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24 September, 2012 By Rev. Ted Pike

Christians are almost never defended as victims by hate crime laws, which were passed to protect homosexuals, Jews, blacks and other racial and religious minorities – groups the liberal establishment considers historic victims of white, Christian, heterosexual oppression. But in the first major, widely publicized case enforcing the new federal hate crimes law, the U.S. government has broken with at least 20 years of worldwide hate crime precedent. It defended nine Amish Christians whose hair and beards were forcibly shorn by fellow Amish theological opponents. The U.S. Justice Department, dominated in its hate law enforcement by the virulently anti-Christian Jewish Anti-Defamation League, seized the opportunity to portray Amish—considered by most Americans the most peaceable and unthreatening of all Christians—as dangerous, hateful potential criminals.

On Thursday, 16 Amish haircutters and their accomplices were found guilty of violating the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act. If appeals fail, they face from 17 years to life in prison. Since the defendants were charged with “bias motivation” against a religious group (even though it’s a group to which they themselves belong!) they face triple penalties. This case more than any other betrays the torturous logic of hate laws and the acrobatic desperation of those who describe Christians as “domestic terrorists.”

Of course, gay-on-gay or black-on-black assaults (complete with sexually and racially abusive language) are extremely common. Yet they are virtually never charged as hate crimes. The government contends the Amish Christian-on-Christian assaults are being prosecuted because the hate law protects freedom of religion. Nonsense. Attorney General Eric Holder has boldly stated that Christians, unlike Jews and Muslims, are not protected under the Matthew Shepard Law. (See NPN Video, "Holder Admits: No Equality Under Hate Bill")

The Anti-Defamation League, architect of hate laws worldwide, is responsible for the triple penalties that follow hate crime convictions. It argues this is necessary to emphasize the disproportionate “evil” of bias and that bias crimes stand apart from all other crimes. ADL teaches that triple penalties “send a strong massage that society will not tolerate hate crimes.” ADL says crimes motivated by religious or racial bias (only if it belongs to Christians) are thus three times worse than crimes motivated by jealousy, personal hatred, revenge, or any other sin.

There has never been a more arbitrary, subjective idea inserted into the American legal system.

Conviction of the 16 means that the ten children of one convicted father and mother may not see their parents outside prison walls for at least 17 years.

Amish have historically practiced shunning: collectively isolating adult members who deviate from orthodoxy. In this case, 15 followers of leader, Sam Mullet, went a step further than shunning to humiliate those they considered apostate. Yet despite suffering rough treatment and indignity, none of the victims were physically injured. The level of punishment inflicted on Mullet’s followers is medieval. It is not unlike capital punishment for killing one of the king’s deer. The “victims” should feel shocked and even ashamed that they have cooperated with a very evil law to create a vastly greater injustice in many lives and families. Fifty Amish children could be deprived of one or more convicted parents for the rest of their childhoods.

Hate crime laws have always been torturous, confusing and legally murky. This case is particularly ironic, as members of the same minority group are accused of bias… against themselves! Critical thinking reveals the reason. Amish people have a reputation as the most pacifist, conservative, and non-confrontational of all Christians. They avoid all violence and have never participated in the military. It is an oxymoron to imagine an “Amish terrorist.” This case paints these pacifist Christians as dangerous “hate criminals.” The government's prosecution has been pursued to create a stereotype that will negatively reflect on all Christians.

No Equality of Justice under Hate Law

Last month, a case truly qualifying as a “hate crime” went unindicted as a hate crime. Pro-homosexual activist Floyd Corkins opened fire at the Family Research Council after shouting his hatred for the organization and its conservative beliefs. He shot a guard through the arm in the foyer outside FRC’s Washington D.C. office. Here, if ever, was a text book ADL-defined “hate crime.” It included clear public expression of bias, even hate, against members of an identifiable group, leading to actually a violent crime against that group.

Yet the DC justice system, along with the U.S. Department of Justice, decided no hate crime would be charged. No triple penalties. Only an attempted murder rap was meted to Corkins.

Why? Hate laws were designed by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League to powerfully persecute Christians and protect homosexuals and other minorities which are counter-Christian. The Amish hate crimes trial was never about the government’s zeal to protect Amish. Rather it defended nine Christians as an excuse to indict sixteen others.

ADL Rejoices that Hate Law is Enforced

On Wednesday, Sept. 19 ADL’s Abe Foxman and Robert G. Sugarman testified before the Senate Judiciary Sub-committee on the Constitution, Human Rights and Civil Rights against “the horrible bias-motivated murders of Sikhs in their house of worship” by a white right wing anti-Zionist shooter, Wade Page. Surely, if Page had not been killed by the police his attack would have been prosecuted as a hate crime.

In its testimony ADL indicated that the American right is the primary source of such domestic terrorism, to which government “must be ready and able to respond.” ADL also listed “domestic terrorism” such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the Fort Hood shootings.Yet the Fort Hood shooter, a Muslim, was not part of the American right. In fact, Attorney General Holder testified that because he was a Muslim he would not be indicted as a hate criminal for killing 13 and wounding 29. (See NPN Video, "Holder Admits: No Equality Under Hate Bill")

ADL did not testify that pro-homosexual terrorists such as FRC attacker Corkins might also represent hate motivated violence coming from the homosexual community. Yet, increasingly, such violence is reported in Christian media.

ADL described the main reasons for the resurgence of white-extremism in the United States over the past several years, and outlined a number of ‘programmatic’ recommendations for government officials to confront these threats… “We need all hands on deck,” ADL testified, “to confront danger of violence from right wing, organized hate groups.”

ADL concludes its press report by stating what should by now be public knowledge for Christian/conservatives: hate laws are the sole creation of this anti-Christian, Jewish attack group. ADL is proud of orchestrating hate laws in the western world.

ADL played a lead role in coordinating advocacy efforts by a broad coalition of civil rights, religious, educational, professional, law enforcement, and civic organizations working in support of the HCPA (Hate Crimes Prevention Act) for more than a decade until its enactment in October 2009.

On its website, ADL is even more specific:

Our legal experts pioneered hate crimes laws and worked to implement them nationwide. (Problems to Solutions: Building a Better World, ADL Annual Report)

Although the National Prayer Network led organized opposition to the federal hate law for 23 years, it became federal law in 2009.

ADL testified to Congress last week that it rejoices to see it so successfully enforced.

ADL Decides Which Hate Crime Cases to Prosecute

Attorney General Eric Holder and ADL are extremely selective as to which cases to prosecute. They want cases against Christians and right-wingers they are sure to win. They absolutely don’t want any legal precedent that a homosexual, black, Latino, Muslim or Jew has committed a hate crime. As happened in Canada, liberal judges will increasingly rule in favor of broadening the hate law—outlawing speech critical of protected groups. ADL’s ultimate objective is to transcend whatever limitations exist in the present law (such as the free speech-protecting Brownback amendment) so that the eventual federal hate law will be identical in practice to hate laws in Canada and Europe, which are without free speech protections.

In those countries it is a hate crime just to publicly criticize members of federally protected groups. In Canada if you publicly quote the New Testament that Jews had Christ killed you could be fined $5000 for the “hate crime” of anti-Semitism. It takes little imagination to see how eventually not just 16 Christians might be rounded up as hate criminals but whole churches, even denominations, who will not abandon the testimony that the Jews had Christ crucified. The U.S. State Departments Office of Global Anti-Semitism already considers this belief to be anti-Semitic. (See, The Real Motive Behind the 'Department of Global Anti-Semitism')

It is no accident that the government, in its pilot hate crimes case, has chosen to convict, not only Christians, but a large group of them. It is “sending a strong message” from ADL that ever-larger groups of Christians, vilified as haters and domestic terrorists, will someday be sentenced under crushing triple penalties to be also removed from the families they love.

What Can Be Done?

Legal defense for the Amish will attempt to overturn conviction of their clients by challenging the constitutionality of the hate crimes law itself. This ought to be easy considering its blatant lack of equal protection. But the higher court systems in America are so saturated with ADL-sympathetic liberals that the most blatant hate law injustices will be upheld. This is what the “Philadelphia 11” Christians, arrested in 2004 as “hate criminals,” found when they filed suit against the Philadelphia justice system. The higher courts only blocked their attempts at justice.

What about a new popular effort to overturn the federal hate law as unconstitutional? This would be ideal except that the law was passed because of near total collapse of Christian, conservative activism against it. Nevertheless, every effort should be made toward a movement, led by conservative legal experts introducing legislation and legal action declaring the hate law illegitimate.

Jesus prophesied that persecution of Christians in the last days would come from anti-Christian Jews. They would be “delivering you to the synagogues and prisons.” (Luke 21:12) Perhaps only the sound of slamming prison doors will penetrate the hard-of-hearing ears of Christian millions today, such have almost specialized in ignoring NPN’s warnings that a Jewish supremacist organization, ADL, is behind Christian-persecuting hate laws. Meanwhile, most evangelicals and their leaders stand by mutely, without comprehension, while legal precedents, like bricks, build an ever-higher hate law prison around them.

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