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8 January, 2013 By Rev. Ted Pike

Recently, while ordering a sandwich at a deli, I asked the cashier what country she came from. She named Iraq and said she was a Christian. I asked if she had been persecuted in Iraq because of her faith. She said she had and that Christians have a difficult time in many Muslim countries. She had to flee Iraq, not just because of the terrorist violence of Muslim fighting Muslim but also the hostility of the Muslim culture. She told me her uncle was martyred for his faith and that, especially in the northern regions of some Muslim countries, as well as in Palestine, persecution of Christians by Muslims is a reality.

For those opposing Zionism, there is a tendency to align, or at least sympathize, with Islam, the religion of most persecuted Palestinians. Yet, supporting this woman's testimony that Islam is anti-Christian, is this question: Is there substance in the claims of anti-Islamists like Pamela Geller that Islam's holy book, the Quran, also spawns Islamic terrorism? Many verses from the Quran document Islam's militaristic tendencies. In my article " Alliance with Islam Means Disaster" at I include a generous list of such texts, reproduced directly from the Quran. One of these quotes includes: "I will instil terror into the hearts of the unbelievers," now appearing in Pam Geller's NYC transit ads below a picture of the burning twin towers.

Muslim apologists try to explain away the hostility of these verses, saying they were directed only to those tribes actively persecuting Mohammed and that Islam is essentially a religion of strict morality, piety, generosity and tolerance. Such does not square with the historical record of Islam's uniquely explosive mode of expansion through aggressive military initiatives which spanned a period from the 7th through the 17th centuries. Certainly, there were high-minded Muslim generals and diplomats who led Islamic armies to secure North Africa, the near and Mid-East, and central Eurasia to Muslim rule. Yet no one can successfully deny that, unlike other faiths which became major world religions through persuasion, Islam attained that position predominantly through the sword.

The armies of the Ottoman Turks very much wanted to extend such dominion to Europe and would have if not checked by European armies. Islamic armies were able to conquer Constantinople in 1453, ending Byzantine Christian control of Asia Minor. By 1699, however, the Ottoman Empire, exhausted by conflict, abandoned "holy war" as an instrument for propagation of Islam. The once largest exponent of "jihad" drifted from stagnation and decline to final dissolution at the end of World War I. Until the 20th century, Muslims did plenty of bloody quarrelling among themselves (as they still do), but there existed little overt manifestation of military animus against the West.

Arabs Admired the West

Before and even during the First World War, Arab nations greatly admired western powers, thirsting for the democratic freedoms, scientific and cultural advancement, and free thinking they epitomized. Although Christian missionaries have never been welcome in Muslim countries, Arabs showed themselves eager to work with the Allied Powers (and Lawrence of Arabia) to finally overthrow their decadent and oppressive Ottoman rulers and move toward democracy. (The dominant torment of Lawrence's later life was guilt that, as part of British foreign policy, he had manipulated the Arabs, promising them independence from Turkish oppression after the war. Yet the Allies betrayed them by delivering Palestine over to what would become much greater oppressors, the Zionists.)

By the 17th century it had become clear that, although militaristic passages from the Quran had not been excised, such encouragements to violence were no longer needed or workable in the modern world. It is fair to conjecture that, without the introduction of one colossal provocation to Islamic violence in the 20th century, Zionism, Islam would have remained militarily passive. Arab nations would still be the friends of the west.

After World War I, Zionism gradually brought millions of Jews to Palestine. Like a knife thrust into the heart of the Arab world, Zionism systemically cut the Palestinians out of Palestine in favor of Jews. In 1948 the Zionists, through terror drove 800,000 Palestinian Arabs from their ancestral homes, farms and lands into UN-run concentration camps. (See "Israel's Founding: Miracle or Land Grab?") Similar searing injustices are now perpetrated by the government of Israel against Gazans and by ultra-Orthodox Haredim settlers in the occupied territories. The goal of finishing the job and expelling all Palestinians remains a top, though covert, priority for Israel.

Responding to this threat in the 20th century, Islam needed a theological weapon to resist Zionist encroachment. They reactivated the military provisions of the Quran. Arabs correctly viewed Israel as a danger not just to the Palestinians but the whole Arab world. Today, they see this as including hundreds of nuclear warheads directed at them. A force stronger than any military weapon, the power of religion was taken advantage of by Arab militants. The result is the bitter 20th century phenomenon and scourge, international Arab terrorism, distinguished by innumerable terrorist atrocities.

Today, Zionist propagandists, such as Pamela Geller and WorldNetDaily, are attempting to convince the world that Islam and its Quran intrinsically stimulate terrorist violence in every age. The truth is: Israel and its usurpations are the seminal cause of violence in the Middle East and Arab terrorism is the effect.

What Can Be Done to Tame the Islamic Tiger?

In India and nations of the Far East where tigers roam, one occasionally becomes a man eater. Usually, this is because of physical impairment. They are no longer able to effectively catch their preferred quarry, large, hoofed animals. If a thorn lodges in a tiger's paw, he finds humans an easy and delicious prey. For hundreds of years such rogue tigers were considered "evil" and destroyed. But in modern times the offending tiger is captured and its affliction cured. It is returned to the wild, its aggression returning against its natural prey.

Islam is a religion which, like the tiger, has within it well-documented aggressive tendencies. Left to itself in recent centuries, it has very largely sublimated them through the Arab love of vendetta and quarrel. Yet Zionists plunged an enormous barbed thorn into the paw of the Arab/Islamic beast, unnaturally enraging it. As a result, it lashes out, even sometimes senselessly killing those surrounding it. The Zionists, responsible for its torment in the first place, say the Islamic tiger should be dealt with harshly. Its roars should be ignored and it should be considered evil and expelled from civilized consideration, cruelly punished for causing so much trouble to the rest of humanity.

Tens of millions of evangelical Christians, receiving virtually all their information concerning the behavior of the Islamic tiger from the very ones who injured it, heartily agree it should be somehow eliminated from civilized accommodation. They completely misunderstand that its roarings are a plea for relief from unending pain. Zionists are very successful in persuading evangelicals to put down the tiger.

What is the truly just, enlightened and Biblical solution to the problem of Islamic terrorism? To begin, it is for the church to return to oft-repeated Biblical law forbidding a nation of Christ rejecting Jews from ever occupying Palestine. (At, in many articles and Bible studies, we fully explain and document the authentic Biblical position for Jewish covenant and occupation. See also "The True Meaning of God's Covenant with Abraham") The church must withdraw all support from this Biblically unlawful regime foretold in Ezekiel 38 and 39. It is a counterfeit return to Palestine leading to the Anti-Christ one world Judaic government the Bible calls Babylon the Great. (See "'Babylon the Great' is Israel")

Today, no human stratagem can undo the fact that Israel, the thorn that bleeds the Mideast, is inextricably embedded. Yet, rather than siding with Israel, Christians must realize Zionism has assaulted not only God's conditional terms for Jewish occupation of the land but also His permission for non-Jews to occupy Palestine until the Jews repent. (See "Before Zionism, Most Christians and Jews were Pro-Palestinian")

Such rethinking is vital to Christian evangelism of the Arab world. As a result of Christians not understanding God's law and how Israel has overthrown it, western nations and Christianity have lost the credibility they enjoyed in the Arab world a century ago. Christianity (like America itself) is hated in the Middle East as indistinguishable from the oppressions of the Zionists whom Christians support unconditionally. The Arabs also know most Christians despise them as inferior to Jews. The tragic result is much greater difficulty in leading Muslims to Jesus.


The last five centuries have amply demonstrated that the militaristic and aggressive instincts of Islam, useful and workable in the 7th century A.D., were no longer of advantage to Islam a thousand years later. Islam would have remained in such relative passivity except for rending Zionist injustice in Palestine. As such, Zionism has provided the catalyst for creation not only of Mideast strife but an explosion of Arab terrorism.

Yes, there is much in the Quran that is threatening to infidels and the nations they represent. Yet such pales compared to the threat of Talmudic Judaism and Jewish supremacism. Such facilitated communism (see "Jewish Activists Created Communism"), media domination (see "Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish"), control of international banking and the U.S. Congress, as well as the proven ability to plunge America into multiple Mideast wars. Such shed American blood, exhaust us financially, and benefit only Israel.

Before it is too late, we must restrain those who wounded the Islamic tiger and now attempt to destroy everything and everybody standing in their way as they move relentlessly toward world empire.

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