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7 September, 2008 By Rev. Ted Pike

In a previous article (See, Anti-Zionist Conference Gives Ammo to ADL) I related how anti-Zionist leaders participated in the International Islamic Conference on August 16 in Baltimore. This provoked a devastating three-page attack by the Anti-Defamation League. ADL says it proved that anti-Zionists and radical Islam are one in spirit.
Mark Glenn, a prime mover behind this effort toward “solidarity” with Islam, wrote an impassioned rebuttal to my concerns. He intends to continue in the same direction. Others of the group say the ADL attack was a “badge of honor.” Clearly, I must continue to speak out. Glenn's rebuttal LINK ERASED BY UNIT 8200 OPERATORS! EVEN MISSING ON WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG WAYBACK MACHINE

Knowledge of Truth is Perishable

Movements of political and religious awakening, though ushered in with enthusiasm and even bravado, are extremely perishable. Under the big guns of Jewish media onslaught, our present worldwide anti-Zionist awakening could become a memory. Throughout my life I have seen media destroy such nascent movements with little pretext. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish).

Example: In the late 40s, Communism’s expansion was explosive. China had fallen; a Jewish-dominated spy ring gave US atomic secrets to the Soviets. Communists had infiltrated the United Nations, US State Department, Hollywood, and the US labor movement.

My parents realized the threat of communism and liberalism to America. They left the conventional pastorate to awaken, through publishing and radio, a slumbering church and nation. Yet they had to stand by helplessly as the one man who attempted to expose such infiltration, a man of courage and conscience capable of awakening America, Sen. Joseph McCarthy, was crucified by Jewish media. The Christian/conservative enlightenment for which they fasted and prayed was snuffed out almost before it began.

Ten years later, in the very early 1960s, political conservative Robert Welch renewed hope for an anti-communist awakening. His “John Birch Society” hoped to succeed where McCarthy failed. Christian/conservatives sprang up with grassroots support. Yet liberal media discovered that Welch had written that Eisenhower was a “conscious agent of the communist conspiracy.” Immediately, national media went wild, claiming that “little old ladies in tennis shoes” were peering behind every bush for lurking communists. A hopeful anti-communist movement again foundered.

In 1963, a conservative superstar, Sen. Barry Goldwater, rose on the scene. A charismatic, articulate half-Jewish conservative, he revived patriots' dreams. He ran for President in 1964 but again, our hopes were dashed. The media trumpeted Goldwater's unfortunate remark that we should nuke North Vietnam 's military supplier, China. A horrified public again turned its back on conservatism. The liberal stranglehold in America, established by FDR’s New Deal, remained in power.

Yes, a Christian/conservative awakening finally occurred in 1980 under Pres. Ronald Reagan after nearly a half century of liberal dominion. Yet even that great step forward proved fatally flawed. Reaganites remained willfully blind to the Jewish origins of communism and liberalism. They ignored what Billy Graham warned Pres. Richard Nixon of in a 1972 taped conversation in the White House: Jews had a "stranglehold" on America through their control of big media.

As a result, the Reagan revolution was hijacked by powerful neo-conservative Jews. They played a definitive role involving America in foreign wars to make the Mideast safe for Israel. Such entanglements have almost fatally discredited the Republican, Christian conservative awakening for which my parents prayed almost 60 years ago. Despite the hopefulness provided by Sarah Palin, inheritors of the Reagan legacy are mired in as much of a dearth of conceptual clarity and vision as our troops are mired in senseless Mideast strife.

Unholy Alliance

Our movement must not perish as did others before. I believe this is our last opportunity to save Christian civilization. That is why I am so concerned by the precedent set by five anti-Zionist leaders last month. These leaders did not say anything that the ADL could legitimately find “anti-Semitic” at the conference. Yet by identifying our movement with Islam and a roster of largely unknown Islamic speakers, these leaders placed themselves as sitting ducks in the ADL shooting gallery.

Fortunately, this proto-attack was confined primarily to ADL’s vast liberal readership. But as easily, ADL could flood thousands of media outlets worldwide. ADL is playing its first “war games” against the anti-Zionist right. If misguided leaders continue to provide ADL with propaganda ammunition, we will soon comprehend what ADL “media blitzkrieg” really means.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with dialogue with Muslims; we benefit from increased understanding of each other and our common threat: Jewish supremacism. I've talked with Muslims about such issues for the past 24 years. Jesus freely talked with all, even His enemies. But He did not pursue solidarity with doubtful persons or groups, as Mark Glenn has told me he wants to do with Islam. Scripture says: "Many believed in His name…but Jesus did not commit Himself unto them…for He knew what was in man." (John 2:23-25) Creating an alliance with Islam is qualitatively different than discussion. It is a commitment of mutual cooperation and even loyalty.

Who Gains from “Solidarity” with Islam?

No wise military commander risks his troops in offensive action unless there is real hope of gain. What is the advantage of allying in a public way with Islam? I can only think of disadvantages - catastrophic ones.

We don't really need a formal pact with Islam; 1.3 billion Moslems already side with us against Jewish supremacism! Unlike in WW2, this battle is not about physical reinforcements, such as we had to ask from a dubious ally, Stalin. Today we are in a war of words and ideas. Victory can best be achieved if anti-Zionism in the West cooperates with Islam in the East by sharing the powerful ammunition of truth. What better way to do it than through the internet?

Public alignment with Islam works against us by giving photo-op "proof" of a lie that the pro-Zionist, anti-Islamic church and world already want to believe. This lie is that our movement shares the anti-Semitic, “terrorist values” of extremist Muslims.

What could more perfectly assist ADL clone Michael Chertoff and his Dept. of Homeland Security than to categorize us as "terrorist sympathizers" who support enemies of America and Israel in the war on terror? If that is established, the next step is to round us up (like Ernst Zundel in Canada) as “domestic terrorists.”

In my article criticizing the Baltimore conference, I point out that most Muslims today "spiritualize" jihad, “holy war,” to mean the war against evil in our souls. Yet the fact remains that Islam was birthed in violence. The Qur’an taught Muslim armies that Allah is merciful, and if infidels surrender and convert they may live. But nothing is nobler than holy war to rid the entire world of those who blaspheme Allah by resisting Islam. In only the first century of Islam's existence, it violently subjugated nations from Persia to the Arabian Peninsula and throughout North Africa to Spain in some of history's bloodiest conquests.

Islam still contains a demonstrably violent, terrorist element, especially in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan. In a number of Moslem nations, persecution of Christians is well-documented grim reality. Christian-persecuting Moslem nations include Sudan, where a reported 2 million Christians have been murdered by the extremist Moslem government. Somalia, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia also repress Christians. Just this week, many Coptic Christians in front of the White House protested the severe ongoing persecution of their 15 million Coptic brethren in Egypt. They claim Egypt 's Moslem government turns a blind eye to almost daily murders of Coptic Christians. They allege large numbers of Christian girls are kidnapped by Arab men and forced to become Muslim members of their harems.

Let’s Face Islamic Reality

Glenn told me he thinks that when Muslims act against Americans and Christians, this behavior is an aberration - an adverse reaction to the West’s support of Israeli abuses. He says Islam is not anti-Christian. He believes if we unite with the Muslim world and oppose Zionist oppression, then Islamic violence will gradually subside; Islam, he contends, shares Christian values of respect for Jesus, protection of modesty and women, and veneration of the family. He is optimistic that Islam could become a tremendous ally to Christianity.

In reality, although Christian disapproval of Zionist abuses helps restore Christian credibility to the Moslem world, violent and anti-Christian tendencies have always existed within it, proceeding from a literal reading of the Qur’an. It’s too late to think Islam can substantially be transformed in the very little time we have left.

What is certain is that Islam carries enormous baggage of negative stereotypes - much created by Zionist propaganda, most of its own making. Our movement to tell the whole truth about the dangers of Jewish supremacy can only stay afloat through moderation, careful documentation, and the grace of God. It would be quickly pulled under by the enormous weight of Islam.

Yes, both Islam and American anti-Zionism oppose Jewish supremacy and Israeli injustices. But the similarity largely ends there. Both are best served by staying separate in their very disparate realms. The internet provides us all with the only really powerful forum to proclaim truth, a place of powerful advantage in an ideological battle against Zionism. Political alliances often sour. But the whole truth has proven, throughout history, to provide enlightenment, safety, and liberty to those who fervently seek it.

It unfailingly confirms exactly what Jesus predicted, “The truth shall set you free.”


Mark Glenn told me that all the verses from the Qur’an which advocate killing infidels were actually intended for the self defense of Mohammad and his followers.

Yet the Qur’an is almost as much a military manual as a religious guide. Here are a few of many passages which help explain the aggressiveness of Moslem armies against all who refused to convert:

Sura 3:10
Scan of page 3:10 of the Sura
Sura 9:5
Scan of page 9:5 of the Sura
Sura 8:12
Scan of page 8:12 of the Sura
Sura 9:123
Scan of page 9:123 of the Sura
Sura 5:33
Scan of page 5:33 of the Sura
Sura 2:191
Scan of page 2:191 of the Sura
Sura 8:38
Scan of page 8:38 of the Sura
Sura 46:24
Scan of page 46:24 of the Sura

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