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19 May, 2008 By Rev. Ted Pike

After the California Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage, the Anti-Defamation League rejoiced: LINK (ALLEGEDLY) ERASED BY UNIT 8200 OPERATORS! FOUND ON WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG WAYBACK MACHINE

"We are pleased by the court’s decision supporting the right of same-sex couples to marry, and welcome this reaffirmation of equal protection for all. We are also gratified that the court agreed with our assertion that the law raised privacy issues, exposing gay individuals ‘to detrimental treatment by those who continue to harbor prejudices that have been rejected by California society at large."
ADL was, in part, congratulating itself.

Last September ADL and ten homosexual organizations submitted a coalition brief to the California Supreme Court urging legalization of homosexual marriage. Authored by law firm Proskauer Rose, LLP, the brief charted 24 pages of the best legal arguments for same-sex marriage in California. LINK (ALLEGEDLY) ERASED BY UNIT 8200 OPERATORS! FOUND ON WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG WAYBACK MACHINE On this legal “highway,” it may have been easier for the liberal California Supreme Court to go where ADL wanted – to decree that it is unconstitutional and discriminatory to bar homosexuals from the privileges, privacy, and protections of marriage. The Supreme Court’s 4-3 decision for gay marriage, in fact, largely mirrors ADL's well-known position. ADL argues that anything less than equal marital status makes homosexuals "second-class citizens." LINK (ALLEGEDLY) ERASED BY UNIT 8200 OPERATORS! FOUND ON WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG WAYBACK MACHINE

Why is ADL's presence in this coalition significant? Because ADL leads the list, imparting the tremendous authority it has with liberal jurists.

I document in my recent e-alert, “Jewish ABC Celebrates Gay Marriage,,” that Jewish activists, whether in the media or anti-Christian "civil liberties" attack groups, are demonstrating not only vehement anti-Christianity but spectacularly powerful ability to shape legal opinions and morality.

Predictably, in all the public outrage against the California Supreme Court decision, there is little thought that Jewish activism helped make it happen. As usual, "the gay lobby" draws fire from the religious right. Once again, Jewish activists escape suspicion. Unaffected by the tumult, they prepare for their next blasphemous movie, "hate crimes" law, or perverse court decision. Meanwhile, Christians, wearied by Jewish media corruption, sag beneath yet another empowerment of evil.

Only a century ago, sodomy was illegal, punishable by imprisonment. Then, beginning in the early sixties, the Jewish media led efforts to make it acceptable. (See,"Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish") During the last decade it has been legitimized through same-sex "union." But now, in its arguments to the California Supreme Court, ADL and the homosexuals allege that only the right of marriage for sodomites will end discrimination against them. The California Supreme Court agreed with the final sentence of the coalition's brief: "The way to cure this Constitutional infirmity is to permit same-sex couples to marry."

What Next?

As the mastermind of "anti-hate" laws worldwide, ADL wants to take Christians to the same place of contempt homosexuals occupied a century ago. They want to make it illegal, punishable by imprisonment, for Christians to criticize sodomy. In Canada, under ADL's federal and provincial hate laws, public criticism of homosexuality means a $5,000 fine. Further criticism means contempt of court and prison. That's what California's anti-hate law, S. 1977, created by Jewish lesbian activist, Sheila Kuehl, and signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger, is already setting in motion. (See, "How the Bible Became 'Hate Speech' in California")

Why Are They Winning?

How did America drift so far from God's law? Part of the reason is that for the last century evangelicals have ignored Christ's command that Pharisaic Judaism should remain under perpetual suspicion by the church. He warned, "Beware of the leaven (teachings) of the Pharisees (Talmudic Judaism)." (Mark 8:15) The church, embarrassed by this and many other "anti-Semitic" warnings by Christ and the apostles, effectively omits them. (Refer to endnotes.) Virtually no pastors and Bible teachers read or teach these scriptures with the emphasis and specificity concerning Talmudic Judaism which Christ intended. By such de-emphasis, they mock New Testament warnings, frustrating Christ's intense desire to warn His church. Jewish anti-Christian activism is proving to be one of the greatest enemies the church has ever encountered.

In fact, such teachers and leaders do the opposite of what Christ commanded: They give Jewish activism special protection from scrutiny, identification as Jewish, and criticism. Christ foretold last days' deceptions would be so subtle and persuasive that "even the very elect, if possible, would be deceived." (Matthew 24:24) As a result of doing the opposite of what Christ commanded, evangelicals are now brainwashed by the very group He warned them to be most wary of!

It is not surprising, then, that evangelicals are oblivious to the danger to freedom and Christianity posed by Jewish activist fronts. Such blindness allows Jewish anti-Christianity to flourish, especially behind the scenes in the media, government, and law.

Although Christians give "most favored status" to the Jews, they receive no such protection from Jewish activists. Having spurned salty Biblical truth, evangelicals are now spurned by the possibly ADL-assisted California Supreme Court. Without Biblical saltiness, evangelicals, in fulfillment of Christ's prediction, are once again "trodden under the foot of men." (Mat. 5:13)

How long will God's law be trampled? As long as Christians remain ashamed of the warnings of Jesus and His apostles.

What will curtail the corrupting power of Jewish activism? Christians who proclaim Christ's warnings with the faith and boldness He intended.


Here are New Testament teachings that Jews consider anti-Semitic and are usually deprived of full emphasis or significance by evangelical leaders:

1. Christ's extensive and scathing denunciations of the Pharisees (Matt. 23).
2. Christ's description of Judaism as spiritually "desolate" (Matt. 23:38).
3. Portrayal by the Gospels of Jewish leaders as masterminds of the crucifixion. (John 11:53)
4. Testimony of the Gospels that the Jewish people shouted, "Crucify him! His blood be upon us and our children" (Matt. 27:25).
5. Assertion that the Jews inadvertently sacrificed Christ as a type of Passover lamb (John 2:13, I Cor. 5:7).
6. Accusation by the apostles that the Jews and their leaders had Christ crucified (Acts 2:23, 36; 3:18; 4:10; 5:30; 8:52; I Thess 2:15).
7. Statement by St. Paul that anti-Christian Jews are "enemies of the Gospel" (Rom. 11:28) and "not pleasing to God but hostile to all men" (I Thess. 2:15-16).
8. St. John's claim that Judaism, not having the Son, also does not have the Father and is "anti-Christ" (I John 2:22, 4:3; II John 1:7).
9. Christ's claim in Revelation that Jews, denying Christ, are liars, the "synagogue of Satan" (Rev. 2:9, 3:9).
10. Revelation's description of Jerusalem as "Sodom and Egypt" (Rev. 11:8).

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