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9 July, 2012 By Rev. Ted Pike

NSA Invading Your Privacy

As Americans celebrated our "freedom and liberty" last week, few realized our government is now spending $2 billion on the largest spy center. It will require the electricity used by a city of 200,000 people. Its ostensible purpose is to know everything possible about America's "cyber enemies." It will also know everything about you. It will constantly sift through every phone call, email, text and twitter, building and storing an increasingly complex profile of every American who uses modern technology. It will be quite easy for government to see who welcomes the new world order, and who does not.

Journalist James Bamford has documented how Israeli companies with extensive ties to the government of Israel are watching, reading, and decoding almost every telecommunication in the western world. (See Is Israel Wiretapping America?) The CISPA bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives will even further legitimize violation of our privacy rights in telecommunications. (See Protest “CISPA” - New Federal Internet Takeover)
The government has been quietly removing every last piece of American privacy since 9/11. Already, Bamford reports, it has engaged big internet companies like Google to track our most private communications and report back what the government might consider "threatening" speech. Cyber surveillance is so invasive it makes X-ray machines at the airport look Amish.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League eagerly anticipates CISPA's passage. Already in consultation with Jewish internet giants Facebook and Google, it wants "most favored" NGO privileges to define the "bad guys" (primarily critics of Israel) to track. (See ADL Prepares for Internet Takeover)

Bamford recently published an article in Wired magazine stating that:

deep in the Utah desert, the National Security Agency is building the country’s biggest spy center. It’s the final piece of a secret surveillance network that will intercept and store your phone calls, emails, Google searches… yottabytes of data—including yours—will be stored there.

He says it will be “the most powerful computer the world has ever known.” NSA defends this ultimate electronic Big Brother as necessary in the war on terror, particularly to decipher codes used by terrorists and hostile governments.

David Davis, former Shadow Home Secretary in Britain, warns of similar plans there. He says such invasion of privacy is “an unnecessary extension of the ability of the State to snoop on people…What this is talking about doing is not focusing on terrorists or criminals. It’s absolutely everybody’s emails, phone calls, web access."

…for the first time since Watergate…the NSA has turned its surveillance apparatus on the US and its citizens. It has established listening posts throughout the nation to collect and sift through billions of email messages and phone calls, whether they originate within the country or overseas. It has created a supercomputer of almost unimaginable speed to look for patterns and unscramble codes. Finally, the agency has begun building a place to store all the trillions of words and thoughts and whispers captured in its electronic web. And, of course, it’s all being done in secret. (Bamford)

Israel’s Connection to Spy Center

Making matters even more ominous, NSA continues to work with Verint and Narus, the two Israeli companies through which telecommunications of Western nations are routed. In The Bellarmine Report," Michael Kelley writes

Two companies that bugged the US telecommunications network for the National Security Agency (NSA) have extensive links to Israel’s intelligence service, as reported by James Bamford at Wired. NSA's chief General Keith Alexander was called before Congress last week to testify about the $2 billion Utah spy center the NSA is currently building, and he said that the NSA does not have the ability to spy on the confidential personal communications of Americans. It seems that he wasn't lying since the NSA hired secretive contractors with extensive ties to Israel to provide hardware and software for 10 to 20 wiretapping rooms in key telecommunication points throughout the country, according to Wired.

Kelley quotes from Wired,

According to a former Verizon employee… Verint… taps the communication lines at Verizon [with Verizon’s permission.] At AT&T the wiretapping rooms are powered by software and hardware from Narus, now owned by Boeing….”

Both Verint and Narus were founded in Israel in the 1990s. Both provide monitoring and intercept capabilities to service providers and government organizations…

Several weeks ago the US announced an agreement with Israel to work even more closely against cyber terrorism. This would, of course, involve sharing information and probably technology.

Testimony of an NSA Insider

Bamford interviews William Binney, former NSA crypto-mathematician, largely responsible for automating the agency’s worldwide eavesdropping network. Binney left NSA after 9/11 in 2001 when it became clear NSA had no intention of respecting the US Constitution. Binney further comments on the role of Israeli companies in facilitating NSA’s spying activities.

The software, created by a company called Narus that’s now part of Boeing, is controlled remotely from NSA headquarters at Fort Meade in Maryland and searches US sources for target addresses, locations, countries, and phone numbers, as well as watch-listed names, keywords, and phrases in email. Any communication that arouses suspicion, especially those to or from the million or so people on agency watch lists, are automatically copied or recorded and then transmitted to the NSA.

The scope of surveillance expands from there, Binney says. Once a name is entered into the Narus database, all phone calls and other communications to and from that person are automatically routed to the NSA’s recorders…"The Narus device allows you to take it all."

According to Binney, one of the deepest secrets of the [NSA's] Stellar Wind program…was that the NSA gained warrantless access to AT&T’s vast trove of domestic and international billing records, detailed information about who called whom in the US and around the world. As of 2007, AT&T had more than 2.8 trillion records housed in a database at its Florham Park, New Jersey, complex.

Verizon was also part of the program, Binney says, and that greatly expanded the volume of calls subject to the agency’s domestic eavesdropping…

Once the communications are intercepted and stored, the data-mining begins. “You can watch everybody all the time with data- mining,” Binney says. Everything a person does becomes charted on a graph, “financial transactions or travel or anything,” he says. Thus, as data like bookstore receipts, bank statements, and commuter toll records flow in, the NSA is able to paint a more and more detailed picture of someone’s life.

Can We Learn From History?

NSA’s development of gargantuan computers with unprecedented snooping and code-breaking capabilities has been compared to the “Manhattan Project” in the early 1940s, which led to creation of the atomic bomb. At that time, conservatives ignored the liberal Jewish community’s promotion of left-wing causes and sympathy with Russia. The FDR administration invited into it a flood of Marxist Jews and allowed some to play an integral role in creation of the bomb. Jews in important security positions supplied Russia with America's atomic secrets. Of the ten arrested and charged with treason for helping deliver the bulk of American technology on the theory and construction of the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union, no fewer than eight were Jews: Harry Gold, David Greenglass, Abraham Brothman, Miriam Moskowitz, Sidney Weinbaum, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, and Morton Sobel. These quickly gave Russia all the information necessary for its own atomic weapon. The “Cold War” nuclear arms race was on.

Israel will soon have the same knowledge of your internet searches, emails, and phone calls as does the US government. Knowledge of your private beliefs and correspondence ultimately means the coming Zionist world government will know almost everything about you.

One of the characteristics of 20th-century communist revolutions was that, perhaps years in advance, Marxist conspirators compiled exhaustive lists of "enemies of the people," with as much detail as possible. After the government was overthrown, such persons were apprehended for imprisonment, murder, or exile to labor camps. Binney says the determination of NSA to surveil and create possible dossiers on anyone they want and that "they were going to crucify anyone who stood in the way" reveals a much deeper, far reaching, and sinister motivation than mere national security.

There can be little doubt the hidden conspirators behind NSA are preparing the greatest revolution ever, a sweeping away of all national sovereignties and personal rights. This will involve persecution and even mass murder far beyond what was experienced under the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia after 1917. (See Jewish Activists Created Communism)

The official position of the state of Israel is Orthodox Judaism. This religion exalts the Babylonian Talmud and the Zohar, or Kabbalah, as its most sacred and inspired text, far surpassing the Old Testament Torah. The Zohar says,

when G-d reveals himself they [those, like Amalek who oppose Israel] will be wiped off the earth… redemption will not be complete until Amalek will be exterminated… (Zohar I, 25b)
'living soul refers to Israel, who have holy living souls from above, and 'cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth' to the other peoples who are not 'living soul'…
[When Israel's "goyim" enemies are at last destroyed] man [Israel] should be unique and ruler over all. (Zohar I, 47a)

The Noahide Laws of the Talmud decree death to Christian "idolaters." The Talmud teaches that when Messiah comes (the Antichrist), great suffering must be unleashed on the Gentiles to establish Hebrew monotheism in all the earth. All who persist in worshipping the Christian "polytheistic” Trinity and the "false prophet" and "blasphemer" Jesus Christ must of necessity be destroyed. (See Coming Jewish 'Utopia' Ruled by Noahide Laws)
How Can We Hold Back the Darkness?

Jesus predicted a “night” of governmental restriction on free speech and action in the last days. He commanded Christians to “work, for the night is coming when no man can work.” (John 9:4) The nearly omniscient surveillance portended by NSA’s one million square foot data facility confirms the feasibility of Christ's dire prediction.

What can we do? Copy Jesus! He scathingly excoriated evil Jewish leaders publicly, in the greatest detail, without any fear of ever being legitimately called "anti-Semitic." Only through a revival of authentic Christianity and a continuing grassroots educational upheaval casting suspicion on Zionism in all its forms can we hope to prevent domination of America's cyber security offensive by Zionists. Only then can we effectively hold back Babylon the Great from rulership of the world. (See Babylon the Great' is Israel)

Yes, it takes effort and courage to follow Jesus' example and speak out against those who would first vilify us as “anti-Semitic”, then enslave us. But it will take much, much more effort and courage to survive in the "night" of the worldwide Zionist gulag to come.

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