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19 November, 2012 By Rev. Ted Pike

In Germany, in 1785, a mounted courier of Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati was struck by lightning and killed. Police found, in his saddlebags, extensive Illuminati communications. A subsequent search of an Illuminati member’s home yielded more. They described how, even at this very early date, the Jewish-assisted [1] Illuminati had not only penetrated German universities and seminaries, but largely taken them over. [2]

These communiques revealed that Weishaupt was well along toward accomplishing his ultimate goal: overthrow of Christian civilization through destruction of belief in the veracity of the Bible — particularly the Old Testament. To facilitate this, the Illuminati began to teach its adepts that the Bible should be interpreted according to reason. “Higher criticism” of the Scriptures, or “German rationalism,” began to flourish and was made curricula in German universities and seminaries. Such skepticism of holy writ spread to the world and became the mainspring of liberal Protestant theology to this hour.

Thus, beginning in the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation, an assault was mounted against Christianity which proved spectacularly successful in destroying faith in the land of Luther — and in the world. The Old Testament is the foundation, the very keel upon which Christianity was erected. Jesus said that it was easier for heaven and earth to be annihilated than that one jot or tittle of the Old Testament law would not be spiritually vindicated.

Yet under Illuminati assault the Old Testament soon became viewed by German intellectuals and much of the populace as a collection of myths and atrocities — something concocted and perpetuated by deceptive, self-serving Jews. The Illuminati was preparing something to take its place in the affections of the German people.

German philosophers, sharing the Illuminati’s mockery of the Old Testament, created that substitute. Nietzsche and others taught “might is right.” National pride and military strength became the focus of most Germans. As early as the Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian wars Germany became a nation of swaggering militarism instead of Reformation piety. With Bismarck and unification of Germany came stimulation of a military arms race leading directly to World War I. But it also led to Germany’s defeat and humiliation. The German people were betrayed by the anti-Biblical humanism they trusted in.

However, Germany did not repent and return to the faith of its fathers. It again hoped that military might, empowering “lebensraum” — “living room,” to the east, might give prosperity, glory and independence once again. It was especially hoped that they would be delivered from internationalist Jews, whom Germans correctly perceived as the cause of much of their problems.

But the Germans did not perceive that, even in their national and military efforts to free themselves from Jewish influence, they were, through “higher criticism” of the Old Testament, still very much under Jewish/Illuminati influence. In persuading Germans to abandon belief in the Old Testament in the 18th century, the Weishaupt Kabbalist conspiracy had condemned Germany to make humanistic mistake after mistake. Today, Germany is a virtual vassal of Zionism, governed by Jewish hate laws forbidding German historical pride and requiring fawning subservience and indemnities to the Zionists who have rewritten German history. Just this week, the government of Germany declared obligatory support for Israel’s attack on Gaza.

Secular Anti-Zionists Continue Weishaupt’s Bible-Bashing

How does this relate to the present struggle against Jewish world revolutionary domination? Over the past thirty years, humanity has experienced a revival of the same opposition to Jewish supremacist control which helped bring Hitler to power. Like Hitler, it correctly portrays the “Jewish problem” as the seminal cause of most of the western world’s social, moral, economic, financial, and political woes.

And, like National Socialism, the anti-Zionist movement is very largely secular, accepting German rationalism’s rejection of the divine inspiration of the Bible. Instead it sees modern Jewish supremacism and Zionism in all their twistedness as originating, not just in Pharisaic Talmudism, but in the Hebraism of the Old Testament. It favors a racialist, not moral reason for why the Jews went wrong. (See The "Bad Jewish Genes" Theory)

In order to destroy the credibility of Jewish supremacy and its Zionist spell over evangelical Christians and western nations, such anti-Zionists consider it top priority to destroy the credibility of the Old Testament. Popular anti-Zionist thinkers such as David Duke, Dr. Kevin McDonald, Mark Weber, Gilad Atzmon and many others think they do the anti-Zionist cause a powerful service by, like the German rationalists, deriding the Old Testament. Actually, they contribute to destroying the primary influence that has forged and underlain Christian civilization — faith in God and the whole Bible. Simple faith in the Bible has, as the law of God, (despite evangelical endorsement of ungodly Zionism during the past century) proven to be the moral glue that has held western nations together for two millennia. It still largely does, despite relentless onslaught from Jewish Hollywood’s moral corruption. (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish)

Yet derision of the Old Testament creates moral isolation and indecision. An elderly German Catholic woman recently wrote me:

Rev. Pike,

I do not know the Old Testament very well. But I am reading this article by Mark Weber with all these Bible quotes of murder and rape and pillage. . .

Are these interpretations in the heads of the Hebrews or did God really ask them to do those horrible things and let them get away with all the horrors?

God could not possibly be like this?!

How do I take these Bible verses? It’s enough to make you want to stop believing in God.

Thus, Weber is following the pattern of Weishaupt and German rationalism. The result is predictable: threatening the faith of yet another believing German in the God of the Bible.

Weber, like most other secular anti-Zionist leaders, believes that the more heinously Jews in the Old Testament are portrayed, the more discredited Talmudic Judaism and Zionism will be, which he asserts possesses twisted morals that are descended from Biblical roots.

In reality, modern Talmudic Judaism is a complete inversion of all God tried to teach the Hebrews in the Old Testament. Without exaggeration, the Judaism of the Rabbis has nothing to do with the spirit, integrity and divine inspiration of the Hebrew Torah.

The Old Testament is a stupendous collection of high-minded truth and altruism, mixed within necessary militarism toward preserving God’s plan and chosen people in an extremely hostile, homicidally aggressive pagan world. This was a world of Canaanite antipathy to Hebrew monotheism so intense, that, literally for a thousand years, Israel was in almost unceasing warfare to prevent extinction. With this in mind, we may expect there to exist violence in the Old Testament, and to a certain extent, the necessary rules of warfare. Anyone who claims to be a Christian (as does Duke) should look with sympathy and gratitude upon the overarching moral contribution of the Old Testament. It made the advent of Jesus Christ and Christianity possible. This was despite the overwhelming and continuous threat posed by the hostile nations surrounding Israel, outnumbering Israel 10 to 1. The Old Testament age was not one in which we, as armchair critics, may reasonably impose present policies of toleration and “respect for diversity.” For the Hebrews, it was largely a time of barest physical, but especially spiritual survival.

Let Zionist critics never forget that the perversities of modern Talmudic Judaism and Zionism began, not with the Old Testament, but with the Pharisees — whom Christ bitterly excoriated. We should abandon agreement with Weishaupt and his “higher critics” who led Germany into ditch after ditch and return to appreciation, not just of the New Testament, but the entire Bible. Such is a fountain of truth and high values which has done nothing but bring happiness to the human race.

Best Arguments against Zionism Come From Old Testament

The Old Testament, with its more than two dozen specific prohibitions of national Jewish occupation of Palestine for rebellious Jews, is a devastating indictment of the anti-Christ Zionist state today. It shouts to Bible-believing evangelicals not to support Israel, which the New Testament identifies as the Jewish one-world government to come, Babylon the Great. (See 'Babylon the Great' is Israel) The entire century-long evangelical love affair with Zionism has flourished for one primary reason: hypocritical disregard for such foundational Old Testament law among supposedly “Bible-believing” (but actually Zionist-brainwashed) Christians.

But the Old Testament contains another blockbuster argument against Israel and Jewish supremacism, which anti-Zionists should welcome: the Hebrew prophets, like Christ, excoriated evil Jewish leadership and the sins of the people. No one can call such criticism “anti-semitic.” This is powerful testimony to evangelicals that it is not “cursing” God’s chosen people to follow the example of our Lord and the prophets in criticism of apostate Jewery.

Yet, pathetically, secular anti-Zionist critics of the Old Testament throw away such anti-Zionist ammunition and denigrate the prophets as twisted tribalist manipulators. Anti-Zionists gain nothing by such senseless disrespect of the noblest men who have ever lived. Again, they only weaken anti-Zionist potential to convince evangelicals that it is moral and right to criticize evil Jewry because the greatest thinkers of the Bible did so.

Anti-Zionist leadership, both left and right, laments their inability to deter evangelicals from their pro-Israel fanaticism. But by encouraging destruction of the authority of the Old Testament, “rationalist” opponents of Zionism remove from evangelicals the very persuasions that could cause them to perceive God’s displeasure with the counterfeit state of Israel. These are the Biblical arguments that could make them critics of the Jewish state.

By bashing the Old Testament, anti-Zionist leaders thus oppose themselves. They weaken their own ability to assist evangelicals in escape from the Zionist clutch.

At we do the opposite: build up the credibility of the Old Testament with its powerful testimony against the spiritual lawlessness of the state of Israel. In many Bible studies I also tackle the allegedly “difficult and baffling” passages of the Old Testament. I reveal that they are, in fact, remarkably explicable and revelatory of God’s higher plan.

Most anti-Zionists agree that the pseudo Bible of the Pharisees, the Talmud, along with its mystical/revolutionary companion, the Zohar, are the bitterest enemies civilization has. But it’s time that all on the anti-Zionist right and left agree that the Old Testament should be valued and respected. It is the best friend the anti-Zionist could ever find.


There is much online confirming this.
Nesta Webster, “Secret Societies and Subversive Movements,” pgs. 215-219. Webster was one of Britain’s foremost historians during the first part of the twentieth century, receiving praise from Sir Winston Churchill for her breadth of scholarship about the Jewish world revolutionary movement.

In my latest Bible study I read the above article and my previous article “Can Christians Defend Old Testament Killing of Canaanites?”, which stimulated lively and thoughtful discussion. Listen to the Listen to the Bible study here.

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