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28 August, 2012 By Rev. Ted Pike

White supremacist David Pedersen and his girlfriend were narrowly prevented by police from massacring Jews in southern California last year (See Police Prevent "White Power" Massacre of Jews). How did they possess such hate that they would travel a thousand miles to unleash it in blood and gunfire? How did Pedersen and Grigsby so despise the basic humanity of Jews and blacks that they casually killed a teen they thought might be Jewish and a black man they considered as worthy of life as a house fly?

For every effect there is a cause. Behind every major religious or political movement, for good or evil, there is a thinker.

White supremacism can be traced to Charles Darwin. He said that, in the eons-long descent of life, it is good for genetic misfits to die out. Only through countless deaths of individuals and species can good genetic traits survive. The basic mechanism of life which brought us here is one of brutal competition as the strongest literally claw their way forward across the skeletons of the weak. Natural history is a graveyard of innumerable life forms and species proved unworthy to continue. In recent years, evolutionary biologists have speculated about “morality genes”—genetic code which causes us to imagine that we have a conscience or a soul, thus compelling us to cooperate with other members of our society and succeed as a group. For every human trait there is an evolutionary biologist somewhere who can claim to locate its genetic root. This reductionist view of humanity both explains and justifies racism.

“White power” racism teaches that blacks are genetically inferior to whites in the evolutionary process. That is why, it is alleged, they have lower intelligence levels and higher rates of crime and social ills; they are closer to animals and more prone to savagery and violence. White nationalists have long contended that the perfect solution to the race problem would be for blacks, preferably voluntarily, to move en masse back to Africa where they misevolved.

Some racists apply this to the Jewish race. They say that, just as dogs are bred for different traits, so there are races notable for rationality and civilization. There is also a race, the Jews, notable for the instinct to corrupt and destroy. This is because Jews throughout the ages have exhibited traits which eliminated persons of noble character. Cultural, religious, and genetic forces favored persons of bigoted, conspiratorial, deceptive, or blood-letting instincts. Such critics point to the Bible for alleged examples of "shyster" Jews, such as "famine profiteer" Joseph in Egypt or violent, blood-letting Joshua, Samson, and David.

They say evil traits are especially clear in the life of Jacob, sire of the 12 tribes of Israel, who stole his brother's birthright. He introduced duplicitous, manipulative genetic tendencies into the Hebrew bloodline which condemned Jews for all time to swindle and exploit their “goyim” adversaries. This theory contends that medieval Talmudic rabbis were not only the most intelligent and popular members of the Jewish community but also the most cunning and deceitful. As a result of the large families they produced, the Jewish genome was filled with immoral genes. A tendency to exclude the best, they say, was revealed in expulsion of the Karaite Jews in medieval Europe because they rejected pharisaic authority; and even in the last two centuries such degrading selection pressures continue to work. The best of European Jews, emigrating to the West, have abandoned Judaism, assimilating with Gentiles. According to this theory, this leaves about 13 million Jews who are virtually morally irredeemable, including infants and children. They have become a race genetically programmed, like killer bees, to defile, subvert, and destroy all that is good in order to attain their evil dreams of world empire.

These beliefs are a direct application of reductionist evolutionary biology. And they are in direct contradiction to Christianity, which teaches that we each possess an immortal soul, God-breathed and untouched by genetics, which is a free moral agent. In reality, our moral ills (including those of Jews) are the result of bad moral choices, not bad genes. The Judgment Day makes sense only in this context. We are not the slaves of our genetics. We bear heavy responsibility and we will answer to God for how we choose in response to our genetic compulsions, our upbringing and our environment. No one is evil by birth.

But for the person who views the Zionist conspiracy in the context of this secular/evolutionary scenario, it is little wonder that they, like Pedersen and Grigsby, will demonize and dehumanize Jews. For the unstable and fanatical among them, it is almost inevitable they would feel it to be a service to God and humanity to kill such wreckers of civilization.

For the evolutionary racist, no life is truly sacred and divinely protected, especially the lives of despised minorities. Evolutionary racism interfaces with the dark and primitive thinking and emotions of the unstable, the simple, and the uneducated in a way perfectly calculated to produce rage – and then violence.
Today, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Justice Department, ADL and SPLC eagerly await the “perfect shooter” whose undeniable associations with, and education by, alternative right-wing media and leaders will allow accusation of “guilt by association” with him. If evolutionary racist ethics remain widespread, it is inevitable that such a shooter will manifest himself. Rep. Louis Gohmert has repeatedly warned that under Title 18 Section 2a of the 1964 Civil Rights Act if a “hate criminal” such as Pedersen had succeeded in killing dozens of Jews, then all proven to have influenced his descent to racism would be tried as if they had fired the shots with him. (See SPLC Attacks 18 "Hateful" Christian Groups)

Of course, most who teach evolutionary racism are quick to affirm they abhor violence. Yet the measure of a political or religious philosophy is how it impacts the common man, including the unstable man, on the street level. Because evolution teaches that credit for the creation of life belongs to mutations (“happy accidents” over billions of years), the Jew, the black and the rest of us are not made in the image of God but in the image of a beast – an ape, a salamander, an amoeba, and ultimately the ancestor of all of us, slime. As Pedersen and Grigsby revealed by killing Pedersen’s parents, no life is sacred, least of all that of Jews.

Influence of Duke and MacDonald

At this point I should mention David Duke and Dr. Kevin MacDonald. Both portray the Old Testament as not only without divine inspiration but very largely justifying depictions of Jewish racial characteristics of dominance, aggressiveness, and even vindictive enjoyment of seeing their enemies suffer. As such, they agree with evolutionary racists in portraying Jews as possessing twisted genetics. Unfortunately, the influence of these leaders cements the conviction of many in the racialist substratum that the "Jewish problem" is really a genetic one: that everything that is wrong with Jews and Judaism "is in their genes." Thus, to some in the racialist grassroots, this evolutionary perspective on the depravity of many Jews suggests an evolutionary solution: The world would be better off if someone got rid of them.

In contrast, an appreciation of the role of righteous Old Testament Hebrews in (even violently) making a refuge of righteousness and obedience to God within a fiercely hostile Canaanite world (a role vital to preparing the way for Jesus) has a powerfully moderating effect upon anti-Zionist anger. We come to see, as does the New Testament, that the Jews, especially after the crucifixion of Christ have descended into the deepest, darkest spiritual apostasy and blindness, not genetic twistedness. As did the prophets, we see the measureless grace and love of Christ to forgive and restore a repentant remnant of Jews at His coming.

Duke's and MacDonald's denigration of God's long-term plan of Jewish redemption leaves racialists only with the bitterest anger. For some, the logical "solution," elimination of Jews, becomes a live option.

Acceptance of the Biblical perspective, however, immediately pours soothing oil on such troubled waters. It tells us, "Yes, speak out vehemently, as did Jesus and the prophets, against evil Jewish leaders. Yet wait on the Lord. He has a bigger quarrel with wicked Jews than we and will deal with them in unimaginable wrath (the Great Tribulation) just prior to His second coming."

Jesus said, "By their fruits you shall know them." Evolutionary racism produced the murders and intent to massacre Jews expressed by Pedersen and Grigsby. A return to biblical perspective bears fruit of passionate opposition to Zionism, such as exists at, but also patience and restraint.

It is time for all in the alternative right to proclaim “zero tolerance” for evolutionary racism. Everyone should recognize that such provides both match and gasoline for “white power” fanatics. Such persons could create a firestorm of persecution that would destroy not only the anti-Zionist movement we have labored so long to create, but freedom itself.

Editor's note: Doubtful about the inspiration of the Old Testament? At the Biblical Answers page we have many Bible studies explaining and justifying God's Old Testament purposes for the Hebrews and the pivotal role which all the great Old Testament figures played in fulfilling it.

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