truth can save America if Americans will humble themselves before it, turning to God in national revival. Yet such revival must not be just an outpouring of religious emotion. As a result of the great revivals under Fox, Wesley, Edwards, etc., there came into being a heightened sense of practical moral and social reality. Slavery was abolished in the British Empire. Hospitals for the mentally ill were built. Public education for the poor was begun.

So also today, national revival and restoration cannot occur or be sustained unless those, especially in leadership, are in firm possession of Biblical values which are not only spiritually but politically true. We must be clear-eyed as never before concerning those forces that seek our ruin.

It should not be surprising that Biblical balance is showing itself able to daunt evil Jewish leadership when all other approaches have failed. After all, Jesus, Author of the Bible, is the Savior, and everything about His Biblical message has power to save. It can save nations, families, marriages - and you.

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Ted, today - photo: John Pike, October 2019
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