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15 May, 2012 By Rev. Ted Pike

CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) is a bill that would take away a very great freedom: privacy on the internet. It would make federal spies of pro-Zionist Jewish internet giants such as Google, Facebook, Verizon, Comcast, and Time-Warner Cable.

These federal informants would receive “wish list” requests from the government for information on internet users. In return, internet moguls would supply to the government (without our consent) our names and information about us free of any possible liability.

The Anti-Defamation League has long coveted the role of providing to the government and its internet spies the pivotal definitions which determine which ideas are a “national security threat.” Should CISPA pass, ADL wants to be in firm agreement with the government and internet industry on exactly who will be reported as an internet hater, anti-Semite, security threat or possible domestic terrorist.

In an article titled “ADL Teams with Internet Industry Leaders to Convene Cyber Hate Working Groups,” LINK ERASED BY UNIT 8200 OPERATORS! FOUND ON WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG WAYBACK MACHINE ADL’s Abe Foxman says:

"Internet hate continues to have a global impact on civil society and a transparent process to respond to it will lead to reviewability and consistency. We welcome the commitments of Google and Facebook to participate in this dialogue to combat online hate speech, Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism. Working alongside the Internet's leaders will allow for the development of industry standards that balance effectiveness with respect for the right to free speech.

[ADL's] ICCA resolution was prompted by a desire of industry leaders, including Google and Facebook, to maintain a continuing dialogue with nongovernment organizations on best practices on combating Internet hate and to promote transparency on how online hate is addressed.

The "Anti-Cyberhate Working Group" will be comprised of industry, academics, NGOs and others to "build best practices for understanding, reporting upon and responding to Internet hate." The resolution calls on ADL to convene and move the working group forward…"

Christopher Wolf, chair of the ADL Task Force on Internet Hate, stated:

"This represents an unprecedented opportunity to have the industry's leaders come together with non-governmental organizations, academics and other interested parties to develop a collaborative approach to Internet hate. The Internet has been infected with the virus of hate since its inception, and the Task Force is proving to be one of the most effective mechanisms for developing voluntary efforts to disable the virus."
How do we block ADL’s plans to provide the government’s internet spying Gestapo with twisted and persecutive definitions of “hate” and "anti-Semitism"?

Make sure CISPA doesn’t pass! Take this link for the toll-free numbers and names of crucial Senate Judiciary members who may decide if CISPA goes forward or dies.

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17 December, 2019 - EMERGENCY ALERT - Trump Supports Jewish Claim: Christianity is Antisemitic.
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01 May 2019 - EMERGENCY ALERT - “Equality” Bill Hastens Babylon the Great - Part Two
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