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2 April, 2009 By Rev. Ted Pike

Rep. John Conyers is reintroducing the same hate crimes bill which passed the US House two years ago, I was told yesterday by the legislative expert for Rep. Jackson-Lee. A representative of the House Judiciary Committee told me Conyers' bill will be in Judiciary, which he heads, by Friday. The new title and bill number are not yet disclosed. Conyers' bill gives much more dangerously invasive power to the federal government than would have been granted by the shorter, proto-hate bill HR 256 which has been in House Judiciary since early January. That shorter bill will now be abandoned.

Conyers’ bill will give government the right to enter law enforcement to punish violent hate crimes, punishing “as a principal” those pastors, writers, talk show hosts, etc. whose public speech incites violent hate crimes. It will also empower government to intervene to investigate and punish all non-violent bias crimes against persons or property. The government can do the same for alleged felonies. Its power will massively expand, with corresponding loss of states’ rights in law enforcement. The federal government will be able to nullify verdicts in state hate crime trials; it will force the remaining five US states without hate laws to submit to its statutes; lastly, it will create a federal hate crimes bureaucracy to "prevent" hate crimes in America through education and other means.

I warned in my recent article “Pelosi’s Hate Bill Strategy” (here at, March 16, 2009) that arrival of Conyers' bill was imminent. Rep. Jackson-Lee’s streamlined David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act, HR 256, was created largely to test the waters for opposition. For almost three months, the largest Christian/conservative “watchdog” groups have not responded with any effective education or protest. A small but valiant protest has been directed to members of the House Judiciary Committee, primarily by supporters of the National Prayer Network. But Conyers and the pro-hate bill Democrats must feel emboldened by the near silence from the religious right.

We may expect the hate bill to move through the House Judiciary Committee quite rapidly, with hearings perhaps within the month. The only thing, apart from God’s grace, that can stop the expanded hate bill from victory in the House is renewed protest—especially to House Judiciary members. Their names are available here at Call 1-877-851-6437 or toll 202-225-3121 and tell your members of Congress, “Please don’t vote for any hate crime legislation, especially Rep. Conyers' new hate bill being introduced this week.”

New Threat: Dept of Peace Bill

What of Jackson-Lee’s other bill HR 262, which will set up a federal hate crimes command center and also a reeducation program in America’s public schools? It may be abandoned for the Department of Peace Act, HR 808, introduced Feb. 3, with 62 co-sponsors. (Read my analysis of this Orwellian legislation at, March 20 2007.) Like HR 262, HR 808 would set up an anti-bias federal command center and re-educate America’s young people from kindergarten through college against the “bias” that allegedly causes hate crimes. Yet because it intends to be international in scope, it will have massively greater funding. It asks $10 billion annually, compared to the mere $10 million requested by HR 262. Passage of the Dept. of Peace bill would give the Anti-Defamation League, its co-originator, vastly greater power to alienate the next generation against the Christian “homophobia” that ADL considers a root cause of “hate crimes.”

The Dept. of Peace bill and the expanded hate bill enjoy their terrifyingly great chances of passage largely because of the silence of the religious and conservative right. Why have they done nothing?

Possible Strategy of New Right

Conservative leaders may have a strategy which explains their incredible silence and inaction. They know the hate bill threat could become one tremendous money-maker! When the threat looms large enough, they can tell their constituents that generous financial support is needed to save freedom. It’s possible that as Conyers' new bill moves rapidly forward, these groups may get into high gear in a chorus of protest.

But they have squandered a strategic opportunity to blunt the hate bill’s trajectory, placing us in enormous jeopardy. With vast resources and millions of constituents, they might have backed Conyers down from introducing his much more dangerous hate bill and possibly ascendancy of the Dept of Peace bill.

Grim reality is that Conyers' hate bill is highly favored to pass both the House and Senate. Even mass protest may not daunt the pro-hate bill majority, backed by the White House. If conservative leaders truly did postpone to make money, they betrayed God who commanded the watchman to sound the alarm the instant he sees the enemy coming, not when he can make money off the warning! They also betrayed their followers who naïvely look to them for warning. If for profit they jeopardized freedom, that dereliction of duty is what the prophet Ezekiel warned would cause the loss of the watchman's soul. (Ezek. 33:6)

Hate Bill Hall of Shame

As of Wednesday April 1, 2009, these leadership groups have given no effective widespread warning or description of the hate bills. I encourage you to call and ask why.

  • American Family Association. AFA has HR 256 and HR 262 listed on its action page as legislation it opposes, along with S 1105 and HR 254, outdated hate bills from the previous Congress; but it has produced no upfront timely warnings or calls to action against the hate bills on its website. Call 662-844-5036.

  • Concerned Women for America. Although CWA featured an article by Matt Barber in early January describing the hate bills, it has no alert on its website. CWA continues a long history of doing the bare minimum to actively warn against pending hate legislation. Call 202-488-7000.

  • American Center for Law and Justice. Bursting with warnings of the hate law threat from Muslims in the United Nations, ACLJ continues their historic policy of silence concerning the domestic threat of hate laws in Congress and the states. Call 800-296-4529.

  • Family Research Council. FRC continues to make veiled references to "hate crimes legislation" in Congress, even organizing an online petition against it. (Online petitions are ineffective in opposing the hate bill but are a great fundraiser, producing tens of thousands of names and addresses to be repeatedly sold to direct mail companies!) FRC makes no mention of the names or numbers of the hate bills and does not give much description of their content. Instead references to this vague legislative threat are always part of efforts to raise the millions FRC claims are necessary to defend freedom, defeat the hate bill, and exert influence "behind the scenes" on Capitol Hill. Call Washington, D.C. 202-393-2100 or Holland, MI 800-225-4008.

  • Focus on the Family. I was told nearly two months ago by Focus that they were monitoring both hate bills closely and would soon come out with an alert. I am still waiting. Call 866-655-4545.

  • Traditional Values Coalition. Like Focus, they told me they were "watching the hate bills closely." No alerts have been posted. Call Washington, D.C. 202-547-8570 or California 714-520-0300.

  • Center for Moral Clarity. On their website under Action Alert-Issues-Current Legislation, CMC have Jackson-Lee's two-year-old HR 254 as current legislation to be opposed. Incredibly, CMC has removed the previous alerts against HR 256 and HR 262 from another section of their website! Call 614-837-1990, ext. 183 and ask for the Center for Moral Clarity.

  • Alliance Defense Fund. Nothing. Call 800-TELL ADF.

  • Liberty Counsel. Nothing. Call 800-671-1776.

  • Christian Coalition. Nothing. Call 202-479-6900.

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