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27 July, 2009 By Rev. Ted Pike

After the pro-hate bill victory in the Senate July 16, I hoped against hope to find (or contrive) a way to induce President Obama to veto the arms/hate bill. Conflict between the President’s will versus that of the House of Representatives in regard to further purchase of F-22 fighters seemed to hold such promise. That hope faded in discussion I had Friday with the office of Democrat Rep. Earl Blumenauer from my district. His staffer told me that despite a 389-22 vote in the House last month in favor of adding 7 to 12 Raptors to the arms bill, House Democrat leadership is now moving rapidly to abandon such support. They will unite with the Senate to strip further F-22s, determined to present Obama with an arms/hate bill package in no danger of veto.

Further, he told me, the defense industry, far from being disappointed or miffed at losing $1.75 billion in F-22 contracts, looks forward to receiving the same funds for production of the more modern, versatile F-35. Blumenauer’s office is receiving no pressure from the defense industry to revive the F-22 issue.

Clearly, there no longer exists any substantive basis to believe the arms/hate bill might be vetoed. Thus it is not plausible that public pressure might induce President Obama not to sign the hate bill into law this fall.

After proposing a last-ditch offensive to defeat the hate bill late last week, I feel something like the Japanese soldiers who kept fighting on remote South Pacific islands well after the war ended. If such tenacity is a fault, I would rather be guilty of it than have failed to do everything I could to kill the hate bill while there was time.

But there is still very much all of us can do to preserve liberty.

We need to help make the hate law unenforceable by resisting and disobeying inevitable government edicts (particularly as precedents from liberal courts) to limit free speech. This will require willingness to suffer for the cause of truth and freedom. To help empower such courage we must continue widespread education against hate laws (such as exists at We must publicize as widely as possible the fact that a cabal of liberal Jewish supremacists is behind all hate laws worldwide. These, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, says are in “relentless attack on evangelical Christians.” Only through encountering massive public resistance and exposure will ADL/B’nai B’rith (organized world Jewry) be slowed on their fast track to world dominion.

The epicenter of such liberal Jewish attack on Christian civilization is the state of Israel. Israel is a nation founded on theft, repression, and terror (See, Israel: Founded on Terror). Despite its claim to democracy, it is one of the most repressive speech crime regimes in the world. In 1920 Christians constituted 20% of the inhabitants of Palestine. Now, as a result of decades of official harassment and discrimination as well as “anti-missionary” laws criminalizing even casual conversations about Christ with Jews, only 2% of Israelis are Christians. The Israeli government continues to look the other way as Messianic Christian Jews in Israel suffer constant harassment, discrimination and even violence, especially from ultra-Orthodox zealots (See website of Lura Maimon Beckford). Knesset continues to propose even stricter speech crime laws against Christians.

ADL Congratulates Itself

As the official PR representative of Israel and organized world Jewry, ADL has been spectacularly successful in bringing Israeli-style speech crime laws to the western industrialized world. With great pride and boldness, ADL took credit last week for its pivotal role in originating and passing the Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

“For more than 10 years, ADL has led a broad coalition of civil rights, religious, educational, law enforcement and civic organizations working in support of the legislation. Last month, ADL presented testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the HCPA.

ADL has been a pioneer in advocating for hate crime legislation since the first ADL model hate crime statute was adopted almost 30 years ago. Forty-five states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws based on or similar to the ADL model.”

Evangelical Christians, by their determination to never criticize “God’s chosen people,” have made possible ADL’s hate bill victory in Congress. Their continued silence ensures probable victory of even more ADL bias and hate crime bills now straining to move forward in September. For decades I have been regarded as “anti-Semitic” by most large evangelical leadership groups for simply stating what ADL now proudly admits: ADL is the architect of state and federal hate laws. Yet even though ADL confirms this charge, evangelicals remain protective of ADL by their silence—fearful of being thought “anti-Semitic.” No evangelical leader has the courage to quote the above statement by ADL.

Instead, last week, 4,000 evangelicals descended on Congress. They went not to protest the Israeli-style hate law designed to end their freedom but, rather, to support a nation that makes Christians into speech criminals. Led by Pastor John Hagee, hordes of evangelicals visited every Congressional office encouraging even greater funding and approval of the anti-Christ regime that persecutes their brethren.

Join the Resistance!

Passage of S. 909 is indeed a staggering blow to lovers of freedom. Many will now conclude it’s not worthwhile to attempt to resist the next wave of Orwellian legislation, which includes ADL’s ENDA, cyber-bullying bill, Department of Peace Act, David Ray Ritcheson Hate Crime Prevention Act, Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Act, etc.

On the contrary, while we may not be able to curb the unbridled legislative tyranny of ADL and the Democrats for the moment, our dogged protest will contribute to bringing the left swing of the political pendulum back toward Christian values. This could occur even as early as the critical midterm elections a little more than a year from now. We can also make ADL and the Democrats as obnoxious to the American public as possible. It is well within our powers at church, in letters to the editor, on talk radio and internet, and even in private conversations to make the ADL/liberal Democrat agenda stink in the nostrils of the American public—a revulsion which could mean huge setbacks for liberals in the coming elections. We have already witnessed the power of popular resistance to restrain the Democrat hate bill agenda this spring. Primarily as a result of initiatives by the National Prayer Network, callers slowed passage of the hate bill in the Senate by nearly three months. We also forced the Democrats to pass S. 909 in a tyrannical way, omitting legislative due process and discrediting their reputation in Congress.

There can be little doubt that as a result of voter outrage, Senate Democrats passed not only the Brownback amendment, helping protect First Amendment rights in the hate bill, but three others of limited importance, submitted by Sen. Jeff Sessions. Democrats were stung and frightened by the volume and vehemence of protest against the hate bill, especially in the last three days surrounding hate bill passage. And their fear showed in their readiness to pass conciliatory amendments.

Several weeks before hate bill passage, Dr. James Dobson wearily admonished Americans to stop fighting the hate bill and just pray, waiting for the pendulum to swing back to the right. (Listen to Focus on the Family's James Dobson betray efforts to fight the Hate Bill: Click Here to LISTEN or Right-Click to DOWNLOAD. [6 min, 4.2 MB, right click and save target as]) Actually, because Jewish supremacism wants to destroy and enslave Christian/conservatives, the present “turn to the left” to which Dobson referred is actually a left turn into the steel gates of an international concentration camp with the clink of its padlock fastened behind us. The direction to the left in which we are now hurtling is part of the same Talmudic/Kabbalistic conspiracy that incited Jewish takeover of Russia in 1917. (See, Jewish Activists Created Communism ) In all its forms, Jewish-inspired Communism has killed more than 100 million, including millions of Christians. If ADL/B’nai B’rith and organized world Jewry are successful in uniting the world under its control, such atrocities will be repeated and probably even exceeded across a blood-stained planet. (Watch, Ted Pike's Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance) Revelation 18:2 tells us that the garments of the Great Harlot, Israel, are drenched with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. (See, Israel: On the Way to Empire in the Mideast ) ADL/B’nai B’rith represents an unbroken chain of anti-Christian/Gentile hatred and desire for revenge going back to those who crucified Jesus, the Pharisees. As the Book of Acts relates, ADL’s forefathers did their best to destroy the infant church in the first century AD. ADL wants to finish the job tomorrow, under its false messiah, the one-world ruler, Anti-Christ.

Scripture says the Holy Spirit continuously resists manifestation of apostate Israel’s long awaited false messiah (2 Thess. 2:7, 8). If we are truly Christian soldiers, we will also delay his appearance and “resist, steadfast in the faith.” (1 Peter 5:9) The coming year may not be one of legislative success stories. But steadfast popular education and resistance as well as a return to trust in the God of our fathers is vitally necessary to restrain what would otherwise be a tidal wave of freedom-destroying legislation, quickly submerging Christian civilization.

With God’s help, our best offense will be to create a constituency who, as Sir Winston Churchill adjured, “never, never, never give up”—a populace who will never meekly go into the night.

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