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24 April, 2008 By Rev. Ted Pike

The Southern Poverty Law Center, prominent Jewish "civil liberties" group, recently alerted 300,000 influential people-including human rights groups, politicians and 60,000 law enforcement officers-that Rev. Ted Pike's National Prayer Network and Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) are both "active U.S. hate groups." SPLC calls us dangerous extremist organizations. It wants police and government to watch us closely. (See, here.) LINK (ALLEGEDLY) ERASED BY UNIT 8200 OPERATORS! FOUND ON WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG WAYBACK MACHINE

TVC is a mainstream evangelical, ardently pro-Zionist watchdog group. Its head is Jewish Christian, Louis P. Sheldon.

How did this group make it on SPLC's "Year in Hate" list? TVC opposes hate crime laws and the homosexual agenda. For this reason, SPLC lists it beside Fred Phelps' fanatics, the Klan and skinheads. Jewish activist groups want to increasingly broaden the terms "hate" and "anti-Semitism" to include evangelicals.

The Jewish-controlled "Office of Global Anti-Semitism" in the U.S. State Department joins SPLC in attempts to marginalize Christians. Eighty-two percent of American evangelical Christians support Israel; but the State Department says they are anti-Semites if they believe the New Testament account of Jewish complicity in the crucifixion (See, Bible is Hate, says U.S. Government)!

Jewish activists thus display a truly hateful intent-to harm Christians and deprive them of freedom. Such activists work to warp public and government perceptions of Christian conservatives-demonizing us as potential sources of "homophobic," anti-Semitic bigotry and possible violence. SPLC alleges a 48 percent increase of threat from the "radical right" since 2000. Jewish attack groups such as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, American Civil Liberties Union, and People for the American Way, smear "homophobic" evangelicals as being part of this "threat."

After defaming Christians as "haters," Jewish supremacists want to actually outlaw Christian political activity and evangelism. The ADL created hate crime laws that will particularly outlaw reproof of sodomy and evangelism of non-Christians, especially Jews.

In 1971, Canadian ADL succeeded in Canada. It lobbied for 15 years before the Canadian Parliament adopted its federal hate crimes law. Today Canadian Christians and Christian ministries can't publicly criticize homosexuality or Judaism. American broadcasters like Dr. Dobson and Dr. Laura Schlessinger (Jewish) must edit criticism of homosexuality before airing on Canadian radio and television. (Needless to say, these mainstream broadcasters would never criticize matters Jewish.)

In America, our free speech is threatened. In Canada, Australia, and many European countries where hate laws prevail, it is only a memory.

Hard-To-Please Jews

Christians can no longer please Jewish supremacists with passion for Israel. Militant Jewish watchdog groups want more. They want evangelicals to follow the example of Dr. John Hagee and affirm that:

1. Jews don't have to believe in Christ for salvation.
2. Jews should not be evangelized.
3. The name of Jesus should not be used in public ceremonies involving Jews, or in the presence of Jews.
4. Jews and Judaism should not be viewed as incomplete without Christ.
5. Jews did not mastermind the crucifixion.
6. New Testament Christianity is a primary cause of anti-Semitism leading to the Holocaust. (See, John Hagee: False Prophet)

In other words, Christians must now deny their Lord and divest themselves of the New Testament fundamentals of their faith. To do less is to remain "haters" in the eye of activist Jews.

Jewish activists also want evangelical leaders to follow Hagee in doing nothing effective to oppose their hate crime laws.

As the most powerful Jewish activist group, influencing a galaxy of lesser Jewish left-wing organizations, ADL is impatient to begin persecution of American Christians. It hopes to do this by restricting "homophobic hate speech" on the internet and passage of its federal hate crimes bill next winter. Although repeatedly defeated in its attempt to pass federal hate crimes legislation, ADL continually manifests its tremendous power and influence through a multitude of propaganda outlets, from the international to the local level. Rep. John Rarick quoted Sen. Jack Tenney of California in the Congressional Record: "The CIA and FBI are tinker toys compared to the ADL." (Congressional Record, Dec. 6, 1971)

No President rules without pleasing ADL. One of the first things George Bush did after winning the presidency was to have an extended visit with ADL. Last week, he spoke by video to ADL's National Leadership Conference in New York City. He said ADL, as one of America's great civil rights organizations, is "a leading voice for freedom and equality."

Goodbye to any illusion that Pres. Bush would buck ADL by vetoing their cherished hate crimes bill!

Everyone in Congress bows before ADL. This includes Republican leaders representing the religious right. Former House Minority Whip Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) has been a bulwark of opposition to ADL's federal hate crimes bill for many years. Yet he was present at ADL's recent convention, speaking ADL-friendly platitudes. If he doesn't, he knows he could face defeat in the next election.

For the past 30 years, evangelical leaders have vilified the ACLU, ignoring ADL because it was conspicuously Jewish. Now, although they never publicly mention ADL as a threat, privately they must be increasingly aware that ADL is out to get them. Yet, all evangelicals still think the world of Israel! The truth is, ADL and Israel are one. ADL is the unregistered agent of a foreign nation, Israel, in violation of the 1937 Foreign Agents Registration Act. ADL, Mossad, Israel, and a myriad of well-funded, anti-Christian, Jewish activist groups all work in concert toward one goal: elevation of Jewish power in America, the Mid-East, and the world. This includes persecution of Christian evangelism through hate laws and restrictions in America, the Mid-East, and the world. (See, Christians in Israel: An Endangered Species).

Incredibly, there exists another massive, widespread, and potentially super-powerful group that also is an unregistered agent for Zionism in all its forms. It is the very group Jewish supremacists want to marginalize, persecute, and destroy.

It's at least 40 million American evangelicals.

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