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7 May, 2012 By Rev. Ted Pike

Most of the western world would be happy to enjoy a free internet forever. It is a privilege longed for by citizens in China and Iran. But one group—Jewish, Zionist supremacists—are not happy about it. The internet spreads information they want secret: the anti-Gentile, anti-Christian teachings of the Talmud, and the fact of immense, disproportionate Jewish power in finance, government and media.

Zionists particularly resent the power of the internet to broadcast Israel's latest injustices against Palestinians. Thousands of "anti-Semitic hate sites," right and left, have proliferated on the information superhighway. They shout that Israel is a racist apartheid state with no regard for Palestinian human and territorial rights.

It is not hard to understand why a top priority of Israel's PR rep, the Anti-Defamation League, has been to end free speech online. It tirelessly urges governments that the internet can be just as free without “anti-Semitic hate speech." Yet ADL has had a difficult time accomplishing this.

In 2004 ADL created the International Network Against CyberHate. INACH's mission was to work with governments worldwide to outlaw online criticism of Jews and Israel. ADL recommends massive “educational” programs. But there is a problem: The more people know become about Israel's brutality toward the Palestinians and Jewish domination of western societies, the more "anti-Semitic" the world becomes!

Unlike Jewish-dominated ACLU, ADL has not declared its position on internet control bills such as PIPA, SOPA, or CISPA. Its “neutrality” means ADL, as an “unbiased” NGO, can eventually advise the government in enforcement of these bills. If CISPA passes, the Department of Homeland Security, counseled by ADL, will surely advise CISPA informants—Jewish internet giants such as Verizon, Facebook, Time Warner Cable (all supporting CISPA)—that websites critical of Israel are anti-Semitic and even likely to sympathize with Arab terrorists! Considered seditious in America's "war on terror," these sites will be especially monitored and visitors reported to the government. The government may well advertise that visitors to these sites will have their names and other confidential information added to a federal "anti-terrorist" databank. Perhaps a pop-up will block visitors each time they browse the site, requiring them to opt-in to this federal databank and ominously reminding them that Big Brother is watching them.

CISPA, by intimidating people from freely visiting any website or blog, creates a chill on free speech, especially within the anti-Zionist right and even left. This powerfully fulfills ADL's dream of drying up criticism of Israel online.

ADL/DHS: Bedfellows in “Anti-Terrorism”

ADL is presently snuggled in bed with the Department of Homeland Security. DHS respects ADL’s input about the kinds of online speech that constitute a possible “terrorist threat.” Recently an ADL article reported:

During her remarks, [DHS] Secretary Napolitano underscored the Department's efforts to collaborate on security efforts with Israel. . . She thanked ADL for its efforts to partner with DHS on law enforcement training on hate crimes and extremist threats.

…Secretary Napolitano said, "Nonprofit organizations, such as the ADL, help in this effort by providing invaluable training to thousands of law enforcement officers on how to identify early signs of violent extremism."
…[ADL says DHS’] “top personnel have participated in ADL's law enforcement seminars and training…Most recently, Secretary Napolitano asked ADL for input on the development of new curriculum for state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement focused on a community oriented approach to countering violent extremism and crime.

ADL noted that under Secretary Napolitano's guidance, DHS has led efforts to protect critical infrastructure and cyber networks from attack. . .[ADL] is dedicated to providing timely information and educational opportunities to the law enforcement community. . .assists the law enforcement community by providing resources for tracking extremists and terrorists across the U.S.

ADL: Mainspring of CISPA

If CISPA passes, ADL will guide DHS and NSA concerning which websites, visitors, and kinds of speech to record.

CISPA was ostensibly created by Rep. Mike Rogers, Republican head of the House Intelligence Committee. He wants to perfect America’s defenses against terrorist attack. The great majority of House Republicans (206) stood behind him. Unswervingly loyal to Israel, even when her atrocities against Palestinians are most horrendous, all have been eager to applaud Netanyahu when he comes to Congress. They are also quick to satisfy Israel’s latest requests for more money and armaments.

Perhaps Republican leaders have agreed to give Jewish activists what they most wanted over the past 15 years but found no way to obtain: an internet largely swept clean of websites critical of Israel. Such Republicans view this double purpose of CISPA as not at all conspiratorial but a very good thing, making both America and Israel safer from anti-Zionist terrorism. After all, as is commonly believed in the Christian/conservative right, Israel's enemies are also America's. These Republicans, especially Rogers, cannot possibly be ignorant of the fact that anti-Israel websites will be the first target of CISPA. It would appear Republican leaders believe removing these sites assists the US war on terrorism and pleases Israel. Pleasing Israel is also good for their reelections!

Is protection for Israel from internet criticism a primary motivation behind passage of CISPA? That question must be asked and sufficiently answered as CISPA, a bill loaded with unanswered questions, soon goes to the Senate.

It is vital now that you do the following to save internet freedom:

  • Read Rep. Ron Paul’s summary of the bill (See Protest "CISPA" - New Federal Internet Takeover)
  • Protest to all members of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence listed below. Call toll-free 1-866-220-0044 or 1-877-762-8762.
  • Make time this week to call every member of the Senate, protesting CISPA, because CISPA may bypass the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence altogether. Go Here for Senate List
CISPA is being rushed forward at breakneck speed to forestall the opposition SOPA encountered. We must give strong support to freedom advocates, especially in the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. By raising objections and proposing amendments, they can significantly slow CISPA long enough for large-scale public opposition to materialize.

Contact These Senators

Current U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
Chairman Richard Burr, North Carolina
Vice Chairman Mark Warner, Virginia
Republicans Democrats
James Risch, Idaho Dianne Feinstein, California
Marco Rubio, Florida Ron Wyden, Oregon
Susan Collins, Maine Martin Heinrich, New Mexico
Roy Blunt, Missouri Angus King, Maine
Tom Cotton, Arkansas Kamala Harris, California
John Cornyn, Texas Michael Bennet, Colorado
Ben Sasse, Nebraska  
current Ted Pike photo
Ted, today - photo: John Pike, October 2019
Mail: P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015
Email: Rev. Ted Pike

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