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4 February, 2013 By Rev. Ted Pike

For the past century, the eagerness of the evangelical church to unconditionally help build the walls of the anti-Christ state of Israel is a marvel of history. This infatuation has frustrated all efforts to return the church to a balanced, Biblical position. The church's present decline in spirituality closely resembles great declines in ages past. As in the past, erroneous Christian doctrine radiates to create political error and confusion.

The solution to those previous declines did not come from within. It came from outsiders' new, revolutionary ways of thinking and worshipping God. So it must be today.

Atrophy and Renewal through History

In 597 B.C. an almost completely corrupt Jewish people were dragged into distant Babylonian captivity. God's continuing destiny for them did not consist of revival of faith in the captive population in Babylon. Rather, godly men like Ezra, Nehemiah and Zerubabbel led a faithful minority (about ten percent) and created a new Jewish community in Palestine.

This community succeeded during the lives of these righteous leaders. But in the several centuries before Christ, evil Jewish leaders from Babylon, the scribes and Pharisees, arrived in Palestine and seized the devotion of the Jewish people. They brought darkness so great that most Jews of Palestine could not recognize their Messiah when He came, and they had Him crucified.

What did God do to continue bringing salvation to the world? Again, He started new. He wrote His spiritual truths and laws on fresh clean hearts, both Jew and Gentile, made possible by the blood of His Son, Jesus.

In time, the church forgot to look only at Christ. It put its trust in fleshly church leaders, who exalted their own authority above Scripture. Popes and priests told the people to look to them for guidance, not to Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible.
After about a thousand years of Roman Catholic bondage, God raised spiritual reformers such as Wycliffe, Zwingli, Huss, and especially Martin Luther. Luther did not try to reform a corrupt and deceived Roman church. He started new. Although the papacy had chained the Bible to church altars and prohibited translation from Latin to common tongues, the Protestant Reformation brought every man access to the Bible and empowered him to find truth and God's will through such holy writings,
assisted by the Holy Spirit.

As a result, new movements of great truth and spiritual light burst forth, such as the Quakers and Methodists. They provided the most truly spiritual influence within the Reformation for at least 200 years.

But again, as the Church approached the 20th century, new enemies attempted to steal leadership of the church away from Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

This happened in several ways. German rationalism (skepticism of the Bible) as well as the theory of evolution led much of the church, including most Methodists and Quakers, into liberalism. Zionist Jews, descendants of exactly those Pharisees who came from Babylon 2000 years earlier, took effective control of the evangelical church in western nations. Jewish Zionists taught evangelical seminaries, teachers, media, and pastors that they must make it a central part of their mission to support Israel and never curse the Jews through criticism.

As a result, evangelical pastors, fulfilling the desires of the synagogue of Satan, led God's people into the present darkness and bondage to Jewish supremacism – a monstrous worldwide scourge identified clearly by Scripture as "Babylon the Great." (See 'Babylon the Great' is Israel)

How Do We Escape the Darkness?

What is the way out of this crisis and dilemma? Is it to try to awaken and reconstruct a deluded evangelical church from within? Or is it to start new under fresh Holy Spirit-led teaching and leadership? Where can such leadership be found? This is extremely important because whatever ideology or theology fills the present vacuum of truth must provide a level foundation. Lovers of truth must identify bad or unhealthy teaching, systems of religion and political thought that contain corrupting and self-defeating weakness.

For example, Calvinism is a potent weakness that will undermine the ministry of any anti-Zionist Christian. Calvinism is the most popular interpretation of Christianity by evangelicals everywhere. Almost all Israel-first evangelicals are Calvinists. It teaches that, through the "new birth" experience, the believer in Christ enjoys unconditional favor as God's elect, even permitting him to commit the worst sins without losing salvation.

For more than a century this exaltation of a spiritual covenant with God as our means of securing God's blessing has been extended to Israel. Although most Calvinists don't believe Jews are saved because of their covenant promise to Abraham, they believe a covenant guarantee, similar to their own conversion experience, has been extended to Israel, allowing the Jews and Israel to do wickedly yet remain under the blessings of God's covenant. Under such covenant guarantee, Israel possesses unconditional rights to occupy Palestine even though in disobedience. Calvinism thus powerfully aids establishment of a Jewish world system which will ultimately destroy the church.

Candidates for Anti-Zionist Leadership

Here are the major contenders for leadership of the burgeoning anti-Zionist movement.

  1. White nationalism. White nationalism, like Nazism, is predicated not on any real respect for the Bible but on the theory of evolution. It says some races such as blacks and Jews evolved poorly. The white race has evolved spectacularly and should dominate -- or at least not be victimized and discriminated against by -- a liberal establishment controlled by genetically degenerate Jews. Vehemently anti-Zionist, white nationalism provides very poor leadership because its racist message alienates the generous and tolerant beliefs of people today. Also, its demonization of Jews stimulates authentic anti-Semitism and even violence against them. Violence will inevitable destroy any anti-Zionist movements led by white nationalists. Jewish media will easily further demonize critics of Judaism, profiting from destruction of our movement in the same way they have staggeringly profited from creation of their "holocaust" mythologies after the destruction of Nazism. (See Duke and MacDonald's "Bad Jewish Genes" Theory)

  2. Displacement theology. Displacement theology contends there is no unique divine destiny left to Jews; all who believe in Christ are now the "seed of Abraham" and share the same place in God's plan of redemption. Displacement theology includes amillenialism, pretorism, and Christian reconstructionism, which all dismiss as "symbolic" the wealth of specific Old and New Testament scriptures that specifically say God does have a continuing quarrel with the Jewish people and a destiny that culminates with conversion of a remnant of Jews at Christ's second coming.

    Because displacement theology is based on a very narrow interpretation of Scripture and negates the specific promises of God to Jews, most evangelicals rightly reject it. It blatantly violates Paul's command that Gentiles not "boast against the [Jewish] branches." (Romans 11:18) They consider displacement theology an enemy of one of God's very greatest desires – to show His incredible mercy to reprobate Jews, confirming to all mankind His incredible love and power to save even the vilest sinner. As a result of this error, displacement theologians needlessly offend evangelicals and can't share their wealth of anti-Zionist truth.

  3. Christian identity. This movement says most people of white European heritage are descendants of the lost ten tribes of Israel. Its popular "two seed line" variation says Jews and some other minorities are not fully human but the offspring of Eve's sexual intercourse with Lucifer. Consequently, they need not be evangelized. This extreme, racist, and heretical ideology is so at odds with biblical, historic, and genetic reality that it poses no real candidacy for leading evangelicals away from Zionism or providing any lasting leadership to thinking people.

  4. Secular anti-Zionism. During the past decade, secular opposition to Israeli injustice has erupted in academia (including among some Jewish academics), on college campuses, and among some liberal Protestant denominations. While welcome, this movement remains extremely constricted in its focus against the state of Israel and her excessive influence on the US government. But it largely ignores an even greater threat – Jewish supremacist control worldwide, such as Jewish control of media, Wall Street and international finance, and bullying "civil liberties" groups such as ADL, with its freedom-destroying hate laws. Such narrowness of focus (which includes ignoring the racist hate contained in rabbinic sacred literature, the Talmud and Kabala) severely limits the ability of secular anti-Zionists to withstand the global threat of Jewish supremacism.

  5. Lastly, and in its own timeless category: The Bible. Throughout all of Jewish history the Bible has been the ultimate antagonist to Jewish desire to usurp God's authority. As the written voice of God through Jewish prophets and apostles, it is the proven veteran in dealing with Jewish rebellion and perversity – the ultimate authority to which anti-Zionists should refer. The Bible is the anti-Zionist's best friend. Here are some reasons the Bible is the most level, solid and trustworthy guide for all desiring lasting resistance to the Jewish agenda.
    1. The Bible records that, as today, in almost every period of Jewish history Jews were attempting to pervert and evade God's law, sometimes overtly, sometimes through apathy and appeasement. The prophets and judges opposed and criticized them vehemently. The Bible thus repeatedly lays down a truth the evangelical church desperately needs: It is not anti-Semitic to vocally oppose Jews who are motivated by evil hearts and resistance to Christ. The Bible is, in fact, the record of such opposition and denunciation, from Moses through the New Testament. If God was entitled to move His greatest saints to criticize evil Jewish leaders, can't He do so today?

    2. The Bible also encourages evangelicals that there is no curse on those who continue the work of the Jewish prophets, at God's inspiration, to criticize evil among Jews or Judaism.

    3. The Bible also condemns establishment of any state of Israel by a population of unbelieving Jews. Dozens of Old Testament passages enforce God's edict of "no obedience, no covenant and no right to occupy Palestine as a nation." If evangelicals truly believe the Bible, such testimony should present an iron barrier to unconditional support of the Christ-rejecting, strife-engendering, biblically lawless state of Israel. (See List of Conditional Salvation/Conditional Occupation Verses )

    4. The Bible never forgets God's frequent promises to the Jews that if they will repent He will consider them His chosen people again and allow them to reoccupy the land. Scripture says this will occur at Christ's second coming. Such optimism provides a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel of Jewish apostasy - a light which causes anti-Zionists not to burnout, but continue the resistance, knowing that God is in control.

Such hope for a people Scripture calls unusually "stiff-necked" and a "curse among the heathen" (Zech. 8:13) is a powerful brake on the common tendency among some anti-Zionists to vilify Jews beyond all redemption. Strong acceptance of the Bible's testimony that Judaism is wicked, not because of the racial degeneracy of Jews but because of the staggering numbers of wrong moral decisions, guarantees that no actual anti-Semitism will emerge from a Biblically based anti-Zionist movement.

Meanwhile Scripture gives Christian anti-Zionists the fullest latitude to follow the Holy Spirit and the Biblical path of criticizing wicked Jews. Following this pattern of righteous rebuke, yet visionary moderation and perspective, the Bible guarantees to our movement divine protection. This holds promise that the truth can survive for generations to come.

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