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10 September, 2012 By Rev. Ted Pike

Several years ago, talk show host Alex Jones was seen by many as the de facto leader of the American alternative right. I knew from private conversation with him that he was not fulfilling his obligation to speak all the truth he knew. He refused to warn about Jewish supremacist activism, despite having extensive knowledge of it. Driven by the deep concern of my conscience, I revealed the truth. My three critical articles, widely distributed, helped many people perceive his defective leadership. (See An Open Letter to Alex Jones, Jones to Pike: "Don't Criticize Jews", Jones: Israel-Bashers are “Scum”)

Today, David Duke is soaring in popularity in the anti-Zionist right. He was long shunned because of his leadership in the Ku Klux Klan and close identification with the most extreme, dehumanizing racist groups—such as the Thunderbolt newspaper and other white nationalist organizations. Duke particularly alienated his supporters in 2002 when, as CBS News reports, "A search warrant, based on testimony from confidential informants, alleged that Duke took hundreds of thousands of dollars he solicited from supporters and gambled the money away at casinos." He pled guilty to charges of fraud and was also convicted of tax evasion. He spent 15 months in federal prison. LINK (ALLEGEDLY) ERASED BY UNIT 8200 OPERATORS! FOUND ON WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG WAYBACK MACHINE

Many have thought Duke’s sordid past an insurmountable barrier to leadership in America.

They were wrong.

Gifted with tireless creativity and a passionate message of national salvation, as well as speaking a great deal of vital truth, Duke has magnetic appeal to an exhausted alternative right.

Yet Duke and Dr. Kevin MacDonald, with whom he closely consults, also speak a message that is genuinely anti-Semitic. They teach that most Jews are genetically degenerate: a misevolved race whose twisted heredity inclines them to become left-wing radical activists and subvert civilization. Their premise is electric with potential to stimulate violence among unstable followers. If Jews are genetically programmed to destroy civilization, some will reason that Jews should themselves be destroyed. (See Duke and MacDonald's "Bad Jewish Genes" Theory).

It is because of Duke’s enormous potential to transform the alternative right that I must speak out at this time. Under no circumstances should it be pirated by racists. Such will only breed violence and bring the tide of human opinion against what is perhaps our last opportunity to hold back the Zionist new world order. If you care about the future of our nation, you must know the beliefs that motivate David Duke.

The Real David Duke Comes Forward

In late August, Duke called from Austria wanting to book me on his talk show, broadcast on For well over an hour, he shared his thoughts on a number of issues. His main concern was this: He says he and Dr. Kevin MacDonald believe evolutionary and cultural pressures on Jews for millennia have ruthlessly removed genetic traits for sincerity and conscience from all Jews.

"Do you mean from infants and children?" I asked. He said yes. He said there may be an infinitesimal number of exceptions; but practically speaking, all Jews are genetically programmed to defile and subvert civilization.

I was shocked. “This is anti-Semitism!”

He was undaunted and tried for 45 minutes to persuade me that all 13 million Jews are morally unredeemable. They are, he said, without viable souls. En masse, the genetic pressures of millennia have put them beyond redemption; they cannot be saved.

“But,” I told Duke, “just last week a Jew emailed me asking if there was any hope that even he, a Jew, might be saved. I told him, 'Yes! You absolutely can be saved. Simply repent from your sins and trust and obey Jesus for the rest of your life, and you will go to heaven.' He emailed me back: 'Thank you so much! You have given me hope.' "

While I was trying to relate this to Duke, however, he was yelling and interrupting me with such words as, “He’s insincere! He’s tricking you! No Jew can be saved!”

I emphasized that the New Testament prioritizes evangelism of Jews even before Gentiles. But he was adamant that no Jew can be sincere or repentant enough to be saved, nor will the grace of God save him.

Duke said the Old Testament’s descriptions of “divine” judgments on sinners (such as Sodom and Gomorrah) actually reflect the hatred and vindictiveness of the Jews who wrote them.

I objected, “What about the Old Testament prophets who epitomized the highest standards of morality, such as Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel?”

He continued to interrupt, shouting that such morality never existed. He said Jews have always been twisted and self-serving. He yelled that a race of people continuing such genocides and atrocities today (against Palestinians) can’t change; they are too evil.

I was rebuffed in my efforts to state that all humans are created in God’s image and possess a free soul. He was frustrated, unable to shake my convictions with his “scientific, genetic evidence.”

Does Duke have the "Right Stuff” to hold back Zionism?

Many welcome Duke's anti-Zionist message. It is powerful, well documented, and sorely needed. He is hailed as the “savior of the white race” and a leader with the “right stuff” to take on Jewish supremacism.

Yet, for once, ADL is right.

A decade ago, it warned that Duke's “reinvention” of himself as a tolerant humanitarian was false; underneath he had the same ideology as when he wore the robes of the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, empowered by MacDonald’s erudite genetic theory, Duke today may be even more bitterly anti-Semitic.

Although Duke and MacDonald disavow violence, their premises are loaded with potential to justify it in the fevered minds of "white power" zealots. If racists become the main leaders of patriotic, far-right grassroots activists—especially as race relations and immigration issues grow only more tense in the years ahead—the resulting violence will destroy all we have labored to establish. (See Police Prevent "White Power" Massacre of Jews)

Germans in the time of Hitler said, “Don’t trouble us with the skeletons in this man’s closet or that he is racist and his political enemies are dying all around him. He has guts, authority, eloquence and vision to deliver us where it really matters: from economic chaos, WWI indemnities, and the grip of international Jewish bankers as well as Bolsheviks wanting to overthrow our government."

Members of the alternative right must pause and reconsider at this time: Can a person with strong leadership powers who cherishes such insidious beliefs be trusted to guide us? Or could he do the opposite? Will his evolutionary racist views stimulate violence, jumpstart persecution, and lead us into permanent loss of freedom? (See Racist Violence Begins with Racist Beliefs)

My Terms for Appearing on Duke's Show

Following release of my latest article, “Duke and MacDonald's 'Bad Jewish Genes' Theory,” Duke invited me to be on his program and amicably discuss how the problem of Jewish supremacism has causes that are both spiritual and genetic. I emailed back that I would be delighted under two conditions: that he state his belief that virtually all Jews are genetically degenerate and spiritually unredeemable, and that he release Jeff Rense to post the above-noted, very important article. (In courtesy to Duke, Rense states he will publish my article when Duke has written a reply or given permission for its release. If Duke responds with an article, both his and mine will go out together. I have requested from Rense the same terms for posting of this current article. If Duke doesn’t reply yet refuses permission, it remains to be seen how Rense will respond.)

I require Duke to explain his true beliefs about Jews because I will not have a conversation on air with any talk show host whom I know is not telling the whole truth about what he believes. It would be disgraceful for me to cooperate with his deception.

In Duke’s call to invite me on his program, he said he couldn’t understand why my recent “Bad Jewish Genes” article was even necessary. He has told me the evidence is overwhelming that Jews are genetically degenerate; I should feel no need to question it. Convinced he possesses the truth, He naturally wants to convince all persons of European heritage to believe as he does. If he has his wish, the bigoted racism of Talmudic Jews in dehumanizing Gentiles will be countered by equally vehement white racism. Is this not a recipe for race war?

We are at a crossroads concerning the future of the anti-Zionist alternative right. Will we flock to Duke's website to be educated by much vital truth but also be convinced of racist premises? Or will we continue to listen to the voice of vehement yet educated and sober anti-Zionist activism that is not racist? Such voices include expression of the Biblical perspective of tolerance and restraint, as enunciated by

This is a momentous decision upon which, ultimately, our freedom could hinge.

Sequel and Conclusions

When I sent my email to Duke on Friday concerning my terms of appearance on his show, I knew I would hear back from him soon. Indeed, he called Saturday, denying everything of which he had so passionately labored to convince me a couple of weeks ago.

"Maybe you took some of the things I said wrong. I don't think Jews are genetically evil or anything like that…There's a lot of evil among those radical Zionists who dominate the Jewish community." He said he is baffled by my “petty" criticisms and desire to quarrel with him when we should be united in fighting the greatest conspiracy in history. He compared my “attacks” to people arguing as the Titanic sank. He says the body of his work is beyond reproach and he has done nothing but support me, referring countless people to and selling my book and videos. Yet, he says I have rewarded him very poorly, publicly attacking him repeatedly. He concluded by asking for my "Christian compassion" to pull back from attacking him.

I have not attacked Duke or MacDonald; I have demonstrated the fallacies of their evil genetic theory. I have every right to criticize it. It is evil. It denies the full humanity of the Jewish race. It also will stimulate violence against Jews and resultant persecution against anti-Zionists.

I will always defend every American’s right to free speech; that doesn’t prevent me from criticizing its content.

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