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17 September, 2012 By Rev. Ted Pike

In a recent article, I pointed out that Christian Zionists believe we have a duty to protect the public from unflattering or indicting “bad truth” about Jews, Judaism and Israel. They assert such facts might stimulate anti-semitism (See Zionist Evangelicals are World-Class Censors). Yet the result of their censorship for the past century has been to encourage world dominance by Babylon the Great, Israel, (See 'Babylon the Great' is Israel) along with the plague of Jewish supremacist control of media, governments, and finance.

Several weeks ago, I spoke out against clearly anti-semitic ideology and influence in the anti-Zionist alternative right. (See Duke and McDonald';'s The "Bad Jewish Genes" Theory) I criticized David Duke and Dr. Kevin MacDonald for their assertion that most Jews today are born genetically inclined toward evil, radical social activism that tears down civilization (more than 4/5 of American Jews vote liberal). This idea, which deprives most Jews of normal humanity, threatens not just Jews but the personhood of all men. For if one group is regarded as less than fully human, isn’t it easier to deprive other groups such as white Christian/conservative “haters” and “domestic terrorists” of full rights and status? I also wrote an article exposing the contents of a conversation I had with Duke recently, revealing his intense hatred and dehumanization of Jews (See David Duke's Real Beliefs about Jews).

Readers Are Divided About Duke and MacDonald

I have received a very high level of response to the above articles. About half of the emails I have received are strongly supportive. Most of the rest are from friends of my ministry who tell me, much like Zionist evangelicals, that what I say is “bad truth” at this critical time in history. The alternative right, they assert, must not be divided by “wrangling” over “petty” issues. ADL and the Zionists, they believe, will only rejoice to see our movement weakened by controversy.

There is also an alarmingly high level of agreement in these responses with Duke and MacDonald’s claim that most Jews are morally deficient as a result of heredity. With that agreement is accusation that I have gone “soft” on the Jews by arguing for the basic humanity of the Jewish race. From this I can see that Duke and MacDonald are indeed plowing their racist theory into fertile fields. This dangerous idea must be argued against vehemently.

Does it divide and weaken our movement by keeping racists from taking control of it? The evolutionary genetic racism which Duke and MacDonald espouse to thousands will only create shooters of Jews, leading to persecution.

In reality, vigorous analysis of the premises which guide us, whether in an individual, a theology, or a political movement, is vital to keep us moving solidly forward, as safe as possible from needless accusations. Only by calling attention to insidious ideas as soon as they arise and demonstrating their falsehood can our movement remain conceptually oriented. In fact, what ADL really fears is an ideologically and even theologically sound alternative right – sharpened and tuned by fearless exchange of contrasting opinions.

Today there exists in society and the church a widespread lack of confidence in truth. Instead, unity, not truth, is prioritized as vital to preserving friendships and the outreach of organizations. Yet a desire for such “peace at any price” is not Biblical or even constructive. Jesus said, “I came not to bring peace but a sword, yea, rather division” (Matt. 10:34). He considered loyalty to His truth important enough to separate closest friends and relatives. However, for persons who commit themselves entirely to vital truth, they will find that truth does not let them down. God’s truth produces unbreakably powerful relationships and groups built on principle, not fear of division.

Founding Fathers Welcomed Controversy

Our founding fathers encouraged vigorous debate preceding the decision to rebel against Britain. They also invited free exchange of opinions before the Constitution was ratified. As a result, we have a charter of rights and freedoms that has largely withstood the test of time, despite relentless attack by liberals.
What if Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin and George Washington became convinced that debate only served the interests of British tyranny, dividing the colonies and revealing indecision in their ranks? What if a majority of the founding fathers were often “deeply hurt” because other members “attacked” them through constructive criticism? We would not have a Constitution and Bill of Rights forged in the heat of controversy. We would have a British/Canadian/Australian form of government, ruled by hate crimes laws, with no First Amendment guarantees of free speech. America would not be as free as it is today.

From this we can see that “petty” and “contentious” does not describe the one who challenges unsound and dangerous ideas from trusted leaders. Instead, it resides within those leaders who, ignoring the fact that truth and reality must be sought above every other consideration, complain when their beliefs are subject to unfavorable scrutiny.

In sharp contrast, the founding fathers took it for granted that salty, candid and analytical exchange of opinions is the purifying oxygen of the world of ideas. Their goal as leaders was not to maintain comfortable friendships among themselves through non-criticism. It was to value truth and the creation of a document of truth in government that would infallibly guide our republic for all time.

The need for vigilance in keeping unwholesome influences out of our movement to protect freedom has not diminished. It is more necessary than ever because so much more hangs in the balance than in 1776. If we squander this opportunity to save liberty because of fear of division, I don’t believe we have a second chance to hold back the darkness.

The sins and aggressions of Jewish supremacists are damning enough without descending into the bigotry of dehumanizing most Jews. And yet, judging from racialist internet criticism of my last several articles, Duke’s belief (See David Duke's Real Beliefs about Jews) in the non-humanity of Jews is already widely accepted in the “white power” grassroots. Anger against Jews as a race is so increasingly intense that unless we speak out and resist dehumanization of the Jewish people, such could be the next great wave in our movement – ending in our ruin.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” That tree is also watered by the sweat and even tears of those who labor ceaselessly, enduring controversy, to keep the truth alive.

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