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22 August, 2011 By Rev. Ted Pike


I wrote my recent article "Perils of David Duke's 'White Pride Utopia'" because I find your "dream" of eventually evacuating all non-whites from America and Europe very disturbing. We need to continue discussion of this extreme and dangerous proposal you now encourage your followers to share. I believe it threatens the future and reputation of our burgeoning anti-Zionist/immigration movement.

I am even more concerned because, after considering my article, you remain convinced that continental separation of the races is a workable, even high-minded solution to the threat posed by minorities to survival of the white race.

You say in your recent letter to me (See, "My Letter to Rev. Ted Pike" by David Duke) that, once Zionist control over the West is broken, blacks will eagerly see the vision that they, too, can possess their own racially exclusive cultures elsewhere. Speaking of expatriation of blacks to Africa, you say, "It is only the Jewish power over media and government that literally keeps this peaceful and popular (though logistically difficult) solution to the race problem from occurring." After emancipation from Zionism, "both Blacks and Whites will overwhelmingly embrace this great dream of living in a society [separate societies an ocean apart] that fully supports their own particular expressions of humanity and culture and value." Upholding this possibility, you cite proposals by Marcus Garvey and even Louis Farrakhan for blacks' emigration back to Africa.

Do you really think, David, that once the Jewish stranglehold is broken, millions of blacks, including countless professionals in America and Europe, will eagerly leave their homes for the poverty, disease and internecine war threatening genocide that has plagued Africa for the past 40 years - only to start over? Yes, perhaps, when water runs uphill!

How do we know that you are proposing extremely large numbers of blacks to go to Africa? It's because you infer in your letter to me that it will be of sufficient numbers to provide the "solution to the race problem," especially for countries of European extraction. You call it the "fair and just solution to the race problem" evidently for all time.

How many blacks would it take to accomplish this goal? Would removal of 10 million permanently end the race problem? Or will it require departure of all blacks from North America, Australia, and Europe?

Yes, you do not advocate coercion to facilitate this ultimate solution, yet, as the preeminent leader of white racialists, your pronouncement that mass emigration back to Africa is the definitive solution, gives tremendous authority to what you recommend. This opens the door to chilling possibilities. Perhaps someday your disciples, also imbued with your certainty, and high in future governments in an increasingly chaotic world, may consider forcible mass evacuations of blacks, though traumatic, necessary to survival of the white race. A number of governments over the past century have in fact enforced similar programs of mass displacement and ethnic cleansing.

Your dream of racial division of the continents is high-octane idealism for many, motivating anti-immigration zeal. But you aren't sharing with your audience the impossibility of seeing that dream come true. It emphatically will not prove the "peaceful" solution you hold up. The only way blacks would ever be persuaded to leave North America and Europe and return to Africa is by force. That reality kills your dream.

Dream the Right Kinds of Dreams

It is critical that our dreams, and those we persuade others to hope in, be ethically pure and based in truth and workability. Removal of all blacks and racial minorities from North America and Europe can only be accomplished by extinction of civil rights, fraught with unimaginable suffering. Even though you condemn violence, others could turn your dream into nightmare. No government in our era would ever endorse such an oppressive scheme. The very suggestion of a racial solution that necessitates mass uprooting of innocent people, whose only offense is the color of their skin, will incur shame and derision not only upon you but on all in our movement who advocate it.

Some utopian dreams are high-minded in their conception and, although impractical, are at worst harmless. If we invigorate people to aspire and work toward a more loving, compassionate, and just planet, such ambition cannot mislead, be abused or corrupt. But if we aspire to a vision of the world which by necessity will incur horrendous suffering and injustice, we create a monster.

Like Dr. Frankenstein, who never imagined the havoc his creation would wreak, you instill in many a hope which can only be fulfilled by strife.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with blacks, on their own initiative, immigrating to Africa and dedicating themselves through hard work to new lives there. But you infer that if the world will be as it should be, all blacks from North America and Europe should return to Africa, leaving all whites free to enjoy and evolve higher in their own division of the planet. I quote again from the end of your Norway video: "Our people will secure our own borders. We will live in the harmony of our heritage…We will be enriched by our own heritage, nurtured by the best in it. And each generation will grow more beautiful and stronger in the image of the best of us, and the future will be ours and the universe will lay in the grasp of our outstretched arms."

You and I vehemently protest Israel eviction, internment, and isolation of Palestinians. However, if your dream becomes reality, the necessary assault on the rights and dignity of blacks will be horrifically more intense, tearing families not only out of ancestral homes and occupations but even countries where they have lived for centuries. It would be virulent segregation of a global magnitude!

We live in a time of increasing insensitivity to loss of rights and suffering of racial groups we look down upon. Many "Israel-first" evangelicals don't care whether the Palestinians live or die. Many Arabs don't care whether Jews live or die. Many Ultra-Orthodox Jews don't care whether Christians and Gentiles live or die. Many white racialists don't care whether Latinos and blacks live or die. And emphatically, ADL-type Jewish supremacists actively seek extinction of Christians and Christianity, just as did their Jewish Bolshevik forebearers after 1917, slaughtering millions of Christians. (See, Jewish Activists Created Communism)

Equality of rights for every race is a strand within the legal tapestry that binds civilization together. If we as white Christians advocate a scheme that necessarily leads to an end of human rights protections for one group, allowing illegal deportation, our own protection against such deportation unravels.

Is Race War Inevitable?

Today within the far right a conviction is rapidly spreading that, because of explosive minority infusion, it is already too late to slow down eventual extermination of the white race -- unless a race war erupts, expelling minorities. Clearly, the dream of black expulsion already deeply infects our anti-Zionist and anti-immigration movement with dire, even apocalyptic racist foment. This is exactly what I feared would someday happen.

In the early 1980s I played a pivotal role in helping jump-start anti-Zionist awakening through publication of my book Israel: Our Duty, Our Dilemma and video The Other Israel. Even then I foresaw danger if the anti-Zionist movement would eventually unite with racist fanaticism. You say your plan for expatriation of blacks is already "popular." This underscores my concern that it not become a plank of the anti-Zionist and anti-immigration platform. If it does, Jewish supremacist media will viciously stereotype the movement with a savage mockery exponentially more damaging than was employed against the John Birch Society in the early 1960s. That was an attack that spelled "obituary" for conservative revival for the next 20 years.

Race-hate is very real and malignant and has existed from the beginning. Hatred and contempt of others because of race can indeed obsess people even to the point of violence, as is happening among many ethnic groups and sects of the world today.

A nation’s right to control its borders, however, is not hateful or extreme. In my latest Bible study at I present examples from Scripture that powerfully indicate that God sanctions the right of founding races and cultures to uphold the general ethnic character of their nation or region, even through rigorous immigration restriction. But He never encourages racist exclusion or oppression within nations. The Old Testament in fact is emphatic on the rights of Gentile visitors and occupants in Israel and commands Jews not to "oppress the sojourner in your midst." (Ex. 23:9)

God created all races to enjoy His earth and freely live, travel and mingle throughout it. He expressly did not create the earth to be partitioned through Israeli-style walls of separation between men. When we, as ostensible Christians, raise our own global version of concrete walls of partition, we show ourselves as empty as the ethically bankrupt state of Israel of those resources of kindness, good will, and accommodation that true Christianity provides.

Let's Pursue Attainable Goals

Let me conclude by illustrating the danger of your dream through a tragic anecdote from American history. In the fall of 1846 a leader of the Donner party, a wagon train immigrating to California, became powerfully convinced that, even with winter coming on, the settlers in his care could make a dash to the south over the Sierras by a route he had heard of but never traversed. His powers of persuasion convinced the wagon train. Like you, he had a strong conviction, even a "dream," that "though logistically difficult" this route would carry those who trusted him to safety in sunny fertile California. How wrong he was! The rest of the story is one of the most macabre tales of human suffering in history, a story of mass starvation, even cannibalism.

What do I think you should do? Continue to write and speak, as you can so powerfully, against Zionism, including making anti-Zionist and anti-immigration videos. In this work, emphasize the practical attainable dream of reestablishing a white and Christian culture and demographics among nations of predominately white European ancestry - yet in a pluralist society.

But if you continue to hold to your dream of globalist separation of the races as a “final solution” to the race conflict, you must thoroughly explain your dream to the world. You should do this in a fairly lengthy article, considering not just reasons why it is feasible, but honestly consider the many reasons skeptics will say it is not.

If you fail to do this the public may reasonably suspect that you have a hidden agenda; that because it is so explosively controversial, you only hint around the edges of this stupendous proposal – that you are content to encourage us to dream your dream and act upon it, but not really understand all that it portends.

Listen to Rev. Pike's recent Bible Study “Bible Supports Immigration Control” (18 July 11) Click here to play the audio file, or right click to download.


The Other Israel, 1987 video by Ted Pike

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