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4 September, 2012 By Rev. Ted Pike

Are Jews infected with bad genetics? On David Duke’s radio programs of April 23 and 24, 2012 he and Dr. Kevin MacDonald said the Jewish community over millennia, consciously or not, has excluded moderate, civil, and high-minded members—leaving them with a concentration of “bad” genes. They believe these genes, along with cultural influences, are the main reason for Jewish radical/revolutionary activism. (See Jewish Activists Created Communism)

MacDonald asserts that a process of natural selection has been at work from Biblical times, intensifying in the Talmudic era, to exclude Jews whose genetic characteristics do not facilitate Judaism’s “evolutionary strategy.” He says tendencies toward radicalism, aggression, and selfishness are genetically transmitted. As an evolutionary reductionist, he also believes altruism is inherited biologically.

MacDonald relates how eastern European (Ashkenazi) Jewry, whom he describes as the most narrow, extreme, and ethnocentric of Jews, underwent a 19th century “population explosion.” Their descendants flooded the Western world, dominating international finance and media and founding Zionism. An inherited tendency toward fanaticism, he and Duke believe, helps explain the passion of modern liberal Jews to erode everything America historically represents.

Duke says he and MacDonald are not putting out this thesis “because we are against Jews.” He agrees some Jews don’t go along with Jewish supremacism’s radical agenda. He says we must understand the science and genetics behind Jewish activists’ consistent subversion of our national interests. The bottom line for Duke and MacDonald is that most Jews are in a state of genetic degeneration. Their genetic blueprint makes them amoral, aggressive, dominant and subversive to all societies outside of Judaism's ethnic group. (See David Duke's Real Beliefs about Jews)

These broadcasts are fodder for unstable anti-Zionist zealots to create a racist rationale that the world would be a much better place if Jews ceased to exist. This may not be the conclusion of the majority of Rense listeners. But it is inevitable for members of "white power" rock bands and prison gangs, skinheads, and many "lone wolf" zealots.

The question is: Are Duke and MacDonald right?

Are Jews Driven By Evil Genes?

God gives us each an array of diverse personality traits. Morally neutral, they can be applied to many purposes, including religious and political causes. In moral terms, genes are not “good” or “bad.” Each individual exercises their free, eternal will to make moral choices in response to their own impulses. It is for these choices that we will be judged.

It is not at all established that good characteristics—such as reasonableness, breadth of mind, gentleness, and cooperation—have caused Jews to be excluded from any branch of Judaism. As long as such persons agree doctrinally with Judaism, these characteristics work powerfully to help them blend in. In contrast, Jews with dogmatic, intolerant and abrasive qualities (exactly the kind of people Duke and MacDonald assert stayed in Judaism) would be most constitutionally inclined to split from it.

In reality, Judaism coheres over the centuries not because it appeals to people with certain genetic traits but because Jews with the widest variety of personalities assent to its basic teachings. There is little evidence for a millennia-long consistent expulsion of the best members of the Jewish community.

But even if the Jewish community were left with undesirable genes, it does not mean such are “evil.” The apostle Paul persecuted the Christian church, epitomizing many of the bad traits of the modern Jewish/Zionist/liberal activist. He was fanatically ethnocentric, self-righteous, and homicidally intolerant of those who opposed his Judaic agenda. But these attributes, which fueled his murderous defense of Judaism, were transformed after his conversion. The very traits that made him the greatest enemy of Christianity also made him the theological lion of the church.

Scripture abundantly prophesies that Jesus, before His second coming, will do for a repentant remnant of Jews what He did for Paul on the road to Damascus, transforming a nation of persecutors of Christ into His greatest defenders.

“Bad Genes” or Necessary Traits?

If civilization is to be preserved, fighters for freedom must possess a number of "bad" genetic characteristics. They must be "critical" of evil, "aggressive" in opposing it, "vindictive" in rooting it out, and "dominant" and "exclusionary" in keeping it from rising. They must be "uncooperative" in accepting the liberal agenda. In fact, a healthy "killer instinct" against evil is vital to the social reformer. What may be viewed as genetically "bad" by simplistic liberal and reductionist evolutionary thought can as easily become vitally necessary and good.

Conversely, those "good" characteristics we applaud, such as cooperation, social amenability, acceptance of others, and love of peace, may well incline most people to do as they are told and not resist evil or think suspiciously. In the end, this destroys liberty.

But for an individual to receive genetic traits God and society expects him to overcome or creatively use is very different from Duke's and MacDonald's leap of logic that most Jews are collectively driven by malignant genes to become almost robotic destroyers of civilization.

The Real Reason Most Jews are Liberals and Social Activists

What really went wrong with Judaism?

Beginning with Judah’s exile to Babylon in the 6th century B.C., Judaism was transformed from divinely inspired Hebrew monotheism into modern, or Talmudic, Judaism. By the time Christ encountered the Pharisees, their twisted oral tradition had overthrown everything God ever tried to teach the Hebrews about loving Him with all their hearts and minds and their neighbors (including the stranger in the land) as themselves. It was not twisted genetics but spiritual rebellion and wrong moral decisions (including crucifixion of Christ) that propelled the Jewish people into the deepest spiritual darkness, laying the foundation for everything offensive in modern Jewish attitudes and agenda.

No verse in the Old Testament even hints that a Gentile is genetically inferior or subhuman – only that the peoples surrounding the Hebrews were morally degenerate and corruptive, a fact emphatically confirmed by archeology. Yet Pharisaic "sacred" literature (the Talmud and Zohar) is replete with the bitterest racist denigration of the Gentile “goyim.” (See Have You Read the Talmud Lately?)

“Jewish Bad Gene” Theory Sparks Violence

Contempt for the Jewish race is a very real malignancy. I have always defined actual anti-Semitism as “the racist belief that Jews, because of heredity, are inherently degenerate and subversive.” Duke’s and MacDonald’s theory fits this definition. They spread a premise that leads the unstable into a vicious line of reasoning: If Jews are genetically evil, they are irretrievably so; they will only continue to trash civilization; it is a good thing if someone kills them.

“White power” zealots and terrorists feed obsessively off such racist genetic determinism. Few massacres or genocides in history were not first rationalized by claims that their victims were not entirely human. This is exactly what Duke and MacDonald say about most Jews: They do not possess a full complement of "moral" genes necessary to amicably coexist with humanity.

This is what Hitler taught, leading him to favor the idea that, at least in regions where Aryans predominate, Jews should not exist. That is exactly what racist murderers like recently indicted David Pederson and Holly Grigsby believed as they headed to southern California to massacre as many Jews as possible (See Racist Violence Begins with Racist Beliefs and Police Prevent "White Power" Massacre of Jews).

“Bad Genes” Theory Serves Zionist Goals

Why is the alternative right tolerating this revival of Third Reich racism?

Weary anti-Zionist patriots are so hungry for powerful and articulate leaders, and so appreciative of all that Duke and MacDonald are doing to combat Jewish supremacism, that there is a tendency not to worry if they include an element of anti-Semitism. What is vitally important, most feel, is that someone is effectively stemming the Zionist tide.

Yet anti-Semitism mixed with truth is counterproductive. Truth will eventually be swallowed up by bigotry. Already, the average American is disgusted by the racist, rage-filled tone coming from far right message boards and websites and wants nothing to do with it.

Furthermore, the blood of innocent Jews, eventually slaughtered by far right extremists, will be on the hands of leaders who do not speak against those who diminish the humanity of the Jewish people.

I believe ADL/SPLC/DHS are delighted that such anti-Semitism is now broadcast widely. When far-right violence does occur, the full power of the federal “anti-domestic terrorism” machine will indict all who may have ideologically influenced the shooter. (See SPLC Attacks 18 "Hateful" Christian Groups) At the same time, the Jewish media and educational establishment will go into high gear, creating whole new mythologies and false lessons. (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish) More federal anti-terrorist laws, supplemented by edicts from Homeland Security and the President, will restrict freedom.

Thus, evolutionary racist genetics, as Hitler tried it, and Duke and MacDonald try it again, inevitably destroys the very anti-Zionist movements it attempts to promote.

The first appearance of blatant anti-Semitism and racism (which we see and hear now) must be strongly opposed. Much as we appreciate all that Duke and MacDonald do to hold back Zionist encroachment, their denial of full Jewish humanity is egregious. We must demand that Duke and MacDonald not mix a “Jews are genetically evil” message with their otherwise powerful and crucially necessary anti-Zionist outreach.

What You Can Do

Email David Duke and Dr. Kevin MacDonald telling them you will not tolerate denial of the fact that Jews are fully human in their genetics. Jeff Rense has told me he is too preoccupied to monitor programs on his network and is unaware, I’m sure, of the content of Duke’s and MacDonald’s April 23rd and 24th broadcasts. Please send him an email requesting zero tolerance for all who diminish the humanity of Jews as a race.

Email David Duke here:

Email Dr. Kevin MacDonald here:

Email Jeff Rense here:

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